Romeo and juliet
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Romeo and Juliet. Cindy Watson November 15, 2010. A. Padua C. Rome. B. Venice D. Mantua. Question 1 To which city does Romeo go after being exiled from Verona?. A. For marrying Juliet against her father’s will C. For killing Mercutio. B. For publicly admitting his atheism

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Romeo and juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Cindy Watson

November 15, 2010

Question 1 to which city does romeo go after being exiled from verona

A. Padua

C. Rome

B. Venice

D. Mantua

Question 1 To which city does Romeo go after being exiled from Verona?

Question 2 why is romeo exiled

A. For marrying Juliet against her father’s will

C. For killing Mercutio

B. For publicly admitting his atheism

D. For killing Tybalt

Question 2Why is Romeo Exiled:

Question 3 who performs romeo and juliet s marriage

Friar John

C. Father Vincentio

B. Friar Lawrence

D. Mercutio

Question 3Who performs Romeo and Juliet’s marriage?

Question 4 who is the fairy that mercutio says visits romeo in dreams

A. Queen Mab

C. Puck

B. Beelzebub

D. Jack o’ the Clover

Question 4Who is the fairy that Mercutio says visits Romeo in dreams?

Question 5 what does the nurse advise juliet to do after romeo is exiled

Follow her husband to Mantua

C. Wait for Romeo in Verona

B. Act as if Romeo is dead and marry Paris

D. Commit suicide

Question 5What does the Nurse advise Juliet to do after Romeo is exiled?

Question 6 where do romeo and juliet meet

A. At Friar Lawrence’s cell

C. At Montague’s feast

B. At the pier from which Malvolio is departing for Spain

D. At Capulet’s feast

Question 6Where do Romeo and Juliet meet:

Question 7 who kills mercutio

A. Benvolio

C. Tybalt

B. Sampson

D. Romeo

Question 7Who kills Mercutio?

Bonus question which character first persuades romeo to attend the feast

A. [Insert incorrect answer]

C. [Insert correct answer]

B. [Insert incorrect answer]

D. [Insert incorrect answer]

Bonus QuestionWhich character first persuades Romeo to attend the Feast?

End of quiz
End of quiz

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Romeo and juliet

  • 1) D

  • 2) D

  • 3) B

  • 4) A

  • 5) B

  • 6) D

  • 7) C