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Module #2 Your Profit Pulling Platform

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Module #2 Your Profit Pulling Platform - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Module #2 Your Profit Pulling Platform. Module 1 was just the basics. In module 1 I explained how to plan your days weeks and months ahead. We spoke about your mindset plus task management tools. K.O.T.O.B.O.T Keep On Top Of Being On Top.

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In module 1 I explained how to plan your days weeks and months ahead.

We spoke about your mindset plus task management tools



Keep On Top Of Being On Top


Be excited because your about to start a real online profitable journey

  • Right Here - Right Now !!!

A profit pulling platform is a series of web-pages that will become your sales funnel So you can channel traffic from the internet through your sales funnel and pull profits

i m going to fast track you

I’m going to Fast Track you

Meaning I've already created and set up your business for you

with this training i m going to give you everything

With this training I’m going to give you Everything

So as I’m teaching you, you have a hands on experience to what goes on each step of the process


You get your very own:- eBook- Squeeze Page- Download Page- OTO video up-sell- the backend productplus more ...


On the download page they are shown two steps:

    • #1 watch the video
    • #2 download there free eBook

You get your very own eBook that you're the author and it plays 2 parts:

    • #1 you can give away the eBook in return for peoples names and email address on your squeeze page
    • #2 you can do some viral marketing with this eBook
the mailing list
The Mailing List
  • This is the most important and voluble section of the system
  • Everything else sits around your mailing list
intent process
Intent Process
  • Suspect
  • Prospect
  • Customer
  • Client

Even if you don't have the money its important to understand this

  • You will need to outsource tasks to professional people to make your business look professional

You can get so much wrong …

But if you have the correct people around you can get so much right

  • You have to know ...

This is a fact that you can not do it all by yourself !!!

its all about leverage
Its all about leverage
  • Get the right people you have maximum leverage
  • Get it wrong you have negative leverage
the process from start
The Process from Start
  • Build it
  • Test it
  • Slowly run traffic to it
  • Build a list using it
  • Build relationships using it
  • Update the layout
  • Expand when you see fit
  • Leverage other peoples traffic
  • and more coming soon ...
home work
Home Work
  • Build your profit pulling platform - follow videos
  • Set up Google analytics
  • Set your target for your list building machine of 1,500 leads in Aweber,
  • You set the timeline for this okay