Balancing water supplies with growing demands
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Balancing Water Supplies with Growing Demands. Vic Kelson, P h . D. Layne Hydro, a division of Layne Christensen Company. Outline. Introduction Water availability Water demands Water supply management Engineered systems. Introduction. Why is water supply management necessary?.

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Balancing water supplies with growing demands l.jpg

Balancing Water Supplies with Growing Demands

Vic Kelson, Ph.D.

Layne Hydro,

a division of Layne Christensen Company

Outline l.jpg

  • Introduction

  • Water availability

  • Water demands

  • Water supply management

  • Engineered systems

Introduction l.jpg

Why is water supply management necessary?

Economic development impact l.jpg
Economic Development Impact

  • National

    • Southwest and southeast

  • Regional

    • Great Lakes

  • Local

    • Greensburg, Indiana

Water availability surface water groundwater l.jpg

Water AvailabilitySurface water & Groundwater


Annual/Seasonal Variation

Water Quality


Slide6 l.jpg

Water Availability: Rivers, Streams, Reservoirs

Slide7 l.jpg

Water Availability:Groundwater

Bedrock Aquifers

Sand & Gravel Aquifers

Limits water availability seasonal variations drought l.jpg
Limits Water Availability:Seasonal Variations & Drought

Limits water availability other factors l.jpg
Limits Water Availability: Other Factors

  • Groundwater withdrawals

  • Well interference

  • Wastewater assimilation

  • Recharge

Increases water availability l.jpg
Increases Water Availability

  • Water conservation

  • Water reuse

    • Graywater use

    • Nonpotable use

    • Aquifer recharge

Light purple pipes distinguish a reclaimed water distribution system from a potable water distribution.

Water demand l.jpg

Water Demand

Total Water Use

Water Use by County

Future Demand

Water demand total water use l.jpg
Water Demand: Total Water Use

Slide16 l.jpg

Water Demand:

Water Use

by County

Water demand future use l.jpg
Water Demand: Future Use

  • Fastest growing counties in U.S. & Indiana

  • Surface water supplies will be fully developed by 2020 (Malcolm Pirnie, 2005)

Water supply management approaches l.jpg

Water Supply Management Approaches

Individual Management

Regional Planning

Water Consortium


Water management examples l.jpg
Water Management Examples

  • Individual Management

    • Central Indiana

  • Regional Planning

    • Twin Cities and Northeastern Illinois

  • Water Consortium

    • Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Regionalization

    • State of Florida Water Districts

Engineered systems l.jpg

Engineered Systems

It’s not only a planning problem

Source of supply l.jpg
Source of Supply

  • Conservation

  • Production and distribution efficiency

  • Enhanced recharge

  • In-ground storage, aquifer storage and recovery

Conservation l.jpg

  • End-user efficiency

    • Re-design our usage patterns optimize usage

  • Reuse and recycled water

    • Grey water systems?

    • Waste water for non-potable uses?

    • Infiltration or enhanced recharge for recycling?

Efficiency l.jpg

  • Optimize process designs for process efficiency

    • Think in terms of the entire operational life

    • Minimize energy costs

    • Reduce chemical feeds

  • Develop strategies for operational management

    • Improved SCADA

    • Distributed process control and optimization

  • Intelligent distribution systems?

Induced recharge systems l.jpg
Induced recharge systems

  • Essentially, a re-engineered surface water intake

    • Improved reliability at low flow and in drought

    • Pre-treats surface waters by river bank filtration

  • Wellfield design is crucial

    • Optimize water-quality for the problem at hand

    • Implement operational plans

Storage and asr l.jpg
Storage and ASR

  • Are gravel pits suitable for storage?

    • Design RBF systems for reliability, reduced risk?

  • Is ASR feasible?

    • Store water when demand is low

    • Pump water when demand is high

    • Economics?

Questions l.jpg


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