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Leisure Getaways Incorporated - On the Importance of Listening in Selling

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Leisure Getaways Incorporated - On the Importance of Listening in Selling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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leisure getaways incorporated

Leisure Getaways Incorporated

On the Importance of Listening in Selling

Companies like Leisure Getaways Incorporated take pride in having happy customers and using sales strategies in ethical ways with the goal of helping their clients.

When it comes to selling, a lot of people think that selling is all about talking and pushing a product or service on a customer. While aggressive and pushy sales techniques do exist, they can’t help a business build a following of loyal customers.

Even if a prospect buys a good product or service from an aggressive sale, the negative experience about the sale itself will often be stronger than the positive experience about the product or service.

The word of mouth about it will be most likely negative, too.

Great sales people who can sell to the same people over and over again know that they can’t aggressively push. Good selling is at least as much about listening as it is about talking.

Listening during selling is not as easy as it may sound. Some major corporations invest significant amounts of money into training their employees how to listen and how to communicate.

People often don’t listen because they are preoccupied with their own thoughts, are tired, are too much in a hurry, or are simply incapable of focusing their attention.

Listening in selling needs to have a purpose. This purpose is to collect important and useful data about the customer, his or her wants, needs, desires, and problems.

After talking to a prospect, a successful sales person can tell a lot about this prospect’s fears, feelings, and values. This makes selling easy. All the sales person needs to do is find a product or a service that fulfills the customer’s needs best.

That’s how companies, such as Leisure Getaways Incorporated, operate and this is why they have so many satisfied clients.