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The Legislative Branch

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The Legislative Branch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Legislative Branch. Structure & Power. What is the L egislative Branch?. Bicameral Legislature Bicameral=2 Part House of Representatives 435 members (Representatives) Senate 100 members (Senators) Why is there such a difference in the #’s?. Qualifications of Congress.

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the legislative branch

The Legislative Branch

Structure & Power

what is the l egislative branch
What is the Legislative Branch?
  • Bicameral Legislature
    • Bicameral=2 Part
  • House of Representatives
    • 435 members (Representatives)
  • Senate
    • 100 members (Senators)
  • Why is there such a difference in the #’s?
qualifications of congress
Qualifications of Congress

Turn to pg. 5 in Interactive Notebook, Complete

- Use MD General Assembly article on back to complete page

powers of congress
Powers of Congress
  • Why bicameral?
    • H.of R.= Representation based on population
      • Ex- New York vs. Delaware
    • Senate= Equal representation
      • Everyone gets 2
  • Enumerated Powers
    • War Powers, Levy Taxes, etc
  • Implied Powers
implied powers of congress
Implied Powers of Congress
  • Elastic Clause
    • Necessary & Proper clause
  • Effects on functioning of government
    • Increase in size & scope
    • Regulation of finance, health care
traffic light activity
Traffic Light Activity
  • Create a foldable that explains the powers of the legislative branch
  • Cover: Create a title & picture
  • Green= Expressed Powers
    • Inside Left
      • 2 Examples from each
  • Yellow= Implied Powers
    • Inside Middle
      • 2 Examples from each
  • Red= Denied Powers
      • Inside Right
        • 2 examples from each
  • Effects of Necessary & Proper Clause
    • 3 Effects (Outside left)
  • Bicameral: House & Senate Facts (5 qualifications each)
    • EX- # of representatives; citizenship; age; basis of # of seats
      • Middle Outside

*You may use books, notes, or Interactive notebook pgs. 2-3

legislative tools
Legislative Tools
  • Filibuster (Senate)
    • Historical method to delay vote or block debate
    • Increase visibility of issue; lead to compromise
    • 60 votes to stop it (longest ever 24+ hours)
      • Cloture
  • Video Clip
    • Should the filibuster be eliminated?
    • Do you agree or disagree with the speaker
      • ? Why/why not?
legislative tools1
Legislative Tools
  • Conference Committees
    • Set up by House & Senate to settle disagreement on a bill
      • Remember, a bill must pass thru House and Senate before becoming law!!!
  • Overriding a Presidential Veto
    • 2/3 vote by Senate
the legislative branch1

The Legislative Branch

Lawmaking Process

representation reapportionment
Representation & Reapportionment
  • Census is taken every 10 yrs
  • Reapportionment
    • Change in the # of representatives each state has
      • Based on population size
      • # of House of Reps members
  • Pg. 10-13 in interactive notebook
    • Complete pg. 10, 11 & 13
    • Discuss
re districting1
  • State Legislators draw boundaries for Congressional districts
    • Power is sometimes abused
  • Unequal districts drawn
    • Gerrymandering
    • Should be base on pop. (1 person=1 vote)
  • Many times, increase in racial/ethnic representation
    • No guidelines in Constitution
  • Drawing state lines to give one party an electoral advantage
  • “Packing & Cracking”
    • Funky shaped districts use to:
      • Pack one party/group into one district
      • Crack one party/ethnic group into many districts
        • Both reduce influence
  • Irregular shapes drawn for political reasons
  • Pg. 126 Gerrymandering map
referendum recall
Referendum & Recall
  • Recall
    • Voters kick an elected official out of office
  • Referendum
    • Special election used to recall official
  • Citizens propose a constitutional amendment or law
the legislative branch2

The Legislative Branch

External Factors

external factors that influence lawmaking
External Factors that influence lawmaking
  • Media
  • Lobbyists
  • Political Action Committees
  • Interest Groups
  • Citizens
  • Public Opinion
  • The media can have a major influence on public policy
    • Coverage of events on TV/News
      • Amount of time certain topics get in spotlight
      • More TV exposure means more people form opinions about a certain issue
    • Social media
      • Citizens get instant news and info.
interest groups
Interest Groups
  • Interest Groups
    • A group with common goals who organize to influence government
  • Public Interest Groups
    • A group that seeks policy goals that it believes will benefit the nation
  • Many interest groups have ties to business, labor, or agriculture
  • Interest Group Spending:
why form interest groups
Why Form Interest Groups?
  • Many voices with the same message have a greater impact than 1 voice!
interest groups1
Interest Groups
  • What is the idea behind this political cartoon?
are you a free rider
Are you a free-rider?
  • Free Rider
    • An individual who does not join a group representing his or her interests yet receives the benefit of the group's influence.
interest groups2
Interest Groups
  • Turn to pg. 30 in Interactive Notebook
    • Use graphic organizer to categorize interest groups
    • Read Summaries of the different kinds of interest groups
      • Read pgs. 31-33
        • Highlight key points and ideas
      • Answer questions at the end of each section
lobbyists pac s
Lobbyists & PAC’s
  • Lobbyist:
    • An interest group representative
    • Lobbying:
      • Direct contact made by a lobbyist in order to persuade government officials to support the policies their interest group favors
  • Political Action Committees
    • Interest groups that raise & spend large sums of money to influence election campaigns
  • Free Rider
    • An individual who does not join a group representing his or her interests yet receives the benefit of the group's influence.
lobbyists pac s1
Lobbyists & PAC’s
  • Turn to pg. 35 in Interactive Notebook
  • Read Study Guide 18.2
    • Mark text to pick out important points
    • Answer the question at the end of each section
start up an interest group
Start up an interest group
  • Think about some social issues that are important to you
  • Brainstorm at least 5 issues that America faces
  • Select the one issue that you care about the most & come up with a name for your interest group
    • You may either:
      • Create a 30 second commercial script
      • Write a newspaper article (2 paragraphs) to express your viewpoint
      • Write a rap/song/poem to express you viewpoints
      • Create a print ad (like from a newspaper or magazine)
  • You will share your work with class mates at the end of the period
public opinion
Public Opinion
  • Public Opinion
    • Polls/surveys are taken to find the opinions of a representative group of Americans on many issues
  • Government officials take poll numbers into account when making policy decisions
    • Iraq War------------->
citizen influence on policy
Citizen Influence on Policy
  • You have the power to make changes!
    • Contact local legislators
      • City Council
      • State Legislators
      • Representatives
    • Testify at Congressional Hearings
    • Join an interest group
    • Organize a PAC
    • Use the news media to your advantage
      • Call the local paper or TV station about your concerns
  • As a class, read:
    • The Public Choices of Senator AspyerTu More
    • Volunteer for a role or read along
    • Pg. 38-45 in Interactive Notebook
    • Answer Bulleted Questions on pg. 47 of Interactive Notebeook
      • 4 groups:
        • Chamber of Commerce
        • The Locals
        • The Fishermen
        • Retired People
          • Discuss Roles & Answer questions