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PRESENTATION ON E- RESUME - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. CURRICULUM VITAE • Summary of one’s life –details of education, experiences and achievement • Personal Details – Name and Address, Ph.No, email and own home page or web page • Easy to read language, design, focus on the job, quotes from people • Look at the job(s) you apply • Use font size 10-12, Arial/Times New Roman style • Typed in A4 size paper

  3. Present Yourself Electronically Electronic Curriculum Vitae • E-resumes are basically plain text document. • E-resumes can be easily transmitted, stored and searched. • Important aspect of an e-resume is the use of appropriate keywords.

  4. Present Yourself Electronically Need for e-resume • Changes in the job searching process • Employers migrate to the IT enabled style of recruiting • Employers often gathers resumes for their databases.

  5. Present Yourself Electronically Trial Transmission: • Before sending a C.V. by e-mail to an employer, send it to your own e-mail address as a trial. • Confirm that everything is fine and then transmit to the employer.

  6. Present Yourself Electronically Scannable C.V. • The C.Vs are subjected to scanning • This is done with the help of an OCR System (Optical Character Recognition System) • OCR System transfer the paper documents to editable computer files • The OCR System creates a text file in ASCII and then reads the text and then extracts the required information.

  7. Present Yourself Electronically Points to be remembered while preparing C.V. for OCR System: • Use only plain fonts and usual font size • Avoid capitals for whole C.V. • For emphasis, use capital or bold letters. Avoid underlining, boxes, italics, bullet points and graphics • Avoid symbols (% and &), use text style. • Do not use landscape layout • Remove unnecessary spaces and gaps. • Avoid columnar structure.

  8. Points to be remembered while preparing C.V. for OCR System: • Use sub-headings that are easily understood (use capital letters). • Provide a summary that includes the key words • Use a good printer • Avoid fax for sending C.V. • Never give a fancy e-mail id. Don’t give your previous company name in your id

  9. Thank You

  10. Points to be answered while selecting the Job/ Career 1. What kind of person you are? 2. Would you be prepared to move ? 3. Would you be prepared to undergo more training ? 4. Your expectations about the salary and benefits ? 5. What is your long / short term goal? Questions asked often to Undergraduates during the interview 1. Tell me about yourself? 2. What sort of job you are looking for ? 3. What are your strengths? 4. What are your weaknesses? 5. What do you know about this company? 6. Don’t you think you may be too old / young / in experienced ? 7. Tell me about your mini Project / Thesis ? 8. Describe your most rewarding extra curricular experience in college ? 9. Tell me about your internship and part time jobs