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SESSION #3: PART 2. BRAND PILLAR EXERCISE. SESSION #3: BRAND PILLAR EXERCISE. Notes on Session 3 Homework: COVERED IN PART 2 = Complete Brand Pillars for the Part 2 of Session 3 Live Class There is an example at the end of this packet to help guide you

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  2. SESSION #3:BRAND PILLAR EXERCISE Notes on Session 3 Homework: COVERED IN PART 2 = Complete Brand Pillars for the Part 2 of Session 3 Live Class There is an example at the end of this packet to help guide you Please post only the answers requested on the Community Page- not the full homework This is a critical piece in building and strengthening your brand, it is often the most difficult – don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions To help guide you in this exercise we have included step by step instructions and an example from BrandTwist’s own brand idea and pillars. Please note this example is confidential and not to be shared outside of class. Actual worksheets for you to fill in are at the very end of the packet

  3. SESSION #3:BRAND PYRAMID EXERCISE This exercise will help you develop a compelling reason for your target to believe your promise: Brand Pillars These Pillars are the ways in which you consistently deliver your promise and the reasons WHY your targets will believe you. These pillars reflect your brand values and they way you approach every thing you do for your brand. They are bigger than any one piece of communication or program.

  4. SESSION #3:BRAND PILLAR EXERCISE Brand Pillar: Write Down Three Brand Pillars Think about what is unique and authentic about your approach to your brand. What do you bring to the table that makes uniquely qualified to deliver your Brand Idea? This can be your professional strengths and also your personal experiences and point of view. Choose ONE word that describes each of your pillars and then you can write a brief explanation below each of these words in the box provided by the WHY. The explanation should define why you chose the word, it should not introduce a new idea. As with the Brand Idea, do not worry about getting the words for the Brand Pillars exactly right at this point. It’s about the general concept. .

  5. THE 3 “P’s” PILLARS APPROACH Often its good to think about your Pillars in terms of: Pillar #1: What do you bring personally to the table that is is unique to our background and helps deliver the brand idea? Your personal TWIST. Pillar #2: What is your unique point of viewon the category? This is often a reaction to what’s missing from the way things are currently. Your category TWIST. Pillar #3: How does your process/products support the Brand Idea? Your operational TWIST. Note: The Pillars don’t have to be in this exact order but they should keep in mind “What’s in it for Me?” and be customer focused

  6. BRAND FRAMEWORK- This slide is a reminder of our end goal. Session #2 addressed the WHO. In Session #3 we are going to focus on the WHAT and WHY. We will get to the HOW in Session 4 onwards. BULL’ S EYE TARGET AND KEY INSIGHTS BRAND IDEA PILLAR 1 PILLAR 2 PILLAR 3 Touch point Touch point Touch point Touch point Touch point Touch point

  7. Entrepreneurs and businesses that need help focusing limited resources, standing out in the market place and connecting with profitable targets YOUR BRAND IS YOUR BUSINESS’ SECRET WEAPON PILLAR 1 LATERAL: I use lateral thinking/ Twists in everything I do –pushing outside the box/category for fresh examples and new ways of looking at old problems. PILLAR 2 ACTIONABLE: I believe branding should be fun and directly tied to business building. Not complicated or theoretical. I use an approachable tone and real world examples. PILLAR 3 INTERACTIVE: I believe that people learn best through doing. I involve my clients in the creation of their brand solutions for greater ownership and success. “BRANDTWIST” BRAND FRAMEWORK

  8. SESSION #3:BRAND PILLAR EXERCISE Example: BrandTwist Brand Pillars Pillars: #1 Lateral: this is my unique personality, I am someone who looks for the twists in everything. Likes to shake things up – dress in purple etc. It comes from my personal background (my McDonald’s story, working at Virgin, etc.). #2 Actionable: this is my reaction against a lot of branding consultants and resources that are too theoretical and don’t really help small businesses move forward. It’s a response to my point of viewon what’s missing from most options in the category. #3: Interactive: This is what is unique about my process– I bring it to life in my client workshops and assignments and the way I have structured Brand School to include homework, a community and Live Classes.

  9. SESSION #3:BRAND PILLAR EXERCISE Post Your Answers on the Community Page Post only the answers to these 3 questions. Remind us of the work that you accomplished last week so we can evaluate the Brand Pillars as a part of your entire framework Remind us of your business/target and in one sentence. Brand Idea Statement (core brand promise) Three Brand Pillars(values) with a brief description of each.

  10. WORKSHEETS The next page is your actual worksheet for the Brand Framework. Insert a text box into each of the pillars and type in directly on your computeranswering in the corresponding space on the pyramid.


  12. QUESTIONS? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Please post your questions on the Community Page so others can benefit as well from the answers. Thanks and have fun!

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