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OverClocked. ReMix. Game Music++. What is OverClocked ReMix?.

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Game Music++

what is overclocked remix

What is OverClocked ReMix?

OverClocked ReMix ( is an online community dedicated to the appreciation and reinterpretation of video game music. Founded in late 1999 by David “djpretzel” Lloyd, the site’s mission statement explains how its members seek to prove that such music "is not disposable or merely just background, but is as intricate, innovative, and lasting as any other form.” With over 450 talented remixers and 1500 songs, the community is ever growing.

how does the selection process work
How does the selection process work?
  • Submitted remixes are pre-screened by djpretzel, and often uploaded to a judges panel (currently ten arbiters of the site’s musical standards) for further evaluation.
  • With every new track that makes it to the site, DJP posts a special writeup describing the mix, sometimes quoting the remixer and/or judges expressing their thoughts.
  • Okay, we admit it: OCR has high standards! Arrangement and production are equally important criteria to pass.
genre and platform indiscriminate
Genre and Platform Indiscriminate
  • OC ReMixes can be based on music from any computer, console, portable, or arcade game, so long as the original composers are given credit where due. Naturally some games have more representation than other lesser-known ones, but we have some pretty obscure stuff!
  • We aregenre indiscriminate: you name it, OCR has it.

Okay, let’s hear some examples!!!

street fighter 2 the ken song
Street Fighter 2 ‘The Ken Song’
  • Remixer: jdproject
  • Genre: Rock
  • System: Arcade
  • Original Composers: Alfh Lyra and Yoko Shimomura
earthbound da black market
Earthbound ‘Da Black Market’
  • Remixer: D-Lux, Flik, Joe_Cam, and Mythril Nazgul
  • Genre: Rap
  • System: SNES
  • Original Composers: Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka and Keiichi Suzuki
metal gear solid 2 metal gear may cry
Metal Gear Solid 2 ‘Metal Gear May Cry’
  • Remixer: Jared Hudson
  • Genre: Orchestral
  • System: Playstation 2
  • Original Composers: Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko

Hibino, Rika Muranaka, and Tappy Iwase

secret of mana dragon song
Secret of Mana ‘Dragon Song’
  • Remixer: Harmony
  • Genre: Acoustic/Easy Listening
  • System: SNES
  • Original Composer: Hiroki Kikuta
sonic the hedgehog love hurts
Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Love Hurts’
  • Remixer: djpretzel
  • Genre: Funk
  • System: Sega Genesis
  • Original Composer: Masato Nakamura
castlevania 3 a clockwork vampire
Castlevania 3 ‘A Clockwork Vampire’
  • Remixer: Dhsu
  • Genre: Piano
  • System: NES
  • Original Composer: Club Kukeiha
bomberman bomberfuzz
Bomberman ‘Bomberfuzz’
  • Remixer: Fuzz
  • Genre: Electronic
  • System: NES
  • Original Composer: Jun Chiki Chikuma
chrono trigger electric clouds
Chrono Trigger ‘Electric Clouds’
  • Remixer: po!
  • Genre: R&B
  • System: SNES
  • Original Composers: Noriko Matsueda, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Nobuo Uematsu
super mario bros 2 superbuckjazz
Super Mario Bros. 2 ‘SuperBuckJazz’
  • Remixer: Estradasphere
  • Genre: Jazz
  • System: NES
  • Original Composers: Koji Kondo
final fantasy 7 deliverance of the heart
Final Fantasy 7 ‘Deliverance of the Heart’
  • Remixer: pixietricks and zircon
  • Genre: Pop
  • System: Playstation
  • Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
punch out little mac s confession
Punch-Out!! ‘Little Mac’s Confession’
  • Remixer: Game Over
  • Genre: Metal
  • System: NES
  • Original Composer: A. Nakatuka, Koji Yamamoto, and

V. Kaneoka

xenogears xenosphere
Xenogears ‘Xenosphere’
  • Remixer: Oceanfire
  • Genre: New Age
  • System: Playstation
  • Original Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda
ssf2 turbo thank you dee jay
SSF2 Turbo ‘Thank You, Dee Jay’
  • Remixer: José the Bronx Rican
  • Genre: Reggaeton
  • System: Arcade
  • Original Composer: Alf Lyra and Yoko Shimomura
artura dublin delight
Artura ‘Dublin Delight’
  • Remixer: Makke
  • Genre: Irish Drinking Song
  • System: Commodore 64
  • Original Composer: Ben Daglish
zelda 3 triforce majeure
Zelda 3 ‘Triforce Majeure’
  • Remixer: Disco Dan
  • Genre: Superbadass
  • System: SNES
  • Original Composer: Koji Kondo
overclocked remix is community focused
OverClocked ReMix is community focused.
  • Anyone registered to the site is free to post their own remix reviews. We encourage constructive criticism.
  • Several forums exist for the purposes of general discussion, technical assistance, remixing tips, works in progress, and special site projects.
  • The result is a dynamic community of musicians and fans alike, who often enjoy organzing online gaming tournaments, friendly remixing competitions, and real life meetups.
wait so you guys hang out in real life
Wait, so you guys hang out in real life?
  • Meetups have been held all across America: so far New York, Washington DC, Texas, Maryland, Utah, Oklahoma, California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Dakota.
  • There have also been several international meetups held in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom!

Okay, let’s see some pictures!!!

site wide remix album projects
Site-Wide ReMix Album Projects
  • OC ReMix receives a lot of attention particularly when a new site-wide remix project has been released.
  • Games that have garnered full remix albums thus far: Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Chrono Trigger, Doom, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Kirby’s Adventure, Street Fighter 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Final Fantasy 7!
  • All this music can be found on individual subdomains that djpretzel has hosted.
other special projects
Other Special Projects
  • Developed by djpretzel himself, Chipamp is a comprehensive, free bundle of existing plugins for Winamp that lets you play a variety of chiptune and tracker formats, including music from classic game consoles like the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, and Playstation.
  • Information cataloging: OCR is unique in that it provides many helpful resources for those interested in learning about the video game music industry. We catalog valuable information about games, composers, and original source material, and make it readily available to the public.
vgdj the official oc remix podcast
VGDJ: The Official OC ReMix Podcast
  • VGDJ made its debut on May 22nd, 2005 and has since become the #1 music/radio podcast on!
  • Hosted by ocremixers and judge

panelists zircon and pixietricks,

the show compliments OCR

in seeking to raise awareness

and appreciation of video game music and remixing.

  • Check out our sixty-five plus episodes at!
oc remix in the press
OC ReMix in the Press
  • OCR has been featuredat, Penny Arcade,, Game Music Radio,, N-Philes,, Gamers With Jobs, SPIN magazine, Slashdot,, Game Informer magazine, User Friendly, and even Tommy Tallarico’s personal website.
  • Several interviews with djpretzel, the VGDJ crew, and other talented remixers have also been published.
  • Even some real life game music composers have submitted remixes to the site! (Jeremy Soule and The Fat Man)
other websites inspired by ocr
Other Websites Inspired by OCR
  • Anime Remix ( is a website dedicated to the appreciation and reinterpretation of anime and cartoon soundtracks, and is run in much the same way as OCR.
  • Remix ThaSauce ( was founded as an alternative to the somewhat higher standards of OCR, and features many of the same musicians.
  • OverLooked ReMix ( spawned as a parody site of OCR- a place where musicians can submit “joke” remixes for others to enjoy. <------- Get ready for a medley!
gran turismo toyota disco
Gran Turismo ‘Toyota Disco’
  • “Remixer”: Liontamer
  • Genre: OverLooked ReMix
  • System: Playstation
  • Original Composers: Isamu Ohira and Masahiro Andoh
castlevania juese belmont
Castlevania ‘Juese Belmont’
  • “Remixer”: Disk Mastah Smokabitch (a.k.a. Shael Riley)
  • Genre: OverLooked ReMix
  • System: NES
  • Original Composer: Club Kukeiha
final fantasy 7 one winged hut
Final Fantasy 7 ‘One Winged Hut’
  • “Remixer”: wvlfpvp
  • Genre: OverLooked ReMix
  • System: Playstation
  • Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

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