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Communications support for the Vodafone EMF community PowerPoint Presentation
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Communications support for the Vodafone EMF community

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Communications support for the Vodafone EMF community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Communications support for the Vodafone EMF community. Pre-read for EMF Leader Workshop, 8 April 2008 Dianne Sullivan & Ros Young. Contents. What is the EMF Communications toolkit aiming to achieve?

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Presentation Transcript

Communications support for the Vodafone

EMF community

Pre-read for EMF Leader Workshop, 8 April 2008

Dianne Sullivan & Ros Young



  • What is the EMF Communications toolkit aiming to achieve?
  • How the toolkit has evolved since the initial in principle paperas a result of consultation and feedback
  • Snapshot of the draft web portal –with link for your own exploration
  • Workshop objectives –why are we meeting?
  • Feedback questions that we need you to prepare prior tothe workshop on the 8 April.

EMF Toolkit - Concept


The EMF Communications Toolkit is a one-stop shop for the Vodafone

EMF Community to prepare communications on EMF at local level


It brings together EMF Communications from around Vodafone to sharebest practices and to ensure are messages are consistent and in linewith Vodafone positions.


Provision of easy to understand message library, a best practice guide

and case studies, news and alerts, and reference and picture libraries.

Messages delivered in layers so that information can be tailored for specific

communications purpose. Material can be either cut and pasted into local

communications or printed in form of Fact sheet with Vodafone logo.


How the toolkit has evolved from

your feedback

  • June-July 2007 – Consultations including EMF Leader July workshop:
  • Existing EMF Position Statements Framework document whilst a good reference, required a lot of re-work to produce communications material for external audiences – technical,
  • in pdf format, no pictures, English only etc
  • Recognised the existence of excellent communications work done by many OpCos but no easy mechanism to share – decided to at least create a central repository
  • OpCo Leaders would benefit from ready-made materials in very flexible formats with sharedaccess to resources libraries
  • Opco Leaders especially new leaders would benefit from guidance how to develop EMF communications
  • News alerts e.g. from EMF Teamrooms could be made more efficient and better guidanceto audience type would be helpful.

The EMF Toolkit has evolved to become a web-based tool

designed to address this feedback.


EMF Toolkit - Objectives

  • The key objectives of the Vodafone EMF Toolkit:
  • Consistent global messaging by Vodafone
  • Accurate and easy to understand information on EMF in a form that can easily be used to import into local communications materials.
  • Sharing of best EMF communications practices including guidance ofdevelopment of EMF communications and case studies
  • Efficient dissemination of briefings re EMF alerts/news
  • Easy access to EMF pictures & references

Snapshot of draft web-portal

Facility for languagetranslations

Teaser boxes – regular updates quick access

Menu insections based onEMF toolkit


Section pageshave contentslist linkedmaking it easyto locate

Link to the toolkit:


How to build an integrated MPMH communication plan

  • The purpose of the guide is to offer a basic methodology for building an EMF communication plan.
  • The described methodology is the approach that Vodafone Greece Public Affairs team followed in order to tackle EMF concerns and Group Direct Engagement Program requirements.
  • In the guide we describe the different steps of our methodology and we use the VF-Greece Communication Plan as an example.
  • Guide structure
    • Purpose
    • Data & requirements
    • Issue definition
    • Objectives
    • Strategy
    • Target groups
    • Action plan
    • Assessment & Evaluation

Special thanks to Angeliki Papantoniou

and her team for this section


Message Library

Messages by subject tiered into deeper levels


Messages Library in 3 Layers - Simple to More Detailed info

Layered structure to give message complexity appropriate for audience


New features from feedback

Mythbusters section

News and alerts e.g EMF Leaders Briefings


Workshop Objectives

  • The workshop objectives are:
  • to share with you the progress made on the EMF toolkit thus far
  • to gain feedback for further development through a seriesof specific questions about parts of the toolkit

We have only populated parts of the toolkit to date as we wantto make sure we are heading in the right direction because

you will be the primary users of this toolkit and

it is easier to make changes early rather than later


Specific Questions for the Workshop

  • As you explore the toolkit using the link:
  • please prepare feedback on the following questions:
  • Look and feel – first impressions for you to use as a communications tool for EMF communications development at local level; then use the print option for thinking about whether you could leave a “flyer” with an external stakeholder.
  • Menu structure –Are the sections correct? Is there enough/too much detail.
  • Ease of Navigation (Use EMF research Section as example). Does the idea of putting contents in the Section Pages and then further contents in sub-section pages work for you in terms of finding what you want?
  • Layers for different audiences –After exploring the Best Practice area, use the EMF & Cancer area to take you to the Interphone area where the communications messages are layered – simple handout (L1); Use for stakeholder engagement(L2) and detailed follow up(L3). Is this approach flexible enough for you to design your communications on a topic?
  • Topics in the message library – Have we covered the correct topics? Are they ordered/grouped correctly? We really want you to help us with this area.
  • Any suggestion for improvements or additions to news alerts/mythbusters areas?
  • Any ideas on how we can progress on the other languages and picture library areas?