Crossing the Chasm
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Gerhard Schedler President & CEO IDENTEC SOLUTIONS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crossing the Chasm. Gerhard Schedler President & CEO IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. Crossing the Chasm: Exploring the adoption of (active) RFID in different industries. Crossing the Chasm The Chasm Crisis. Chasm Crisis (Moore, 1999). Organized by. Visibility Delivered.

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Gerhard schedler president ceo identec solutions

Crossing the Chasm

Gerhard SchedlerPresident & CEOIDENTEC SOLUTIONS

Crossing the Chasm: Exploring the adoption of (active) RFID in different industries

Crossing the chasm the chasm crisis
Crossing the ChasmThe Chasm Crisis.

Chasm Crisis (Moore, 1999)

Organized by

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Crossing the chasm the problem
Crossing the ChasmThe Problem.

“The chasm is crossed when a technology becomes “mainstream.”

A technology is “mainstream” when it is “everywhere”.

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Crossing the chasm rfid the bottom line





Crossing the ChasmRFID - The bottom line.

You can only manage, what you can measure.


RFID Systems deliver reliable, real time data that enable successful planning and control in many industries.

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Crossing the chasm the bowling alley
Crossing the ChasmThe Bowling Alley.

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Government toll collection systems
GOVERNMENTToll Collection Systems

Toll Collection Systems

Initial Situation

  • RFID-based tag and reader systems provide reliable and accurate wireless automatic vehicle identification


  • more than 10 Mio. RFID tags

  • more than 10.000 readers operate on toll roads across the world

  • in use since around 20 years

    Customer BENEFITS

  • Increases customer convenience and safety with nonstop payment

  • Improves traffic flow

  • Reduces customer commute time

  • Reduces traffic congestion

  • Reduces need for new roads

  • Provides proven reliability and unparalleled accuracy

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Government dod in transit visibility network
GOVERNMENTDOD In Transit Visibility Network

Tracking and identification of supplier parts

Initial Situation

  • need for system that provides actionable information to commanders and logisticians across the armed forces

  • need of integration into DOD supply chain


  • more than 6 Mio. active tags

  • more than 2.700 read/write sites across the world

  • in use since 1991

    Customer BENEFITS

  • Find the last location of a specific asset

  • Track movement of unit’s equipment

  • Verify arrival of what was sent to the destination

  • Forecast workloads based on inbound shipments

  • Monitor container and air pallet shipments

  • Determine shipment contents

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Automotive work in progress
AUTOMOTIVEWork in Progress

Tracking Cars during Production and Finishing Process

Initial Situation

  • Cars get “lost” in the process

  • Cars are not delivered on time


  • Cars are temporarily equipped with tags

  • 1000’s of readers at the Production Lines,Finishing and Distribution Areas

    Customer BENEFITS

  • Online availability of the status of each car

  • Avoidance of bottlenecks in the process

  • Increased process throughput

  • Improved process quality

  • Elimination of late deliveries

  • Elimination of delivery errors

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Transportation gate access solutions
TRANSPORTATIONGate Access Solutions

Tracking and Tracing of Vehicles/Containers

Initial Situation

  • Large area with several gates, scale and inspection areas

  • Labor intensive access control

  • Lengthy procedures during check-in


  • 100.000’s of Tags mounted at trucks and containers

  • 1.000’s of Readers at the entry gates of ports, production plants and industrial parks

    Customer BENEFITS

  • Automated Access Control and registration

  • Automated Routing in FC

  • Fast processing of Priority Orders

  • Reduction of delivery errors

    • Better and faster process visibility

    • Increased vehicle lead time, increased productivity

  • Visibility Delivered.

    Gerhard schedler president ceo identec solutions

    Crossing the Chasm.Main (active) RFID Markets.













    Visibility Delivered.

    Gerhard schedler president ceo identec solutions

    Crossing the Chasm.RFID Adoption.

    “The chasm is crossed when a technology becomes mainstream.”

    • ABI Research show worldwide sales will reach $5.3 billion this year and that five high-profile segments of the industry -- item-level tagging, contactless payments, asset tracking, RTLS and cargo tracking - will experience growth of at least 25 percent through next year. (ABI Research, 2008)

    • "RFID opportunities are broad in today's market. Virtually every economic sector and industry where data needs to be collected or objects need to be tracked holds the potential for RFID applications." (ABI Research, 2008)

    A technology is “mainstream” when it is everywhere.


    RFID has already crossed the chasm in a lot of industries – but will never be “everywhere”, as everywhere “gets redefined” every day!

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    Gerhard schedler president ceo identec solutions

    Thank you.

    Visit us at booth #: 1702!

    Gerhard SchedlerPresident & CEO


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