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  1. GANG VIOLENCE - Rumin Minhas

  2. Gang Violence • Gang violence is violence amongst groups of people known as gangs. • It happens a lot in cities or highly populated areas. • Also, California is known for a lot of gang violence as people try to uphold certain levels of respect and demand it from other groups of people.

  3. What is a Gang • The term ‘gang’ may differ to each person A Gang may be : • A ‘group of people’ who the break the law • A ‘crew’ who often carries guns, knives, or other weapons • A group who might hang around on streets, at parks, or shopping centres

  4. The Definition of Gang:Gangs or Groups ? • Many people confuse ‘gang’ with ‘groups’ • As long as the ‘groups’ don’t break any laws or rules, the police wouldn’t call them exactly like a gang

  5. The Official Definition • A gang is usually considered to be a group of people who spend time in publics that have: - caused harm to the community - involved in criminality - have previously broken the laws and rules - have a criminal record with the police

  6. The Definition of Violence • The word violence come from the violent acts that the gang commits towards other gangs or the general public • These acts can include fighting or robberies, and even murders • Basically, violence is the term used to describe the unusual, or rule breaking, incidents

  7. What Do They Do ? • Joining a gang is like entering enemy territory • Beatings and shootings happen all the time • Boys usually have to fight several other gang members at the same time. • New members may be required to prove themselves by beating up an innocent person, robbing a store, or shooting someone including drive-by shootings. • If you break the rules after joining a gang, your punishment may be death.

  8. Why Do People In Gangs Do Such Things ? • Among the most common reasons are to - belong to a group - receive protection - earn money - end boredom and seek more excitement - be with friends and be more popular • For some it may be a family tradition

  9. Who Are You Repping? • Clothing- wear specific colours - wear baseball hats in the same way, like sideways, or roll up a pant leg - some may wear bandanas • Body markings- Tattoos : tattoos prove gang membership, others might show information like how many jail terms a gang member has served -Scars, like burn marks, are also a way of showing gang membership. • Hair- Hair might be shaved in some way to show that someone is in a gang. • - This includes shaving slashes in an eyebrow or the side of a head.

  10. Clothing Hair Tattoos

  11. Gang signsHand signals are used to show gang membership and to disrespect other gangs. • Tagging- Street graffiti can be used to show that a gang is “active” in a neighbourhood - Not all graffiti is gang graffiti. Gangs have special tags, or symbols.

  12. Tagging: Graffiti Hand Signs

  13. Need Help To Get Out? • Ask them to join a sports team or get involved in another group activity with you • Tell your friend how you feel. It’s okay to say that you’re worried or scared for them. • Don’t get involved in gang activities with your friend. • Tell your friend to talk to someone they trust. This person should not be a gang member. • Talk to a youth officer for help • Make an anonymous call to Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

  14. GANG

  15. Revenge Retaliation, or payback, is a common reason given for group violence, but • if gangs keep retaliating, the violence will never stop • if you are involved, you may never feel safe again • If group violence is a problem in your life, there are people who can help and give you support.

  16. Facts • There are about 27,900 gangs in the U.S and about 774,000 gang members. • Gangs recruit children, young as 10 years old, and force them to do crimes because they know that kids who are under thirteen won't go to jail. • To join a gang many forced to pass an initiation which are usually very dangerous and could involve murdering someone, wining Russian Roulette, or getting beat up to enter the gang. • Gangs use graffiti to mark up there territory or challenge opposing gangs.

  17. Some More Facts • Some gangs mark their bodies with tattoos with the name of the gang or symbol. • Many well known gangs like the Crisp, the Bloods, and the 18th street originated in Los Angeles. • There are many different types of gangs including ethnic gangs, which are gangs described by race • Gangs are the main drug distributes in the United States.