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The Opera House. Question 1. The structure that was chosen for me was the Opera House. The Opera House is located on Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia. Question 2.

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Question 1
Question 1

The structure that was chosen for me was the Opera House. The Opera House is located on Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia.

Question 2
Question 2

The Opera House is a magnificent structure which hosts hundreds of events and shows each year. The structure is often recognized for its shell like roof, a very creative and truly remarkable sight. The design is so unique that it even won several awards for its appearance including the UNESCO World Heritage Sight of 2007. There are approximately ten shells on the structure, each holding features such as restaurants, bars, cafes, theatres, the studio and more entertaining aspects of the Opera House. Each shell is part of a sphere of 72.2m in radius and mounted on a monumental podium. They are composed of concrete which is concealed by 1, 056,006 whitish tiles. The tiles are set in a “diamond” type of pattern that is in my opinion, very unique. The remaining features of the exterior are concrete and pink granite panels. The structure isn’t only unique but large as well, covering 4.4 acres of land (600ft. long, 394ft. wide). The whole 4.4 acres sits on 588 concrete piers which are 82 feet below sea level. The structure is basically made up of concrete, steel and tiles/panels and is a combination structure of shell and solid. The Opera House itself sits on 588 solid piers therefore the piers’ load is the whole structure. Other loads that the Opera House must withstand are people and furniture (tables, chairs, counters ect.)

Question 3
Question 3

The Opera House was built to become a performing arts center (and still is). The Opera House hosts approximately 1,500 performances each year while seven million guests come to visit or for special occasions like concerts, events, productions and to take guided tours. It is a very popular and recommended location to visit in Sydney, Australia. It is a national landmark as well and attracts many people that are eager to see the Opera House’s unique appearance and interior. The structure consists of a concert hall, opera theatre, drama theatre, playhouse, a studio, restaurants, cafes and bars. The Opera House provides excitement for tourists all around the globe.


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