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The Research… What?

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The Research… What?. The Research Question…. A research question is a statement that identifies the phenomenon you are wanting to study. . The Research Question. To develop a strong research question from your ideas, you should ask yourself a few of these things.

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the research what

The Research… What?

The Research Question…

the research question1
To develop a strong research question from your ideas, you should ask yourself a few of these things.
    • Do I know the field and its literature well?
    • What are the important research questions in my area of interest?
    • What other areas need further exploration?
    • Could your research lead to a greater understanding?
    • Has a great deal of study already been conducted in your area of interest? What can I add to it?
    • Is the timing right for this question to be answered? Is it a hot topic? Or is it becoming obsolete?
The Research Question
the research question2
A strong research question should be able to pass the ‘so what’ test.
    • Think about the potential your research could have on yourself and your readers.
    • What is the benefit of answering your research question? Who will it help and how?
  • If you cannot make a definitive statement about your research, you might want to reconsider that topic.
The Research Question
the research question3
Your research question should be as narrow as possible and not broad-based.
  • For example:
    • What can be done to prevent substance abuse?
      • This topic is too broad.
    • What is the relationship between specific early childhood experiences and subsequent substance-abuse?
      • This topic is narrow.
The Research Question
the research question4
A well thought-out and focused research question leads you directly into your hypothesis.
  • Hypothesis are more specific predictions about the nature and direction of your research question.
  • For example:
    • Individuals who suffer from traumatic childhood events will have a higher rate of developing a substance abuse problem.
The Research Question
the research question5
A hypothesis is a tentative statement that proposes a possible explanation to some phenomenon or event
  • A hypothesis should:
    • Give insight into a research question.
    • Are testable and measurable between two variables and how they might be related.
  • A hypothesis should not be confused with a theory. Theories are general explanations based on a large amount of data.
The Research Question
the research question6
Once you have developed your research question and hypothesis, you can now develop your keywords.
  • The use of keywords will allow you to search databases, catalogs, etc. to find material that supports you research question and hypothesis.
  • For example:
    • What effect does the use of alcoholic beverages have on the health of college students?
    • Keywords: alcoholic beverages and health and college students
The Research Question
the research question7
Once you have thought through your keywords, hypothesis and research question, you will have the perfect ingredients to conduct a research paper.
  • Your next step would be to conduct your research and write your paper.
The Research Question