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  1. Folk-dance The dance house movement is 40 years old in Hungary. The first was in 1972 in Budapest. In a dance house anybody can learn to dance. There is a folkband who plays a lot of folk musics and people dance and sing the folksongs.

  2. A folkband consists a violin a viola, a doublebass and other folk instruments. • There are many famous folkbands.

  3. Csík Band formed in 1988 in Kecskemét. It is one of the most popular folk band in Hungary. and my favourite too.

  4. They have 11 albums. One of their album is goldalbum. They rework some of other band’s song. For example ’ star or swallow’ from Kispál és a borz and the most famous ’ most múlik pontosan’ from Quimby.They performance together many times in a concert

  5. Csík Band won the Fonogram prize in 2007. They received the Kossuth prize in 2013.

  6. They often performance on the Island festival and they tour some foreign lands. Sometimes János Csík sings with Tibor Kiss and András Lovasi. András wrote some song for their.

  7. Members: Marianna Majorosi: She is the singer. She was born in 1696 in Békéscsaba. She began to dance when she was 9 years old. In 1990 she danced in Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. She learned to sing from Klára Bodza. In 1994 she joined to Csík band. She has two sons.

  8. Zsolt Barcza: He plays the dulcimer and accordion. He was born in 1978 in Budapest. He learned to play the piano when he was 13. He joined to the band after 2000.

  9. József Bartók: He plays the double bass. He was born in 1977. He began to play music at age 10. He joined to the band in 2002

  10. János Csík: He plays the violin and sometimes sings. He was born in 1964. His father died in his childhood. He sing beautiful in ’this train, if it started…’ song.

  11. Tamás Kunos: He plays viola. He is a charter member. He played in other band for 10 years and in 2001 he joined again

  12. Péter Makó: He plays clarinet, saxophone, and other wind instruments. He was born in 1979 in Nyíregyháza.

  13. Attila Szabó: He plays violin and guitar. He was born in 1968 in Hatvan. He began to play violin at age 6. He joined to the band in 1996.

  14. Fonó bandformed in 1977 in Budapest. Members of this band came from different countries, from Slovakia Ukrainian. They deal with collecting folkmusic and of course they play music from different countries for example from Mezőség and Kalotaszeg.

  15. They teach in folkusic camps. One of them Gergely Agócs was the jury in the Fölszállott a páva. He come from Highland.

  16. This is Zerkula band. They live in Transylvania. They play only music from Gyimes. Their name came from their master

  17. They learned to play music from János Zerkula for 8 years, who died in 2008. He was a good violin player and he lost his sight. They inherited his violin and his wife’s ’gardony’.

  18. They are student in Kolozsvár. They have been in Canada. There they made a ’dance house’ for hungarian people. They were in my village with a dancegroup from Gyimes. They performed in Fölszállott a páva.

  19. This is a folkwear of Kalocsa.