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Unit 6 Test Review

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Unit 6 Test Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 6 Test Review. U.S. History. SSUSH 14. U.S. History. Becoming a World Power. War 1899 that resulted from the U.S. helping Cuba win independence from Spain. Spanish-American War. Becoming a World Power. U.S. Ship that exploded in Cuba and blamed on Spain. U.S.S. Maine.

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unit 6 test review

Unit 6 Test Review

U.S. History

ssush 14

U.S. History

becoming a world power
Becoming a World Power

War 1899 that resulted from the U.S. helping Cuba win independence fromSpain

Spanish-American War

becoming a world power1
Becoming a World Power

U.S. Ship that exploded in Cuba and blamed on Spain

U.S.S. Maine

becoming a world power2
Becoming a World Power

War in which the U.S. quickly defeated the Spanish Navy, made the islands an American territory

War in the Philippines

becoming a world power3
Becoming a World Power

Americans were eager to spread democracy and open markets into Latin America


becoming a world power4
Becoming a World Power

Concept used to explain U.S. expansion into Latin America to get raw materials and open economic markets


becoming a world power5
Becoming a World Power

The U.S. and President Theodore Roosevelt helped Panama separate from this country?


becoming a world power6
Becoming a World Power

REASON - The U.S. and President Theodore Roosevelt helped Panama separate from Columbia

Access to Panama Canal

becoming a world power7
Becoming a World Power

Leader of the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill in the war in Cuba against the Spanish

Theodore Roosevelt

becoming a world power8
Becoming a World Power

Extension of the Monroe Doctrine that said the U.S. would get involved in the affairs of Latin American Countries to end intervention of European Countries.

Roosevelt Corollary

becoming a world power9
Becoming a World Power

A manmade construction that made a faster sea route from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans

Panama Canal

becoming a world power10
Becoming a World Power

Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy to implement the Roosevelt Corollary

Big Stick Diplomacy

becoming a world power11
Becoming a World Power

Big Stick refers to what new weapon owned by the United States

Great White Fleet (Steel NAVY)

ssush 15

U.S. History

becoming a world power12
Becoming a World Power

War fought from 1914-1918 in Europe


becoming a world power13
Becoming a World Power

Incident that caused WWI to erupt in Europe?

Assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand

becoming a world power14
Becoming a World Power

Year the U.S. Entered WWI


becoming a world power15
Becoming a World Power

U.S. Policy of staying out of world wars to entering the war as an allied power?

Neutrality to Engagement

becoming a world power16
Becoming a World Power

British cruise liner blown up by Germany without warning killing 128 Americans?


becoming a world power17
Becoming a World Power

Telegram sent from Germany to Mexico to form an alliance against the U.S. during WWI?

Zimmerman Note

becoming a world power18
Becoming a World Power

German policy of attacking neutral vessels at sea without warning?

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

becoming a world power19
Becoming a World Power

This concept refers to issues in the U.S. homeland during WWI?

Domestic Impact of WWI

becoming a world power20
Becoming a World Power

Movement of African Americans during WWI to the Northern part of U.S. to fill Jobs?

Great Migration

becoming a world power21
Becoming a World Power

Law passed during WWI that made it illegal to speak out against the government or interfere with the military during WWI

Espionage Act

becoming a world power22
Becoming a World Power

Socialist put in Jail for 10 years during WWI for violating the Espionage Act?

Eugene Debs

becoming a world power23
Becoming a World Power

President of the U.S. during WWI?

Woodrow Wilson

becoming a world power24
Becoming a World Power

President Wilson’s plan to end all world Wars and create a worldwide peace?

Fourteen Points

becoming a world power25
Becoming a World Power

International Peacekeeping Organization formed in the 14 points?

League of Nations

becoming a world power26
Becoming a World Power

Main Reason U.S. Senators did not approve the Treaty of Versailles?


becoming a world power27
Becoming a World Power

Made it illegal to make, sell, or consumer Alcohol?

Eighteenth Amendment

becoming a world power28
Becoming a World Power

Era in U.S. History when drinking Alcohol was illegal?


becoming a world power29
Becoming a World Power

Extended Suffrage to women?

Nineteenth Amendment

becoming a world power30
Becoming a World Power

What does suffrage mean?

Right to Vote

ssush 16

U.S. History

becoming a world power31
Becoming a World Power

Economic system that disallowed private property; USSR in 1917 become this?


becoming a world power32
Becoming a World Power

Economic system where business are owned and controlled by the government?


becoming a world power33
Becoming a World Power

Fear of the spread of communism and Socialism spreading during WWI?

Red Scare

becoming a world power34
Becoming a World Power

Used Mass Production make automobiles?

Henry Ford

becoming a world power35
Becoming a World Power

Mass Production achieved this way by Henry Ford?

Assembly Line

becoming a world power36
Becoming a World Power

Mass Production had this affect on the Automobile?

Cheap & Affordable

becoming a world power37
Becoming a World Power

Major form of communication in peoples homes in the 1920s?


becoming a world power38
Becoming a World Power

American culture was influenced by clothing, hairstyles, etc. seen in these?


becoming a world power39
Becoming a World Power

Artistic and Music movement that celebrated African American culture?

Harlem Renaissance

becoming a world power40
Becoming a World Power

Famous Jazz Trumpet player during the Harlem Renaissance?

Louis Armstrong

becoming a world power41
Becoming a World Power

Music based on old slave rhythms and music from new Orleans and the South?


becoming a world power42
Becoming a World Power

Most prominent poet and writer during the Harlem Renaissance?

Langston Hughes

becoming a world power43
Becoming a World Power

A row of music production and recording houses in Harlem; also a concept that refers to a group of composers?

Tin Pan Alley

becoming a world power44
Becoming a World Power

Most famous composer and song writer in Tin Pan Alley?

Irving Berlin