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Active, Reflective& Slow Entertainment

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Active, Reflective& Slow Entertainment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Active, Reflective& Slow Entertainment. INTRODUCTION. What is the alternative? ARSe Model. We cannot turn back time or undo certain historical processes that have led to a time where we have fun and meaning as two distinct categories of reality.

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what is the alternative arse model
What is the alternative?ARSe Model
  • We cannot turn back time or undo certain historical processes that have led to a time where we have fun and meaning as two distinct categories of reality.
  • But what we can do is to cultivate values within this commercialized entertainment industry, to challenge its basic suppositions in order to align fun as social structure more conducive to production of meaning.We propose:
  • Active, Reflective& Slow Entertainment

This model involves basing entertainment projects on the supposition that receivers of entertainment should not be supposed passive subjects and their participation in the very shaping of the end entertainment should be vital. From the perspective of the entertained, the supposition of paying money to buy fun should be changed to fun as more than mere passive pass time. With studies increasingly suggesting the power of media, movies and the messages contained on minds that do not filter them, we hope that people would take a more active stance o fun, by reflecting of the consequences of their fun as well as receiving it in quantities manageable to ‘swallow’. We are not advocating a regime of controlled fun but rather a regime of fun high on quality.

It might sound paradoxical to say that we should make fun serious. However the slogan for ARS is not to make fun serious but to take our fun, entertainment and leisure seriously. Hence it is not about making fun boring but rather the opposite, of taking it more seriously than we do now. This is a point already proven by relevant research in psychology that quality leisure time is an effective tool to combat many mental problems.

community plays
Community Plays
  • Lets take one example where such a model with modifications is applicable.
  • Think of local communities that create their own plays, worked by local, played by local, written by locals, for locals. The idea is entertainment for the public but the general themes explored in these plays touch on some of the important issues present in that particular community at that time. Such plays could be the ideal place for healthy discussions to begin in a community. We have the historical proof from 5th century Greece where the theatre is both the forerunner of democracy as well as philosophy.
  • Such plays could serve all three needs of ARS entertainment; Active Participation( people engage with other people, they come out and meet the community), Reflection (people think about important issues and look at them from a different angle) , Slow(People can engage with the content)
  • Public spaces would be reclaimed.
  • And all the above happens while everybody is having fun and being entertained.
  • Amelie Coue, Masters in Political Science, France

AsadSalim, Pakistan, Bachelors in Social Science

HadiaNaqi, Canada

interviews continued
  • XYZ, a self proclaimed Hippie
  • RaziSyed, Canada