my visit in turkey by emmanuelle n.
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My visit in Turkey by Emmanuelle PowerPoint Presentation
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My visit in Turkey by Emmanuelle

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My visit in Turkey by Emmanuelle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My visit in Turkey by Emmanuelle

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  1. Me ! Before departure, I watched a lot of reports about Turkey, and I found this country very beautiful.☺ When we arrived in Izmir, we met the Spanish students and teachers. At the start I was little afraid but they were very nice ! On 9th of April, the Comenius team went to Nice airport to take the plane to Turkey, I was so excited ! We slept at a hotel this night. At the hotel, I was a little tired... But the teachers decided that we go out ! We ate in a restaurant and we went for a walk in Izmir. At 2.00 AM we went back to the hotel to... SLEEP ! My visit in Turkeyby Emmanuelle The next day, the Spanish and the French teams visited Izmir ! We got to know the Spanish team, they are very nice ! We visited a lot of ruins ! This is very impressive. We went to a museum. We walked a lot to go to the ascencor and saw a wonderful panorama. Then, we took a bus to Aydin. I was very anxious, stressed but very curious. We arrived at the Park Hotel in Aydin. My heart beat very fast. I saw Sabina my partner, she seemed to be happy, I was happy too. Sabina's family was very warm, very nice. I was very touched by their welcome. Sabina, her cousin and her mother gave me a lot of presents. With Sabina, we have a lot of common interests, we like drawing, listening to music... singing but she sings in tune ! Sabina & me

  2. At breakfast, her father ate eggs, black olives, cucumber, tomato with ketchup and mayonnaise. It was very surprising !In Turkey, people drink a very strange yogurt ! They like eating and I like it too, very very much, this is good !I like Turkish food, because it is a little spicy, surprising... The first and second day, in the morning, we visited school. It was smaller than ours, we met students and teachers. In the Turkish school there was a very good atmosphere. We met other Comenius people. During this trip we visited a lot of ruins, this is very beautiful ! We visited a fig factory, and I tasted some... I don't like them ! We visited Pamukkale, my favourite visit ! Pamukkale is very strange, fabulous and a little magic !

  3. To say goodbye, the Turkish people organized a party. The girls wore make up and cute dresses. We danced, laughing very much. At the end everyone cried, and hugged each other. I gave a cuddle to students I didn't even know ! This is very funny, we said « Oh goodbyeeeee !.... What is your name ?" On April 15, we took the plane to France... I wanted to stay in Turkey because I love this country, its typical food, its atmosphere and Sabina's family. I want to go to Turkey again ! I cried when I left my Turkish family... This journey will always be in my heart ! Emmanuelle