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Copy Write. Duties.

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  • There are various general responsibilities a copywriter must undertake on a daily basis. The copywriter is responsible for meeting with clients, determining their specific needs with regard to the sale of their product and write advertising copy for the company in adherence with their goals. The copywriter is responsible for portraying exactly what the company is hoping to relay to the public through the advertising copy.

  • Determine the needs of a company with regard to product promotions.

  • The copywriter must also perform research related to the product which they will be copywriting material for as they will need to know exactly what type of message should be portrayed.

  • The copywriter is also responsible for creating the final product which will be used to promote goods or services offered by the company.

  • A copywriter is also responsible for preparing sales letters and articles relating to their job as a copywriter or the product which they are promoting.

  • One who is a copywriter will develop product names and slogans for new products as well as ones which have been on the market for a while.

  • A copywriter must also prepare and give speeches regarding the products which they are working on.


  • A copy writer can have little to no formal education. Copy write is an occupation that can be taught by online courses or paid short course materials. However, in the job market, companies do not typically hire a copy writer (this job in particular) without a bachelors or even masters in English or similar.

Abilities personal qualities
Abilities & Personal Qualities

  • All copywriters should possess a sense of creativity. A creative nature is crucial to adequately performing one’s job responsibilities as a copywriter. Since it is up to the copywriter to develop slogans and product names, that individual must be a creative sort.

  • Another positive trait copywriters should possess is good interviewing skills. In order to best complete their job duties, a copywriter must interview the general public to get a feel for what the product stands for and how they should proceed with product campaigns. If a copywriter is able to relate well to the general public, it will make their job much easier and they will uncover the best answers from the crowds. If they can adequately portray their questions, the general public will be better able to provide them with the answers that they are seeking.

  • Copywriters should also be thorough in nature. They should cover all options and pursue all necessary avenues in order to produce the best product name or slogan that they can. Copywriters who are thorough are ones who can come up with the best ideas.

  • One who is a copywriter must also be a good public speaker Some may think that copywriters just have to sit in their office and develop catchy slogans and phrases but this is not the case. A copywriter must prepare and give many different types of speeches in their career field. They must explain the product name, slogan and phrases as well as deliver evidence showing that these are best suited for the product. Not only will the copywriter be speaking before the company representatives but the general public as well.

  • A copywriter should also be a good listener. They need to gather various pieces of information from the members of the public as well as company representatives. If a copywriter is not a good listener, they may actually miss the comments from these other parties and not hit the nail on the head with regard to product names and slogans. Therefore, good listening skills are a key component for those in the field of copywriting.


  • A copy writer’s salary can range anywhere from 40,000 annual to 107,000+ annual. Most junior copies make around 40k, while it could be the Creative Director (which is a typical top promotion from copy write) who makes 100k.


  • Copy writers are found all over the world. They are not always called a copy writer, however most large companies have one on-site or hire to do their promotional work.


  • A copy writer usually has a typical work week in the realm of their corporation.