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Social Networking Sites

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Social Networking Sites - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Networking Sites. Facebook MySpace Others. Social Networking Sites : Use. Allows users to display personal information for others to see (peers, relatives, employers, etc.) Welcomes others to be their online “friend” Can have virtual conversations through text

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Social Networking Sites

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    1. Social Networking Sites Facebook MySpace Others

    2. Social Networking Sites:Use • Allows users to display personal information for others to see (peers, relatives, employers, etc.) • Welcomes others to be their online “friend” • Can have virtual conversations through text • Join groups for common interests • Potential for advertising via web banners

    3. Background Information • Early social networking sites include (1995) and (1997). SixDegrees, despite having features that would become extremely popular in later years, was too ahead of its time and consequently shut down. • Friendster launches in 2002 and acts as a sort of guinea pig for a growing community of online social networkers. • 2003 onwards: growing number of sites that host user-generated content such as blogs and videos, expanding the online social community.

    4. Background Info Continued • Facebook launches in 2004. • By 2005, MySpace had more page views than Google. • Around March 2005, businesses began to use social networking sites as a means of increasing awareness and getting customer feedback for their products and services. • Estimated 200 social networking sites now.

    5. Critics of Social Networking Sites:Positives • Keep in touch with friends/family • Share photos/files/information (edu) • Meet new people who share similar interests • Become more open to conversations • Learn more about groups/social events • Joining Networks (cmu) • Confidence boost • Crime investigation

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    7. Negatives • Online threats (spam)Seek advantage of networking sites • Worry of privacy (expose photos/info) • It does not always reveal the true self • (age verification , personal info) • People left jobless • Time loss, internet addiction

    8. Opinions • Social networking sites are useful when it comes to expanding your social network or meeting different kinds of people on the internet • They offer a place where people with common interests can get together and share ideas or ask questions • Good way to communicate with friends or family who live far away and be updated with what’s going on in their lives • It is a good way to get in touch with classmates or friends from the past who you’ve lost contact with • Can be a good place to get help or learn things from other people (forums, message boards)

    9. Opinions Continued • It’s fine, but not necessary • Should be used in moderation, excessive use of the internet makes you distant from your real life friends • It is very easy to loose track of time, and can be a big distraction from schoolwork • Can be addictive • It is unnerving to know that other people can look at your profile, photos and other private information about yourself. • You have to be careful what you say or do, because people you know in real life (employers) might see it and disapprove.

    10. Advice to users of social networking sites: • Information like their full name, Social Security number, phone number, and family financial information — like bank or credit card account numbers should always be kept private. • Use privacy settings wisely • Think rationally before posting any comments or any information • Always play safe

    11. Who to contact if there’s any problem: • Federal Trade Commission: • ConnectSafely: • Internet Keep Safe Coalition: • Wired Safety:

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