Financial advantages of the wv national guard for students
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Financial Advantages of the WV National Guard for Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Advantages of the WV National Guard for Students. Past Tuition Assistance Claims. Civilian Education for Guardsmen. Enlisted – promotion points Warrant - Senior leaders are expected to complete a masters degree Commissioning 60 Semester Hours= OCS

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Civilian education for guardsmen
Civilian Education for Guardsmen

  • Enlisted – promotion points

    • Warrant - Senior leaders are expected to complete a masters degree

  • Commissioning

    • 60 Semester Hours= OCS

    • 90 Semester Hours = Accelerated OCS

    • Degree and E-5 rank = Direct Commission

    • Senior leaders are expected to complete a masters degree

Education comparison
Education Comparison

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 16.1 percent of WV adults have a college degree; however, 27 percent of WV Army Guardsmen and 29 percent of WV Air Guardsmen have a degree.

  • The Army National Guard provides money, develops maturity in students, and produces motivated learners for your institutions.

Our needs
Our Needs

  • Flexibility with our students as we work to accomplish our federal, state, and community missions.

  • New programs that will benefit us in our evolving mission (Middle Eastern Studies, Homeland Security, Intelligence Operations, digital technology)

  • Programs to encourage spouses and children of guardsmen to attend college (Yellow Ribbon Program, Scholarships, tuition discounts)

State tuition assistance wveep
State Tuition Assistance (WVEEP)

  • 100% of tuition and fees

  • Must submit grades

  • Up to $6,000 per year

  • Any approved WV school (HEPC)

  • Higher level degree than already achieved

    • Certificate

    • Associate

    • Bachelors

    • Masters

Federal tuition assistance
Federal Tuition Assistance

  • 100% of tuition and fees

  • Must submit grades

  • Up to $250/semester hour, $4,500 per year

  • Any accredited school (AIPE)

  • 1 degree/diploma/certificate at each level

    • Associate

    • Bachelors

    • Masters

    • Certificate

Gi bill 36 month rule
GI Bill 36 Month Rule

  • A Soldier may only receive up to 36 months of any ONE GI BILL BENEFITand up to 48 months TOTAL of any combination of VA benefits.

  • Example: If a Soldier is eligible for 36 months of Ch.1607, and 36 months of Ch. 33 benefits, they can receive 36 months of 1 benefit and 12 months of a second benefit.

Gi bill
GI Bill

  • 4 different programs:

    • Chapter 30 – Active Duty: soldiers who serve on Active Duty or AGR – must pay into the program ~ highest paid program

    • Chapter 1606 – Selected Reserve: Traditional Guard soldier who serves on a 6 year contract – paid at a flat rate

    • Chapter 1607 – Selected Reserve with deployment (REAP): Traditional Guard soldier who has been deployed 90 days or more after 9/11/01 – paid on a percentage rate

      • Title 10 U.S.C., Section 688, 12301(a), 12301(d), 12302, 12304 or 12306

      • Title 32 U.S.C., only during the period of 11 Sept 2001 -31 May 2002 and orders must read “In Support of Operation Noble Eagle”

  • Chapter 33 (Post 9/11): Any soldier with active duty or deployment time after 9/11/01- can transfer benefits to dependents, payment includes tuition, book allowance, monthly E5 with depends BAH allowance – paid on a tier level/percentage based on aggregate period of service

    • -Full time duty in regular components of the Armed Forces or under a call to active duty under Title 10 U.S.C. 688, 12301(a), 12301(d), 12302 or 12304

    • *** Not required to transfer into this program even if school says ***

  • Chapter 1606 specifics
    Chapter 1606 Specifics

    • 6 year commitment to National Guard or Reserves after July 1, 1985, completed IADT, completed high school.

    • 10 or 14 year delimiting date (may be extended based upon mobilization by length of mobilization + 4 months).

    • May be used for degree and certificate programs, flight training, apprenticeship/on the job training programs, correspondence, remedial, deficiency, and refresher courses.

    • Lowest paying of all MGIB benefits.

    Chapter 1606 rates
    Chapter 1606 Rates

    • Institutional Training

      Training Time Monthly rate

      Full time $333.00

      ¾ time $249.00

      ½ time $165.00

      Less than ½ time $83.25

    • Correspondence and Flight - Entitlement charged at the rate of one month for each $333.00 paid.

    • Cooperative - $333.00

    • Correspondence Payments - 55% of the approved charges

    • Flight Payments - 60% of the approved charges

    Who is eligible
    Who is Eligible?

    • Eligibility will be determined by the Department of Defense (DoD) or Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as appropriate. Generally, a member of a Reserve component who serves on active duty on or after September 11, 2001 under title 10, U.S. Code, for at least 90 consecutive days under a contingency operation, is eligible for REAP. There is no specific time frame to use REAP; however, your eligibility generally ends when you leave the Selected Reserves.

    • National Guard members are eligible if their active service extends for 90 consecutive days or more and their service is:

      • authorized under section 502(f), title 32, U.S. Code,

      • authorized by the President or Secretary of Defense for a national emergency, and

      • supported by federal funds.


    If Guardsmen enter IRR,

    they permanently lose Chapter 1607 benefits previously acquired

    Reap buy up option
    REAP “Buy Up” Option

    • Requires Soldier to pay in $600, but in return the Soldier receives $150 monthly in addition to their GI Bill benefit.

    • If a Soldier receives an additional $150 monthly for all 36 months of the benefit, they receive $5400 in extra GI Bill funding.

    • To complete an application for this “buy up”, the Soldier must be eligible to receive chapter 1607, complete DD Form 2366-1 marked to reflect the REAP buy up contribution, and send a check for $600 made payable to “US DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY” to the following address:





    Payment rates1
    Payment Rates

    Paid to Student

    Paid to School

    • Note:

      • AGRs will not receive book stipend or BAH

      • AGR spouses will not receive BAH

    Bonus and slrp
    Bonus and SLRP

    • Bonus

      • No bonus available

      • If you extended for a bonus while overseas

        • taxes will be taken out

        • refunded (approximately 30 days after receiving payment)

    • SLRP

      • $50,000 for a 6 year contract

        • Continues as long as soldier remains on a 6 year contract

        • Extend/reenlist at anytime

        • Add new loans at anytime

        • Loans must be federally backed (no private, parent, signature loans, etc)

        • Repayment: 15% of the original balance or $500 a year

    Troops to teachers
    Troops to Teachers

    • Secondary career in Education

    • Career Counseling

    • Job Placement Assistance

    • Financial Assistance up to $5,000 or a $10,000 bonus

    • Accelerated Teacher Certification Programs Available

    • Contact: Robert Mellace at [email protected] or 304-558-7010