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C. SPCC. NCLS. Limitations. 2006. 600 forms ordered, 352 received Who filled them in? Ie. Which services / age groups are likely to be more represented?. The Core Qualities - Internal. An Alive and Growing Faith

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  • 2006. 600 forms ordered, 352 received

  • Who filled them in?

  • Ie. Which services / age groups are likely to be more represented?

The Core Qualities - Internal

An Alive and Growing Faith

Your faith commitment. Relationship with God. Private devotional practices. Growth in faith over last year.

Vital and Nurturing WorshipServices are inspiring. Growth in relationship with God. Helpful preaching.

Strong and Growing Belonging

Your sense of belonging in this church. Levels of friendliness. Levels of conflict. Your level of participation in the life of this church.

The Core Qualities - Inspirational

Clear and Owned Vision

A vision that is shared. Goals that are real and achievable. Leadership looking to the future.

Inspiring and Empowering Leadership

Inspiring and empowering leadership that communicates clearly and focuses on the wider community.

Imaginative and Flexible Innovation

Leadership encourages innovation. Congregation open to try new things. Openness to different worship style.

The Core Qualities - Outward

Practical and Diverse Service

Involvement in the church’s welfare programs. Involvement in community service organisations. Helping others informally.

Willing and Effective Faith-sharing

Involvement in the church’s evangelistic programs. Share faith with others. Invite others to church. Discuss faith matters at home?

Intentional and Welcoming Inclusion

New arrivals welcomed and those drifting away are followed-up.

The Circle of Our Strengths










NB: Average score is 5

Your overall average score is 5.91

Modest Growth

What happened?

What is the age profile of staff/board?

What do the 30-somethings like about SPCC?

Why not an increase?


Cultural Gap

Pulling their weight?

Cultural conservatives?

Reflection questions
Reflection Questions

  • What is the envisioned way forward to reach more people at SPCC?

  • Are there age-segments with particular cultures? How do they affect the “vibe” of the church particularly new people?

  • How can the high level of training / competence be a kingdom resource?

  • Is ethnic diversity / age-profile / gender profile reflected in leadership?

  • How to increase percentage of newcomers while not targeting switchers?

  • Are the long-term attenders on board with current vision?

  • Why might Youth (15-18) and YA (19-25) be less satisfied with what is offered (despite high levels from church)? How does this gel with the decline in age profile for 20-29’ers? How are we going at reaching Aussie YA? How does this gel with culture generally?

  • How comfortable are we with who we are and are becoming?