laredo bucks hockey club central hockey league laredo texas n.
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Laredo Bucks Hockey Club Central Hockey League Laredo, Texas PowerPoint Presentation
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Laredo Bucks Hockey Club Central Hockey League Laredo, Texas

Laredo Bucks Hockey Club Central Hockey League Laredo, Texas

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Laredo Bucks Hockey Club Central Hockey League Laredo, Texas

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  1. Laredo Bucks Hockey ClubCentral Hockey LeagueLaredo, Texas

  2. Robert Rossman Internship Final Portfolio SPMT 484 Summer 2010

  3. Laredo Bucks 6700 Arena Blvd. Laredo, TX 78041 Site Supervisor: Donald Thomson Vice President of Sales Office: (956) 523-7711 Cell: (956) 775-7300 Cy Agley Ticket Sales Manager Office: (956) 523-6579 Cell: (956) 775-7295 Jennifer Beckelhymer Executive Vice President & CFO Office: (956) 523-6594 Cell: (956) 775-7299

  4. 5 Stars I rated this internship 5 stars because I couldn’t have asked for a better experience; the guidance and training I received was unbelievable and helped me grow tremendously as a young sports professional. The knowledge and skills I have gained is invaluable. I progressed at such a fast pace, they offered me a full-time position starting August 16th. The networking connections I have gained have also set me up to advance in the sports industry in the future.

  5. Words of Wisdom • Be proactive, and take the initiative; volunteer your time and take it upon yourself to go above and beyond what is asked of you and always ask for more. • Meet people; shake hands and interact with anyone and everyone you can, because everyone is a potential networking contact who could be useful in the future. Donald Thomson, George Hill and myself at the G3 Basketball Camp press conference. The Bucks’ staff at the press conference announcing the return of Serge Dube.

  6. Internship Objectives Overall Objective: Learn the different facets of a sports organization. Gain knowledge and experience in ticket sales, marketing, planning, and customer service. Take this knowledge and experience to the next level in career to be successful in this industry. Specific Objectives: Learn ticket sales techniques, customer service, and creating sales proposals to create revenue for the organization. Learn how to use operational programs such as CRM, Ticketmaster, Microsoft Office, etc. How to conduct meetings, how to run “fulfillment reports” for clients, and lead a sales team in any organization. On the phone renewing customer’s season tickets and updating their CRM profiles.

  7. Summary of Daily Activities My daily routine has been pretty consistent throughout my internship, I come in to the arena between 8:30-9:00am and get set up for the day. By about 9:15, I’m on the phone making calls. This includes calling already-renewed season ticket holders to get to know them, season ticket holders up for renewal, or people who we have name trapped to see if they want season tickets. I have also asked to be a part of some corporate sponsorship deals to try and learn that side of the business. As I have gotten more involved with corporate, I have joined in on more and more corporate meetings and community events to get involved and get to know our corporate partners. So if I’m not out at a corporate meeting or fulfilling my season ticket holders’ needs, I am on the phone trying to sell more Bucks season tickets. My day at the arena on average ends about 6:00, but could go as late as 7:00, or early as 5:00. However, if we have a community function to go to, the day could go as late as 9:00pm.

  8. Project Description Customer Service Management • My project was to build a strong customer base through great customer service. • This includes: • Meeting clients at community events and calling them to create ideas in which the Bucks and that business can work together by doing a sponsorship. • Making reconnection calls to already renewed and possibly renewing customers. • Gathering information about STH’ers for our CRM to give them better customer service and create a more loyal fan base. • Call leads given to us through different channels about working with the Bucks/buying season tickets.