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Integrated Communications proposal to Cognis Team 4 22 May, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrated Communications proposal to Cognis Team 4 22 May, 2007. Cognis | Business strategy. Market-driven innovations Corporate citizen Employee focus. Market-driven innovations Intelligent solutions Customer care Biological and biotechnical production methods . Strategy for nature

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Presentation Transcript
Cognis 7c business strategy

Integrated Communications

proposal to Cognis

Team 4

22 May, 2007

Cognis business strategy
Cognis | Business strategy

Market-driven innovations

Corporate citizen

Employee focus

  • Market-driven innovations

  • Intelligent solutions

  • Customer care

  • Biological and biotechnical production methods

    • Strategy for nature

    • Natural source ingredients

    • Renewable raw materials

    • Customer care

      • Minimising waste

      • SHEQ

    Customer care

    Employee focus

    SHEQ (Safety and Social Responsibility, Health, Environment and Quality)

    Cognis credentials
    Cognis | Credentials

    • Cognis: a ‘Worldwide supplier of innovative specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients, with a particular focus on the areas of wellness and sustainability’

    • Key values: Strategy for Nature, Market-driven Innovations, Intelligent Solutions, Customer Care, Sustainable Development

    • Cognis recognise the ‘importance of tomorrow’ and the need for CSR

    • Cognis employs 8000 people at 63 locations in 30 countries worldwide

    • Cognis’ ‘cultural principles’ include passion for customer success, team spirit, exceptional performance, personal responsibility, change, innovation and personal leadership

    Reputational attributes
    Reputational attributes

    Customer care


    Forward thinking




    Environmentally friendly



    Speciality chemicals


    Market leader



    Corporate citizen

    Intelligent solutions


    Client expectations
    Client expectations

    • Design a memorable, penetrating and consistent strategic international reputation campaign using an integrated internal and external communications approach that supports Cognis’ business strategy

    • Key publics: journalists and employees

    • Targets: Brazil, China, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, UK and USA

    • Timescale: 2 years

    • Budget: €500,000

    • The campaign should integrate marketing, public relations and internal communication channels seamlessly


    Via media, cut through to investors / analysts & customers



    Investors /



    Publics /




    Financial &








    Campaign aim
    Campaign aim

    • To positively build Cognis’ reputation amongst employees and journalists, in line with Cognis’ business strategy

    Campaign objectives
    Campaign objectives


    • To enrich the relationship between Cognis and its employees within the two-year campaign period

    • To motivate employees to buy into Cognis’ business strategy within the two-year campaign period

    • To inspire employees to develop professionally within the two-year campaign period

    Campaign objectives1
    Campaign objectives


    • To build long term relationships between Cognis and key journalists within the two-year campaign period

    • To achieve positive media coverage for Cognis throughout the two-year campaign period

    • To deliver twenty-four newsworthy stories within the two-year campaign period

    Desired global scorecard
    Desired global scorecard

    Strong Average

    Weak Unknown

    Global campaign strategy
    Global campaign strategy


    • To provide opportunities for relationship building and professional development whilst additionally connecting employees with Cognis’ core values


    • To provide opportunities for relationship building and connecting journalists with Cognis’ core values through transparency

    Current situation analysis
    Current situation | analysis

    Brazil | Budget allocation: € 41,500 / 2yrs.

    Strong reputation with community, trade journalists & suppliers

    Scorecards analysis - Reputational weaknesses

    Employees - vision & marketing orientated

    Current situation analysis1
    Current situation | analysis

    China | Budget allocation: € 83,000 / 2yrs.

    Good reputation with customers, community, investors & suppliers

    Scorecards analysis - Reputational weaknesses

    Employees - innovation & vision

    Trade & financials journalists - unknown

    Current situation analysis2
    Current situation | analysis

    France | Budget allocation: € 41,500 / 2yrs.

    Good reputation with customers, community, investors & suppliers

    Scorecards analysis - Reputational weaknesses

    Employees - vision

    Financial journalists & suppliers - communication & financially strong

    General journalists & investors - unknown

    Current situation analysis3
    Current situation | analysis

    Italy | Budget allocation: € 41,500 / 2yrs.

    Good reputation with customers

    Scorecards analysis - Reputational weaknesses

    Employees - communication & vision

    Financial & general journalists & investors - unknown

    Suppliers - financially strong

    Current situation analysis4
    Current situation | analysis

    Mexico | Budget allocation: € 41,500 / 2yrs.

    Scorecards analysis - Reputational weaknesses

    Employees - good employer, communication, strong management & vision

    Community - sustainable development

    Trade, financial & general journalists & investors - unknown

    Current situation analysis5
    Current situation | analysis

    Spain | Budget allocation: € 41,500 / 2yrs.

    Scorecards analysis - Reputational weaknesses

    Employees - market orientated, wellness, communication, financially strong & vision

    Community & trade journalists - market orientated, wellness & communication

    Suppliers - market orientated

    Current situation analysis6
    Current situation | analysis

    Thailand | Budget allocation: € 41,500 / 2yrs.


    Scorecards analysis - none

    Current situation analysis7
    Current situation | analysis

    UK | Budget allocation: € 83,000 / 2yrs.


    Scorecards analysis - none

    Current situation analysis8
    Current situation | analysis

    USA | Budget allocation: € 83,000 / 2yrs.

    Good reputation with customers & suppliers

    Scorecards analysis - Reputational weaknesses

    Employees - innovation & financially strong

    Community - innovation

    Financial & general journalists & investors - unknown

    Budget global allocation
    Budget | Global allocation

    Country Allocation Budget/2yrs. Budget/yr.

    Brazil 1/12 € 41,500 € 20,750

    China 2/12 € 83,000 € 41,500

    France 1/12 € 41,500 € 20,750

    Italy 1/12 € 41,500 € 20,750

    Mexico 1/12 € 41,500 € 20,750

    Spain 1/12 € 41,500 € 20,750

    Thailand 1/12 € 41,500 € 20,750

    UK 2/12 € 83,000 € 41,500

    USA 2/12 € 83,000 € 41,500

    Total: € 498,000 € 249,000

    Contingency: € 2,000 € 1,000

    Cognis in the uk

    Hythe plant (Southampton)

    Constructed 1959  Cognis 2003

    190+ employees



    Product development

    Sales and administration




    Graphic Arts


    Polymer Building Blocks

    Barry plant (Glamorgan)

    10+ employees






    Quality assurance laboratory

    Storage warehouse



    Cognis in the UK

    Swot uk micro


    Centralised control through product development, production and sales

    World leading producer

    Accredited Investor’s in People Organisation

    Strict regulation on health, safety, environment and quality programmes

    Strong focus on employee satisfaction

    Strong focus on CSR with regular donations made to a variety of good causes across the world

    Driver of innovation

    Concerned with finding new ways to save energy


    Company segmented with possible low market-orientation

    Cognis currently unaware of reputation in the UK with key publics (no UK scorecard)

    SWOT | UK | Micro

    Swot uk macro


    Large company, therefore potentially more influential in lobbying

    UK public increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainability, giving Cognis the opportunity to hijack issues

    Emerging markets create opportunities such as male grooming products

    Recognised as a standard setting company in terms of economic, ecological and social standards for others to follow.


    Subject to scrutiny due to the increased societal concern about the environment and safety of products

    New laws addressing concerns about chemical pollution and its affect on public health and the environment

    Trend for products containing natural ingredients and away from chemically developed products

    Stricter legislation on the transportation of dangerous goods, leading to restrictive distribution channels

    SWOT | UK | Macro

    Competitor analysis uk
    Competitor analysis | UK

    Main UK competitors (see Appendix):

    ICI, Dow, Nippon Shokubai, Uniqema (part of Croda), Degussa and Sartomer

    • Large multinational corporations with specialist knowledge within the chemical industry

    • Broad range of products, with focus on the use of environmentally friendly ingredients

    • Cover extensive markets around the world, such as the USA and Asia, where Cognis also has plants

    • All put emphasis on CSR through adding value to community relations

    • Large number of employees per company which increases the pressure on Cognis to recruit a highly-skilled workforce

    Cultural considerations uk
    Cultural considerations | UK

    • Members of an organization or society tend to feel equal therefore, it would not be a problem to organize open days and invite representatives of different positions within the company

    • Key audiences should not be invited to press events as part of large groups but be given more individual attention in order to create good business relationships

    • There is not a substantial need to have written rules and regulations, but as the UK is more future oriented, the relationship with employees, the community and journalists is essential if Cognis wish to have support in carrying out their activities

    • Monthly newsletters, a company intranet, developing relationships with regional journalists, addressing issues brought up by the community, would be beneficial to Cognis to build and maintain relationships

    • Assertive and competitive values are favoured

    Media infrastructure uk
    Media infrastructure | UK


    Free media, trade and consumer media most commonly targeted in campaigns

    National newspapers have largest readership circulations, however stories must be news worthy to get coverage in these publications


    Most households in the UK have media access

    Newswires used most commonly by public relations practitioners, both National and International coverage

    Broadcast - TV

    Regional, National and International channels

    Outreach opportunity

    Feature on television is free, however advertising is not

    Broadcast - Radio

    At least one radio pr household

    State and privately owned stations

    BBC Radio is one of the biggest media owners in the UK with nearly 33 million people listen to BBC Radio each week

    Tactics journalists uk
    Tactics | Journalists | UK

    ‘It’s not easy being green’


    • Building on Cognis’, ‘wellness and sustainability’ strategy, ‘green’ credentials and ‘citizen’ status

    • Building on green issues on the public agenda – demonstrated by reality TV programmes such as ‘It’s not easy being green’

    • Forge a relationship between Cognis and a key environmental activist group such as Greenpeace, who hold status and influence in the public arena

    • Invite Greenpeace to tour the Hythe plant with a Cognis and RAISE rep. explaining green measures from product concept, right through to sales, allowing for Q&A

    • This will generate newsworthy stories written in collaboration with Greenpeace

    • The concept places Cognis in a pioneering role, taking a lead on environmental issues in society and creating a new edge on its competitors


    • The concept is innovative, forward-thinking and shows understanding of societal interests, however it does pose some risk

    • The relationship should therefore be built on honesty, trust and transparency

    • Cognis should be prepared to act and negotiate with activists if areas for improvement arise



    Financial Mail on Sunday - Consumer

    The Economist - Consumer

    The Daily Telegraph - Consumer

    The Financial Times - Consumer

    The Guardian - Consumer

    The Independent - Consumer

    The Times - Consumer

    Financial Management - Trade & Financial

    Financial News - Trade & Financial

    Chemical and Engineering News - Trade & Financial

    Chemical Processing - Trade & Financial

    Chemical Technology - Trade & Financial

    Chemical Week - Trade & Financial

    European Chemical News - Trade & Financial

    Chemical News Intelligence - Trade & Financial

    Environmental Data Services - Trade & Financial

    BBC Focus - consumer

    New Scientist - consumer

    Scientific America - consumer

    The Ecologist - consumer

    Earth Times - consumer


    Press Association

    Cognis Intranet

    Broadcast - Radio

    BBC Radio 4

    Regional radio programmes

    • Broadcast - TV

    • Working Lunch - Consumer

    • BBC Breakfast - Consumer

    • The Money Programme - Consumer & Trade



    • No time frame, stretched over campaign

    • Could tie in with national ‘environment week’ and / or university and higher education institutions

    • Could create ‘Cognis environment week’


    • Access to Cognis representatives and plant

    • Access to Cognis community projects

    Tactics journalists uk1
    Tactics | Journalists | UK

    ‘Conception to birth – five years of product innovation’


    • Building on Cognis’, ‘innovative’, forward-thinking, market leader strategy

    • Building on Cognis’, ‘customer care’, ‘wellness and sustainability’ focused product innovation

    • Build a newsworthy story for trade and consumer press on the development of products from the conception of an idea to the birth of a product using a visually striking graphic

    • Further interest could be generated by inviting journalists to tour a Cognis UK plant to see the product lifecycle from the creation of initial concept, through to formulation, development, production and sales

    • Environmental credentials would be reiterated

    • This concept is innovative illustrates how consumer desires are fuelling product formation


    • Coincide with Cognis’ presence in the UK for 5 years in 2008


    • Access to Cognis representatives and plant

    • Access to Cognis community projects

    Tactics community uk
    Tactics | Community | UK


    • Building on Cognis’ ‘corporate citizen status’

    • Reinforcing Cognis’ community, ‘people’ and ‘Wellness’ values – living out Cognis’ credentials

    • Providing professional development opportunities for employees

    • Forges a relationship between Cognis and the surrounding communities

      Educational schemes

    • Develop schemes in local schools and universities close to Cognis’ plants - building upon successful schemes in Germany and Thailand

    • Cognis Science Week

    • Activity supports local councils efforts with the national curriculum in schools

      Community Q&A evening

    • Invite local community to a Q&A evening, allowing for feedback, socialising and relationship building

      PR Coverage

    • Organise regular columns in regional newspapers and slots on local radio stations promoting these events and initiatives

    Tactics journalists uk2
    Tactics | Journalists | UK

    Plant tours

    • Invite key journalists to tour the plants with a Cognis and RAISE rep, endorsing key values throughout the complete product life cycle and allowing for Q&A

      Press kits

    • Develop press kit resources with interactive media releases such as podcasts

    • Continued press releases on product development and CSR

    • Maintain image library

    • Use recycled or environmentally friendly produced paper and no printing where possible

      Trade shows

    • Ongoing presence at trade shows

    • Utilise latest developments and corporate social responsibility activities

    • Building relationships with key journalists

    • Entertain journalists

    Tactics employees uk
    Tactics | Employees | UK

    Monthly newsletter

    • Distributed via email and printed copies in staff areas, for those who do not have access to computers

    • Will contain company innovations, figures, personal development opportunities, employee achievements and personal congratulations

      Overseas visit

    • Staff opportunities to visit international plants to meet fellow employees

    • Exchange opportunities would increase market orientation and personal staff development

      Social activities

    • BBQ’s, social outings and residential team

      building weekends

      Cognis environment week

    • A week where employees are encouraged

      to be environmentally friendly and inhabit

      Cognis’ core values

    Budget uk
    Budget | UK

    Year One Year Two


    Tours around the plant £ 2,000 £ 2,000 

    Press kits £ 2,000 £ 2,000

    Trade shows - -


    Educational scheme £ 4,000 £ 4,000 

    Q&A evening £ 1,500 £ 1,500


    Monthly newsletter £ 2,000 £ 2,000

    Overseas visits £ 4,000 £ 4,000

    Social Activities £ 3,500 £ 3,500

    Agency Fees £ 4,500 £ 4,500

    Contingency (additional funding from global contingency) £ 100 £100

    Total £ 26,500 £ 26,500

    Swot brazil micro


    The chemical industry plays a leading role in the development of several economic activities in the country, contributing actively to nearly all production chains and industrial plants, including services and agriculture.

    The industrial chemicals sector with total sales of US $39.1 billion, accounted for 56.3% of the chemical industry’s net revenues for 2005.

    Chemical product imports achieved a record US $15.5 billion, representing 20.8% of all foreign purchases made by the country.

    SWOT | Brazil | Micro

    Swot brazil macro


    Brazil's industrial sales grew by 3% in January 2007 compared to December 2006 and by 6% compared to January 2006

    The sectors that led this performance were chemical and oil products, responsible for almost 60% of all industrial sales growth

    The favourable international scenario was the main reason that the country was able to increase sales and achieve record commercial balances.

    It is obvious, that this opportunity can only be made good by the work performed by the companies, by means of diversification of the export matrix and the opening of new markets.

    the government also acted by introducing some effective changes to legislation and attempted to encourage exporters.

    The strong growth of Brazilian chemical product imports, which nearly doubled in 10 years, is an obvious indication of the need for investments in the sector to increase capacity and build new industrial plants.


    Measured in domestic currency, the Real, the Brazilian chemical industry’s revenues decreased 3.9%

    Industrial chemicals sales in the domestic market dropped 1.6% as compared to 2004.

    The appreciation of the Real in relation to the Dollar, the high interest rates and the lack of public investments were the main factors influencing the performance of the end use chemical products segment in 2005.

    The activities of the chemical industry are being subjected to a great number of laws, decrees and rules introduced by the federal government, by the state governments and by the municipalities.

    SWOT | Brazil | Macro

    Competitor analysis brazil
    Competitor analysis | Brazil

    • Chemyunion:

      • Is a worldwide operating chemical Company located in Brazil

      • Especially concentrate on care chemicals

      • Highly biological products (Rain Forest)

      • Specializes in:

        • Respect for Nature

        • Help support local communities

    • Oxiteno:

      • Latin American (Mexico) and South American (Brazil) chemical company

      • 3 Plants in Brazil

      • Main Plant in Camaçari is Latin America's largest producer of ethylene oxide and derivatives

      • Product lines:

        • Ethylene oxide,

        • Ethylene glycols,

        • Ethanolamines,

        • Glycol ethers

    Competitor analysis brazil1
    Competitor analysis | Brazil

    • Ionquimica:

      • A rather small chemical company covering the area of South- and Latin America

      • Supply international cosmetic and pharmaceutical market

      • Product line:

        • Self-emulsifying base

        • Quaternary

        • Fatty Acid Ester

    • Clariant:

      • One of the leading leading company in this field of industry

      • Although Brazil is not its main focus, Clariant is (always) a respectable competitor

      • Has a special focus on saving the environment

      • Espesially in Brazil, Clariant´s product line concentrates on:

      • Care Chemicals

      • Nutition & Health

    Media infrastructure brazil
    Media infrastructure | Brazil

    Major Newspaper/ Magazines:

    ( - general - )

    • Diario Popular: ( R.G. do Sul

    • Jornal do Brasil: ( Rio de Janeiro

    • Nacional: ( Brasilia

    • Globo: ( Rio de Janeiro

    Major Newspaper/ Magazines:

    ( - business - )

    • Jornal da Trade: ( Sau Paulo

    • Gazeta Mercantil: ( Sau Paulo

    • Jornal do Commerico:( Rio de Janeiro

    • Valor Noticias: ( Sau Paulo

    Cognis 7c business strategy

    Local Newspapers/ Magazines:( - general / business - )

    • Jornal da Trade: ( Sao Paulo

    • Gazeta Mercantil: ( Sau Paulo

    • Diario de Sao Paulo: ( Sau Paulo

    • Imparcial ( Sau Paulo

    Cultural considerations brazil


    Population: 198 Million

    Pop./km²: 22

    Urbanisation: 82 %

    Average age: 28 years

    Religion: Christianity

    Language: Portuguese

    HD-Index: 0,832


    Gross Domestic Product: 650 Bill. US$

    GDP/ Habitant: 3500 US$

    Trade Partner: USA, EU,

    Latin America

    Economic Growth: 2,6% (2006)

    Agriculture – GDP: 8%

    Industry – GDP: 40%

    Service – GDP: 52%

    Cultural considerations | Brazil

    Swot china micro


    Fastest growing economy in the world

    Communication amongst all stakeholder groups is satisfactory

    Sustainable development initiatives are very strong

    Wellness is seen as a strategic trend


    Employees do not have a clear vision of what Cognis stands for

    Employees weak in terms of capacity for innovation

    Functional textiles

    SWOT | China | Micro

    Swot china macro


    Business culture of change and innovation

    New plant - ProEco polyol esters

    Clear market trend towards ‘condition-specific’ and lifestyle products

    2008 Olympics in Beijing, opportunity for expansion of functional textiles


    Employees do not have a clear vision

    Employees weak in terms of capacity for innovation

    Functional textiles

    SWOT | China | Macro

    Competitor analysis china
    Competitor analysis | China

    • Care Chemical:

      Croda, Rhodia

    • Functional Products:

      Rohm & Haas, Shell, Degussa

    • Nutrition & Health:

      DSM, ADM

    Media information
    Media Information

    Major Newspaper/ Magazines:

    ( - general - )

    • China Daily: ( Beijing

    • Time Asia: ( Hong Kong

    • Beijing Review: ( Beijing

    • Beijing Evening News: ( Beijing

    Major Newspaper/ Magazines:

    ( - business - )

    • Asia Week: ( Hong Kong

    • H-K Standart: ( Hong Kong

    • Finance Asia: ( Hong Kong

    • Asia Money: ( Hong Kong

    Cognis 7c business strategy

    Local Newspapers/ Magazines:( - general / business - )

    • Shanghai Daily: (

    • Shanghai Jie Fang Daily: (

    • Shanghai Star: (

    • Wen Hui Bao: (

    Cultural considerations china
    Cultural considerations | China

    • Collectivists

    • Gender roles overlap to a certain degree

    • Fairly tolerant of opinions different from what they are used to

    • Tradition lingers

    • Confucianism conducts ethic’s of behaviour

    • Mianxi- Importance of saving face

    • Li – the art of being polite and courteous

    Swot france micro


    3 productions sites – Boussens, Meaux, Pulnoy)

    Market visibility

    Strong reputation with key international customers

    Entrepreneurial culture


    Poor communication with journalists and Cognis investors or analysts

    Stakeholders don’t have a clear vision of Cognis no perspective of Cognis products and services

    Cognis France don’t have a good website, it doesn’t have any kind of information about Cognis France

    Cognis France in Meaux is listed as a company with explosion, toxic and fire risks

    SWOT | France | Micro

    Swot france macro


    Development of the Oleochemicals (bio-diesel)

    Growth of the chemical industry since 2005 (now is a good time to improve their reputation and to try to be leader in all or some of their business units)


    Possibility of Cognis being sold

    The EU environmental policy becoming harder and severer

    SWOT | France | Macro

    Competitor analysis france
    Competitor analysis | France

    Main France competitors (see Appendix):

    BYK, BASF, ADM, Gattefossé, Degussa, Seppic

    • Large multinational corporations producing: coatings, inks, plasticis, styreinics products.

    • Competition also in the agricultural, nutrition and biotech area.

    • Focus on sustainability and quality assurance

    • Most of the competitors already have an ISO certification

    • All put emphasis on CSR through adding value to community relations

    Media information france
    Media information | France

    Major Newspaper/ Magazines

    ( - general - )

    • Courrier Internat.: ( Paris

    • L´Humanite: ( Paris

    • Le Figaro: ( Paris

    • Le Monde: ( Paris

    • Liberation: ( Paris

    Major Newspaper/ Magazines

    ( - business - )

    • Investir: ( Paris

    • La Tribune: ( Paris

    • Le Revenue: ( Paris

    • Les Echos: ( Paris

    Media information france1
    Media information | France


    • Computer / 1000 Inhabitants: 400

    • Internet-Users: 26 Million

    • Internet-Users / 1000 Inhabitants: 430

    • Illiterate-rate: 1,1%

    • Press-Freedom-Index: Rang 19 of 196

      (Source: ReportersWithoutBorders)

    Cultural considerations france
    Cultural considerations | France

    • France has a population of approximately 58 million people. Approximately 4.5 million of these are foreigners from other European countries or former communist countries

    • France is the largest west European country

    • 80% of French citizens are roman catholic and there is a low tolerance for ambiguity

    • French is the official language in France, but most individuals speak English during business activities

    • The government of France is a semi-presidential system, based on the French Constitution of the fifth Republic, in which the nation declares itself to be "an indivisible, secular, democratic, and social Republic“

    • France is a highly rule-oriented society – which includes laws, rules, regulations, and controls in order to reduce the amount of uncertainty within the population

    • France is an individualist country (70%) – it’s expected that everyone looks after him/herself and his/her family

    • France it‘s mostly a masculine society (40%) since assertive and competitive values are infused mostly to men

    Cultural considerations france1
    Cultural considerations | France

    • France has a high level of uncertainty avoidance (80%) – France’s strict laws and rules focus on safety and security measures, and believe in the absolute Truth. Much is done to minimize uncertainty.

    • The education system is almost free of charge from the primary school through the Ph.D. level for French citizens

    • France is a highly stratified society, with strong definition and competition between classes. There is also a great respect for privacy

    • The French are extremely proud of their heritage

    • They love “the art of conversation”, and eye contact is frequent and intense. Theyfrequently interrupt each other

    • The French are very conscientious of their appearance as they, men and women, dress in a conservative way, and invest in well-tailored clothing

    Tactics france
    Tactics | France

    Internal publics – employees

    Monthly lunches between the Director of Cognis France and the


    • A group of 5 employees from each Business Unit should be selected and organise on a schedule:

      • Monday – Care Chemicals

      • Tuesday – Nutrition & Health

      • Wednesday – Functional Product

      • Thursday – Process Chemicals

      • Friday – Oleo-chemicals

    • During these meals Cognis management will be able to have informal conversations with employees and show real interest in what they have to say, developing and, in long term, maintaining a good relationship based on trust

    Tactics france1
    Tactics | France

    Internal publics – employees

    Rewarding the employees

    • An employee of the months scheme should be implemented. Where employees are rewarded for their level of productivity. One employee should be selected from each Business Unit per month.

    • This will encourage the competitive side of the employees and motivate them to work harder. To give this action even more prominence the winner should appear in the Cognis newsletter and talk about their role at the company and who they are.

    • The reward can be monetary but also a discount in some restaurant, store or cinema. The reward can also change every month to keep employees interested and motivated.

    Tactics france2
    Tactics | France

    Internal publics – employees

    Take advantage of the employee’s skills

    • In France employees are very creative and they are easy to motivate, as they enjoy participating and come up with new ideas.

    • A “suggestion box” for the employees should therefore be put up to allow employees to voice their suggestions as to areas where Cognis can improve or venture into

    • A monitoring system should be put in place to ensure that the suggestions are actually being looked through and considered

    Tactics france3
    Tactics | France

    External publics – Communities – Schools

    Cognis visits your school

    • A representative of Cognis can go to the schools (primary basic and high schools) and give a class about chemistry and “How they are important and fun”. They can talk about the role of chemistry in our life, and how they affect our daily lives

    • A thematic week should be implemented where during each day of a certain week every year, specialists from Cognis visit schools and talk about each business unit. (Monday – care chemicals; Tuesday – nutrition and health; Wednesday – functional products; and so on). This can be a tactic for University students due to the complexity and extent of it. At the end of the week a small dossier containing essential information about all themes should be given to the University so it can make the information available to all the students

    Tactics france4
    Tactics | France

    External publics – Communities – Schools

    Cognis trainees

    • Cognis can offer training periods to University students

      Learn more about Chemistries

    • Students at secondary and high school could do a tour to the local Cognis plant to see “How the chemical industry works”. They can have the opportunity of accessing some private zones of Cognis and they can be invited to try to do some small tasks. The tour could be arranged through the registration of the school in the “learn more about Chemistries” program of Cognis

      Put your brains to work!

    • Cognis can sponsor science fairs in high schools and provide instruments and materials to support the poorest schools in their local area. They can also arrange competitions and give prices to the winner ( for example give away a computer).

    Tactics france5
    Tactics | France

    External publics – general and trade journalists

    Press tour

    • Organising Press Tours is important to show journalists how Cognis but focus on being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    • At the end of the press tour journalists should be given a buffet and also a press kit, to each journalist, with important information about Cognis

    Cognis 7c business strategy


    Production of Oleochemicals

    Use of modern technologies and no possibilities of accidents (not enough dangerous material)

    Corporate social responsibility

    Cognis Italia (and the whole Cognis) participates in the Responsible Care program

    Cognis Italia is member of Federchimica, an Italian chemical trade union= more guardianship for law respect, for workers respect and environment safeguard


    Few and inefficient internal communication

    Lack of communication with press and the community

    No specific web site for Cognis Italia no translations, considering that really few Italians can speak proper English= no communication with general public.

    High costs of Oleochemicals

    1981 accident in the Italian plant

    The Italian plant is listed in the European list “EPER: European Pollutant Emission Register”

    The Italian plant listed in the “industries which can cause relevant accidents list”

    Swot italy macro
    SWOT | Italy | Macro


    • Become leader in the oleochemicals market and in the market of health care

    • Build sponsor partnership (ex: logo licensing)

    • Opportunity to involve the whole village where the plant is based, in some open days or events (events presenting the products where Cognis outputs are)

    • Create a link with a Cognis Italy web page from the village (Fino Mornasco) web site


    • Environmental policy of EU might be more severe in the future and that they will have problems to cope with this

    • Possible pressure of environmentalist groups

    • Memories of the incident in 1981

    • Competitors (but this is also general)

    Competitor analysis italy
    Competitor analysis | Italy

    Main Italy competitors (see Appendix):

    Sasol, Zschimmers & Schwarz, BASF, Huntsman, Degussa, Croda/Uniquema, Rhodia

    • Stronger competitiveness with Sasol because of their coal-to-liquid and gas-to-liquid technology

    • Most of the competitors already have an ISO certification and they are always improving their research and technology service. In particular Huntsman got an certification of excellence

    • Focus on CSR and activities of solidarity and philanthropy

    • Companies as Degussa also might have a strongest impact on public opinion because of more external activities like promoted projects and compilation of educational material, as well as its carrying of a Degussa Foundation to promote science.

    • To investors and trade journalists, Degussa provides more on line documents on shares, bond rating, remuneration of Board and Ad hoc announcement.

    • Competitors’ websites have a fastest and immediate access to news, events, newsletters and corporate documents

    Media infrastructure italy
    Media Infrastructure | Italy


    • The TV system is both private and public: 3 public channels 3 (+1) important private channels (Mediaset ), many local channels (not important).

    • Press is private, some groups own more than one newspaper and weekly publication.


  • In Italy there's a code of self-regulation of the Internet, which takes in consideration also the Green Paper on the Protection of Minors and Human Dignity in Audiovisual and Information Services (16 October 1996). the code states, among other norms, that content of web sites has to:

    • Refuse of any form of discrimination linked to different race, religion, ethnic group, gender and ideas

    • Respect public order and social security

  • Media infrastructure italy1
    Media Infrastructure | Italy


    • The costs of advertising on TV and press are really high and with our budget we can’t afford them

      • advertising on a local newspaper costs about 5.000 €, on a national one is about 25.000 €

  • However there is also a wide choice of specialized press, that can be useful to reach a niche public (suppliers, customers) whose costs per page can be less than 3000 €

  • Media infrastructure italy2
    Media Infrastructure | Italy

    Media range

    • About 25% of Italians use the Internet, including those who use the internet occasionally

    • It is reasonable to believe that over 30% of families have Internet access

    • The situation has changed compared to three or four years ago, when internet use was more concentrated in the North-West. Differences are decreasing. There are still substantial differences by age: the traditionally strongest segment (age 25-45) now is about half of the total (but larger in the case of “frequent users” and of people online at work.)  Older people online have changed from almost zero to a small percentage.

    • Advertising on Internet does not have a fixed cost but depends on the size of advertising banners and amount of “hit’s” on the web site

    Cultural considerations italy
    Cultural considerations | Italy

    Gender roles

    • Italian society conceives assertivity and competitiveness as items to describe “male attitude”. Women are supposed to have different characteristics which, in a male - oriented society as the Italian one, determine a slightly different evaluation between the two genders. Especially from the point of view of employment

      Individual Society

    • Belonging to a group in Italy means that the individual looks after him/herself and his/her immediate family

    • There is not a cohesive group like extended families

    • In Italy people think about themselves as individuals and not as part of integrated groups

    Cultural considerations italy1
    Cultural considerations | Italy

    Apperance and Behaviour

    • Fashion design is Italy’s trademark. Therefore, in the business world, good clothes and apparance are signs of success

    • Power and wealth grows faster inside industrial family groups, widening the gap between the rich and poor

      Power of Policy System:

    • Most of general media are under political influence. As a consequence, in Italy information is censured

    • Another influence is exerted by the Catholic Church though Italy has no official religion

    • The majority of Italian citizens are Roman Catholics and the Pope speak every week to address both politicians and the media

    Tactics italy
    Tactics | Italy

    As Cognis Italy have a good relationship with customers and suppliers more effort should be concentrated on communicating mainly to the community as well as Cognis employees and the press.

    To do so, Italy should:

    • Improve the web site and the e – communication with these key goups

    • Arrange an open day for Cognis employees and for the local community.

    • Arrange an exhibition on the history of Cognis which should last for one-month.

    • Implement educational activities in elementary and secondary school’s and arrange drawing competitions to explain risks and benefits of chemical products

    • Organise a press tour

    • Advertise

    Tactics italy1
    Tactics | Italy

    The website

    The Italian web site should be improved by adding more information about

    The company. There should also be a direct link to the new Italian press

    area and to the new private area where investors and employees can find

    customised information intended for them.

    Tactics italy2
    Tactics | Italy


    • The event aims to Bring together Cognis and the community and to attract the attention of local general journalists.

    • For this reason the opening day will see a speech of the mayor of Fiano Mornasco and the Italian CEO of Cognis and the opening on an exhibition of the Fiano Mornasco Plant

      • Italian plant was founded in 1926, Cognis and Fino Mornasco village has come a long way together, this is what we want to highlight: Cognis is a Fino Mornasco citizen, who acts positively and care about the community and the environment

      • Throughout its existence the plant has followed village life and has been a companion in the path of progress, dynamism and respectful development, all the values Cognis stands for

    Tactics italy3
    Tactics | Italy

    • The exhibition will last one month, open just during weekends

    • Invitation to the press will be sent either to the local and national and to trade publications It will take place on a FridayAt the end of the press conference, during the vision of the exhibition, wine and little buffet are served. Moreover a brochure about plant and history will be dissipated for free

    • Also all employees’ families are going to receive an invitation to visit the exhibition

    Tactics italy4
    Tactics | Italy


    • The aim of this activity is to link Cognis with the community. School is a very important socialization place, where not only children, but all families meet, discuss, and where social active citizenship must be developed

    • We want Cognis to be an active citizen! Thinking about the slogan of our campaign, “Cognis Care”, we must care about where we operate and about future, in this case represented by children

    • By involving schools we want to make community aware of our presence, which wants to be positive, careful and educative, a mirror of the slogan “Cognis Care”

    Tactics italy5
    Tactics | Italy

    • Target schools: primary and secondary schools in Fino Mornasco and neighbourhoods. six in total (2 + 4)

    • A day in every school will be dedicated to chemistry and environment, teachers will be experts from Cognis: the goal is to make the young auditorium aware of the positive potential chemistry has for our lives and how important is for chemical industries and for every single citizen to behave properly towards environment and to earth safe guard

    • There will be a competition between the 2 primary schools, each divided up in 5 teams on the basis of age, and the 4 secondary schools for the best drawing that represents the idea of “world care”. The 9 winners will win a tour to the Cognis plant with a little party at the end

    • The “guide” for the tour will be chosen within the communication department

    • The “teachers” are the 4 chiefs of the 4 Italian department: Care chemicals, Nutrition & Health, Process chemicals, Functional products or their assistants

    Tactics italy6
    Tactics | Italy


    A press tour will be organised at the Fiano Mornasco plant as the final event for the new reputation campain of Cognis.After months of sending press releases and follow- ups, the press tour allows a selection of journalists the exclusivity of being invited to the plant and learn more about Cognis products

    Journalists to invite:

    • According to the scorecards, we have no data about trade and general journalist’s perception of Cognis and information to trade journalists has gaps in some areas

    • As Cognis mostly works in B2B, target journalists will be working for trade and financial publications. Local journalists will also be given particular attention as they are a vital link between Cognis and the local environment and local Government by covering environmental issues and current events

    Tactics italy7
    Tactics | Italy


    As the press tour is an exclusive event, invitation will be done by telephone following these steps

    • Make a short-list of the 20 most influentual trade/financial/general journalists or Chief Editors that Cognis would like to have a good relationship and open communication with

    • Call the first 10 names on the list and explain the reason for the press tour. Further underline the exclusivity of the event and the all-inclusive day they would be treated to if they accept the invitation

    • No invitation must be sent before their acceptance

    • Journalists should be given 4 weeks to respond before Cognis contact the next journalists on the short list

      The press tour should host a maximum of 12 journalists as this reinforces

      the exlusivity and mean they are more inclined to accept the invitation

    Tactics italy8
    Tactics | Italy


    Journalists will be picked up at their hotel in Como.

    The press day will consist of:

    • Press conference where Cognis present and explain the activity of the company and of the local plant.

    • Journalists will then be given a tour to some areas of the plant and shown how Cognis work and what the company does to protect its employees and the environment.

    • The journalists will then be served lunch

    • A 2 hour guided tour in Como will then take place to act as an incentive

      Results in the media coverage will then be monitored by the PR department over

      the following months

    Tactics italy9
    Tactics | Italy


    • In local newspapers to promote the open days

    • In trade magazines

    Budget italy
    Budget | Italy

    Web site: 3000 €

    Open day:

    • Frame for the photos: 25€x100= 2500€

    • Photos development (in a bigger size): 8€x100= 800€

    • Food for opening day buffet: 3500€

    • Press kit for press conference (with brochure about the exhibition and history of the plant, too): x 20 journalists: 450

    • Brochure and flyers: 1500€

    • posters: 800€

    • People responsible for opening the exhibition (8 times during the month- Saturday and Sunday- 2 people per day- opening hours: 10 am- 6 pm): tot 1600€

    • Invitation letters for the employees families: x 200: 400€

    • E – invitation to journalists : 0 €

      TOT: 11.550€

      School day

    • Cost for advertising the competition: 500 €

    • Didactic material (for experiments, photos about environmental care): 3300€

      Cognis expert will be paid as normal salary day

    • Winners plant tour

    • transport till the plant: 700€

    • food and drink for the party: 700€

    • “guide” will be paid as normal salary day

      TOT: 5.200€

  • Budget for the 2° edition of the edition : 5800 €

  • Budget italy1
    Budget | Italy

    Press tour

    • Paper invitation: 5€ x 12 = 60 €

    • Hotel accommodation: 100 € x 12 = 1200

    • Train re-imbursement: 1800 €

    • High way re-imbursement: 500 €

    • Taxi re-imbursement (station - hotel) = 150 €

    • Van rental= 150 €

    • Press kits = 240 €

    • Lunch = 35 € x 12 (+ 3 managers) = 525

    • Guided tour = 300

      TOT: 5525 €

      Advertising 10000 €

    Swot mexico micro


    Petroleum is high in natural resource

    4.5% (2006 est.) GDP growth rate

    Low labor wage rates (Sourcing)

    Mexico has a free market economy that recently entered the trillion dollar class


    Scarcity of hazardous waste disposal facilities

    Natural fresh water resources scarce and polluted in north, inaccessible and poor quality in center and extreme southeast.

    Moderate to high political risk

    SWOT | Mexico | Micro

    Swot mexico micro1


    Recent administrations have expanded competition in seaports, railroads, telecommunications, electricity generation, natural gas distribution, and airports

    Mexico has a low Individualism, thus society is collectivist

    Mexico oil production {3.42 million bbl/day (2005 est.)} vs. oil consumption {1.97 million bbl/day (2004 est.)}


    Croda Mexico operates from offices and warehouse in Tlalnepantia, a major industrial area of Mexico City. Their strategic sales and distribution centre are often referred to as the gateway to Latin America for Oleochemicals

    The Aditya Birla Group commenced its operations in Malaysia in 1978 under its Malaysian flagship PAN CENTURY EDIBLE OILS SDN BHD. Today this is possible the largest palm oil refinery in the world at a single location with an annual capacity of more than 1 million tons of refined palm oil and palm oil products. They currently export to Mexico

    SWOT | Mexico | Micro

    Competitor analysis mexico
    Competitor analysis | Mexico

    Main Mexico competitors (see Appendix)

    Clariant, Stepan, Cytec, Croda/Uniquema, UCB, Oxiteno

    • Multinational and Latin American – based competitors on all main Cognis sectors such as Textile, Leather andPaper Chemical, Pigments & Additivs (for e.g. varnishs, plastics), Sulfates and Sulfonates.

    • The proximity with the American market and the money exchange rate facilitates business agreement between Mexican chemical companies and North America

    Media information mexico
    Media Information | Mexico

    Major Newspapers/magazines (general)

    • Cronica de Hoy ( Mexico City

    • El Norte: ( Monterrey

    • Proceso: ( Mexico City

    • Reforma: ( Mexico City

    • Siempre: ( Mexico City

    Major Newspapers/magazines (Business)

    • Economista: ( Mexico City

    • El Financiero: ( Mexico City

    • Expansión: ( Mexico City

    • Mexico Business (…) Mexico City

    • Mundo Ejecutivo (…) Mexico City

    Media information mexico1


    Computer/1000 Inhabitants: 121

    Internet-Users: 21 Million

    Internet-Users/1000 Inhabitants: 192

    Illiterate-rate: 7%

    Press-Freedom-Index: 96 of 196


    Population: 108 Million

    Pop./km²: 54

    Urbanisation: 74 %

    Average age: 25 years

    Religion: Christianity (esp.: Catholics)

    Language: Spanish

    HD-Index: 0,821

    Media Information | Mexico


    • Gross Domestic Product: 840 Bill. US-$

    • GDP/ Habitant: 8066 US-$

    • Trade Partner: USA, China, Japan

    • Economic Growth: 4,7% (2006)

    • Agiculture – GDP: 4%

    • Industry – GDP: 27%

    • Service – GDP: 69%

    Cultural considerations mexico
    Cultural considerations | Mexico

    Culture (Source: Geert Hofstede)

    • Power-Distance-Index – Resepect toward authorities

      Mexico: 76% (Latin Amerika: 64% - Worldwide: 53% )

    • Individualism-Index – Individualistic vs. Collectivist

      Mexico: 26% (Latin Amerika: 17% - Worldwide: 40%)

    • Masculinity-Index – Rate of masculin values

      Mexico: 64% (EU: 43% - Worldwide: 48%)

    • Uncertainty-Avoidance-Idx. – Readiness to assume risk

      Mexico: 78% (EU: 79% - Worldwide: 61%)

    Swot spain micro


    Many publications dedicated to the chemicals industry, good trade press coverage opportunities


    Many activities for staff such as competitions and an internal magazine sent to employees homes three times per annum

    Communications channels between the organisation and staff can be exhausted in the future


    Non existing relationship between the media and Cognis

    Weak relationship between departments

    Intranet not available for employees

    No existing communication strategy designed to target employees

    SWOT | Spain | Micro

    Swot spain


    Cognis could build a strong reputation towards its customers to enhance stakeholder value

    Cognis might use the good reputation toward the suppliers to attract journalists and investors interests as well


    Environmentalists concerned with chemicals and issues surrounding them

    Cognis Spain is about to loose entire reputation with employees

    Lack of communication with communities and journalists

    SWOT | Spain |

    Competitor analysis spain
    Competitor analysis | Spain

    Main Spain competitors (see Appendix)

    BASF, Solvey, Cytec, Uniquema, Dupont

    • Large multinational corporations with specialist knowledge within the chemical industry

    • Broad range of products

    • Corporate value well known amongst stakeholders

    • In BASF there is a clear focus on “Business excellence” [innovation and sustaintibility]

    Media information spain
    Media Information | Spain

    Internal publics: Employees

    • Written tools: Newsletter, Magazine, Internal correspondence, performance appraisal document, Brochures, pay pack enclosures.

    • Oral tools: meetings, team addresses, face to face meetings and manager to staff communications

    • Electronic media: e-mail (just for the ones in the offices)

    • In house: bill posts

    Media information spain1
    Media Information | Spain

    External publics: journalists

    • Printed and on-line media:

      • Business specialized: Expansión, El Economista,, 5 Días.

      • Chemistry & Science: CTIC-MOLA,, fomenweb, Revista Trabajo, Federación Catalana del sector químico, Revista del sector químico.farmacéutico.

    • Goverment: Revista de Medioambiente de la conserjería, Revista INSHT

    • Universities: Revista UPC

      External publics: community

    • Printed media:

      • Local press: Butlletí Sant Andreu Diari Sant Andreu

    • Local radio:

      • Ràdio Sant Andreu de la Barca

      • Ràdio Studi 92 Castellbisbal

      • Ràdio Pallejà

    Cultural considerations spain
    Cultural considerations | Spain

    • Cognis is located in Castellbisbal (Catalonia). Catalonia is quite different to Spain

    • In Catalonia people speak 2 languages Catalan and Spanish = for community tactics we have to use this two languages

    • The Spanish population has grown to 44 million

    • The foreigners shape 8,5 per cent of the resident population in Spain: 3.730.610 persons. Spain is the principal country of foreigners reception in the EU

    • The Spanish people are worried about industrial growth and pollution

    • The Spanish chemical industry invests an average of 142.625.058€ in environmental protection

    Tactics spain
    Tactics | Spain

    Internal publics: employees

    • Family:

      Science classes for the children of the employees. There, some specialist will teach them what their parents are working for and which are the results of their production. That way the family can understand where can they find all they job in real life

    • Employees: Community breakfast

      Every two months the company will organize a breakfast for the employees where each time two departments explain to their colleagues about current projects

      The Objective is to create a fluent communication between departments and to increase the feeling of being part of a growing and responsible company

    • Employees: Global meeting and journey schedule

      A schedule should be developed outlining all social gatherings and meetings programmed for the current year. It is important that employees take part in these and have a forum to raise issues and make suggestions.

    Tactics spain1
    Tactics | Spain

    External publics: Journalists

    • Press release:

      Create a document where all important information regarding Cognis and the sector in which the company operates is included

    • Journey into the world of chemicals:

      We organize for all the opinion leaders of the sector to talk about one special subject which changes every year. We will also invite our competitors to take part in the event with the objective of improving the collaboration with other producers.

    Tactics spain2
    Tactics | Spain

    External publics: Community

    • Schools:

      We will adapt the global Cognis school campaign to the Spanish community

    • Invention competition:

      It is mainly targeted to the children of the surrounding area of our company. They will be ask to present an invention related to our business

      There will be a price: a reward for the school where that child studies and the children will receive a chemistry game and the possibility of visiting Cognis and to assist on the science and chemistry journeys

    • Forum: Every two months Cognis should have an open forum where the community is allowed to raise any issues

    Budget spain
    Budget – Spain

    • Tactics for the employees

    • Family Specialist salary 300€ x 5 people 1.500 €

    • Food & drink for 400 people 2.000 €

    • Material for the children 2.000 €

    • TOTAL 5.500 €

    • Breakfast Food & drink for 400 people 2.000 €

    • Parties Food & drink 600 people 12.000 €

    • other needed materials 2.000 €

    • TOTAL 14.000 €

    • Tactics for the journalists

    • Press materials copies 200 copies x 2€ 400 €

    • Chemical journeys speakers (20x 500€) 10.000 €

    • material assitents 250 x 5€ 1.250 €

    • hotels for speakers 100€ x 3 x 10 3.000 €

    • Food & drink 250 x 5€ 1.250 €

    • TOTAL 15.900 €

    • Tatics for the community

    • Schools from de general budjet

    • Inventorscontest event 2.000 €

    • reward for the schools 1.000 €

    • chemistry game 150 €

    • TOTAL 3.150 €

    • Forum water 100 €

    Swot thailand micro


    Bangkok is the major production cite of care chemicals

    Chonburi is second production centre (functional products)

    Good technical laboratory infrastructures, all which match the international quality standards

    Cognis Thailand won the “Best Labour Welfare Workplace Award”, granted by the Thai Ministry of Labour


    Strong restrictions on factory operations in Thailand

    Many government legislations on communicating the dangers of chemicals

    SWOT | Thailand | Micro

    Swot thailand macro


    Thailand takes an active interest and commitment into chemical safety

    Cognis´ can establish a strong position in this region


    Concentrated market place for chemical production companies

    This region is about to get established by global chemical players

    SWOT | Thailand | Macro

    Competitor analysis thailand
    Competitor analysis | Thailand

    Local competitors of Cognis in Thailand:

    • Care Chemicals:

      Croda, Rhodia

    • Functional Products:

      Rohm & Haas, Shell, Degussa

    • Nutrition & Health:

      DSM, ADM

    Media information thailand
    Media Information | Thailand


    • Six terrestrial TV stations which covers the whole of country

    • Television most popular medium in Thailand, 80% rely on TV as their primary source of news

    • All television channels bar one are heavily controlled by either the government or the Royal Thai Army

    • The cable of Satellite Broadcasting Association estimates that the cable channels are consumed by 1.1 million subscribers


    • 204 AM stations, 334 FM stations which are mostly all regulated by the government

    • Recently many radio stations have been shut down however for causing offence by the government


    • Are not subject to close government supervision, mass circulation dailies cover political and business news predominantly

    • Newspaper circulation figures likely to be exaggerated

    • Many local newspapers with strong international links with news organisations


    • Most free media in the country, although still checked by the government

      Thai media heavily controlled by the government

    Cultural considerations thailand


    Population: 65 Million

    Pop./km²: 125

    Urbanisation: 29 %

    Average age: 32 years

    Religion: Buddhism

    Language: Thai, English

    HD-Index: 0,862


    Gross Domestic Product: 193 Bill. US-$

    GDP/ Habitant: 290 US-$

    Trade Partner: China, EU, USA

    Economic Growth. 3,6% (2006)

    Agiculture – GDP: 9%

    Industry – GDP: 44%

    Service – GDP: 47%

    Cultural considerations | Thailand

    Budget thailand
    Budget – Thailand

    • Tactics for the employees

    • Family Specialist salary 300€ x 5 people 1.500 €

    • Food & drink for 400 people 2.000 €

    • Material for the children 2.000 €

    • TOTAL 5.500 €

    • Breakfast Food & drink for 400 people 2.000 €

    • Parties Food & drink 600 people 12.000 €

    • other needed materials 2.000 €

    • TOTAL 14.000 €

    • Tactics for the journalists

    • Press materials copies 200 copies x 2€ 400 €

    • Chemical journeys speakers (20x 500€) 10.000 €

    • material assitents 250 x 5€ 1.250 €

    • hotels for speakers 100€ x 3 x 10 3.000 €

    • Food & drink 250 x 5€ 1.250 €

    • TOTAL 15.900 €

    • Tatics for the community

    • Schools from de general budjet

    • Inventors contest event 2.000 €

    • reward for the schools 1.000 €

    • chemistry game 150 €

    • TOTAL 3.150 €

    • Forum water 100 €

    Swot usa micro


    Nutritional ad campaigns have gained exposure in popular trade publications in North America.

    The QTA(R) system for quick analysis of trans fatty acids in oils, shortenings and fats is in place in the U.S. This FT Infrared system provides a trans fatty acid profile within minutes.

    In 2005 Cognis launched a business strategy with a range of ingredients designed to improve both functionality and nutritional value

    Recent multi-million dollar upgrade of Cincinnati facility provides better efficiency and additional capacity. This will secure the USA’s place in the supply chain of the synthetic lubricants and agricultural markets.


    Europe quicker to accept functional foods into their diet. The U.S. is more concentrated on supplementing their current diet. Cognis’ approach to healthy eating is focused on chemically altering foods to be healthier, rather than supplements added to current diet.

    $25 million investment made for a plant in Germany to provide sterol esthers (Xangold). The USA Food and Drug Administration denied a petition for qualified health claim for lutein esthers (i.e. As of now, Cognis cannot sell this product in the USA).

    Focus is only on manufacturing, while consumers focus on other aspects such as branding, e-commerce, etc.

    Website is hard to follow/understand for constituents. There is little too no information on Cognis USA

    Only two Cognis communication professionals for the USA

    SWOT | USA | Micro

    Swot usa macro


    Opportunity to respond to the growing customer interest in healthy eating and meet the rising demand for functional foods and dietary supplements.

    According to Euromonitor, the U.S. Functional and Fortified Foods Market was worth $5215.8 billion in 2004 and is set to grow 33% in the next 5 years to $692.5 billion in 2009.

    The youth of the company in the USA is an opportunity to expand and establish itself as a new innovator in the market.

    Needs a better report with the Food and Drug Administration.

    Cognis needs to demonstrate to clients and consumers that they do not need to compromise taste to achieve nutrition.

    Get involved with the community and publicize it. Americans take notice of corporations that help people and/or do non-profit work.


    Cognis has very similar ideas to its competitors (look at ADM for the Health and Nutrition).

    P&G has a great philanthropy program.

    Some competitors in the USA have a much bigger name and more branding (Exxon, P&G, Shell, etc.)

    SWOT | USA | Macro

    Competitor analysis usa
    Competitor analysis | USA

    • 1. ADM – Archer Daniels Midland Company:

    • One of the largest chemical industries in the field of Nutrition & Health in the USA

    • Important competitor of Cognis

    • Headquarter in Minneapolis

    • Worldwide about 25,000 employers/ 35 Mill $ Revenue

    • TV-advertising

    • Is heavily subsidised by US-Government

    • 2. Croda:

    • One of Cognis Competitors in the field of Care Chemicals

    • Slogan: „Innovation you can build on“

    • Special focus on:

      • Skincare

      • Haircare

    • Is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index

    Competitor analysis usa1
    Competitor analysis | USA

    Main competitors in the USA (view appendix)

    ADM, Croda/Uniquema, Stepan, Cytec

    • Production is based on develop advanced technology for customers in global markets, especially in the areospace, coatings, mining and plastics area.

    • Most of the competitors have various plants in a range of countries and are closer to big business/financial centres (i.e. Croda/Uniquema)

    • They pay attention to and focus on CSR, sustainabilty and environment

    Media information usa
    Media Information | USA

    Major Newspaper/ Magazines:

    ( - general - )

    • New York Times: ( New York

    • Washington Post: ( W.D.C.

    • Washington Times: ( W.D.C.

    • Newsweek: ( W.D.C.

    • Time: ( New York

    Local Newspapers/ Magazines:( - general / business - )

    Cincinnati Enquirer ( Cincinnati

    Cincinnati Post ( Cincinnati

    Express Cincinnati: ( Cincinnati

    General tactics
    General tactics


    • When we get involved with the topic of Cognis we wanted to find out what Cognis is actually all about. Hence we visited the website in order to get some first impressions and information. Unfortunately the majority had the feeling that it is really hard to navigate on this platform and to find out neccessary information on the first view. Therefore we suggest to redesign the website for better external communication and to create a new internal platform especially to raise the reputition amongst employees

    Difficulties with current platform
    Difficulties with current platform

    • In general there is hardly any structure

    • There aren‘t any pictures directly associating Cognis with being a Chemicals company

    • The site is open ended to the ground (scrolling down) and not closed

    • It doesn‘t fill out the whole space it has available (just about the half of the width of the site)

    • News are not listed with the relevant date they were published

    • The Portfolio is listed without determining what it actually deals with

      ....and now see Cognis‘ brand new web site!!

    What s new
    What‘ s new?

    • The site looks more structured

    • There are clear pictures that determine Cognis as a chemical company

    • The site utilizes all the available space

    • There is no endless space to scroll down

    • The News have been clearly marked with their publication date

    Special employers web area
    Special Employers Web Area

    There should be a special communication platform within the homepage that especially targets the employers of Cognis

    • The content of this platform should be:

      • Every Plant is represented by its own pictures and special attitudes

      • A job posting forum

      • Chat forum for national and international employees

      • Digital version of the newsletter which is updated regularly

      • A "Knowledge Database“ similar to Wikipedia, where one can search for special terms that are relavant for Cognis and get an explanation

      • An Up/Download- platform for documents or pictures

      • A „ Holiday-forum“ for travel interexchange with other countries / employers

    The booklets
    The booklets


    • Althought the reputation campaign is focused on employees and journalists, we thought that also all the other stakeholders must be part of CognisCare

    • To attract the special interest of every singe stakeholder we suggest to create booklets to be spread among the customers. In difference to a general booklet that can be used for every stakeholder, we suggest to create special ones for every group that Cognis wants to attract

    • On the following slides you can see some ideas for a special slogan and a special design

      ......... Cognis cares about everyone


    • These logos should be the layout of the booklets.

    • The content of these booklets will be targeted according to the stakeholder

    • The integreated measure is that all logos consist of the slogan "Cognis Care“ plus a sub-heading

    Global campaign evaluation
    Global campaign evaluation

    • Monthly update on press coverage

    • After one year RAISEwill conduct quantitative research amongst target publics and create scorecards to measure progress of the campaign and ensure that objectives are being met

    • The research will also serve to benchmark Cognis against competitors

    • The reputation campaign effectiveness will finally be evaluated by RAISEat the end of the two years

    • Financial gain from the reputation campaign will be measured through sales


    Supports Cognis’ business strategy

    Forward thinking





    Environmentally friendly





    Internal and external





    Passion for the brand

    Appendix 1 campaign united kingdom
    Appendix 1 | Campaign | United Kingdom

    • Population: Over 60 million people

    • GNI: $1,480,000,000,000.00

    • Major religion: Christian

    • Language: English

      Political system

  • Democratically elected government

    Media system

  • A free media exists as long as they are not being libellous, newspapers, radio and television can say what they want. An important new development is the Internet.

  • Appendix 2 political considerations uk
    Appendix 2 | Political considerations | UK

    • The European Parliament has backed a deal on wide-ranging legislation to control the use of toxic chemicals in industry

    • REACH: Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals aims at establishing procedures to tackle some of the huge backlog of untested chemicals. It is also meant to encourage the replacement of hazardous chemicals with safer ones and to spur the chemicals sector into researching and developing more new products

    • Any chemical produced or imported in significant quantities has to be tested unless sufficient safety information already exists

    • Businesses will be able to use "substances of very high concern" only if they have authorisation from a new European Chemicals Agency. Authorisation will be granted under specific conditions, and will have to be regularly renewed, encouraging companies to seek safer alternatives

    • Polymers, a group of chemicals that includes plastics, will be exempted for now. However, monomers do have to be registered and evaluated. The exemption for polymers would be lifted if a practicable and cost-effective way of identifying dangerous ones is developed. Both polymers and monomers are produced by Cognis

    Appendix 3 cultural considerations uk
    Appendix 3 | Cultural considerations | UK

    • Members of an organization or society tend to feel equal therefore, it would not be a problem to organize open days and invite representatives of different positions within the company

    • Key audiences should not be invited to press events as part of large groups but be given more individual attention in order to create good business relationships

    • There is not a substantial need to have written rules and regulations, but as the UK is more future oriented, the relationship with employees, the community and journalists is essential if Cognis wish to have support in carrying out their activities

    • Monthly newsletters, a company intranet, developing relationships with regional journalists, addressing issues brought up by the community, would be beneficial to Cognis to build and maintain relationships

    • Assertive and competitive values are favoured

    Appendix 4 media infrastructure uk
    Appendix 4 |Media infrastructure | UK


    • Television is split into national, regional and international channels

    • Most households in the UK own more than one television

    • Advertising costs depend on the reach – expensive media

    • All channels are available on every digital platform (although not always free to view) and on analogue terrestrial

    Appendix 5 media infrastructure uk
    Appendix 5 |Media infrastructure | UK


    • Almost every single household in the UK has one or more radios

    • UK has the fourth biggest number of media owners in the world after the US, Japan and France. BBC Radio is one of the biggest media owners in the UK with nearly 33 million people listen to BBC Radio each week)

    • The UK has a mix of state and private radio channels

    • With so many media owners, there is not one big company who control everything that is broadcasted

      Ways of listening to the radio in the UK

    • Analogue Radio

    • Internet Radio: there are a number of Internet radio stations out there, and a high number of UK stations broadcast on the Internet

    • Podcasts and downloads

    • Mobile phone radio and cable radio

    Appendix 6 competitor analysis
    Appendix 6 |Competitor analysis |

    Nippon Shokubai:

    Employees 1,730

    Formed: August 21, 1941

    Operates: local production subsidiaries in the United States, Indonesia, Singapore and Belgium

    Strategic Priorities: focus on three key markets; the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

    Aim: to be ‘a global company creating new values through unique technologies’ and to promptly respond to customer requirements.

    Mission: to ‘deliver a steady stream of products providing added value as solutions for.’ Has ‘advocated a ‘technology-oriented’ trajectory’ with the focus on ‘catalyst technology’.

    Products: photo resist polymers materials for production of optical components, super absorbent polymers, builder for detergents, chemical admixture for ultra high-strength concrete, materials used in fuel cells, solar cells, and secondary batteries.

    • Strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.

    • Strive to be innovative by creating new and distinctive products

    • Work to provide individuals and society with ‘greater richness and comfort through technology.’

    Appendix 6 competitor analysis1
    Appendix 6 |Competitor analysis |


    Employees: 1000 employees and 175 years of experience in the Oleochemical industry

    Formed: 1999

    HQ: regional headquarters are located in Chicago, United States, and Klang, Malaysia

    Operates: presence in over 50 countries, with 6 manufacturing sites worldwide

    Goal: continuous product developments

    Vision: continue to make Croda the first choice supplier for manufacturers worldwide.

    Strategic priorities: acquisitions as this has strengthened their position in the market.

    Product range: high quality Oleochemicals and 650, 000 tonnes of derivatives a year. Fatty

    acids, polymerised fatty acids, triacetin and soap noodles. Naturally based speciality chemicals

    Policy statement:Uniqema will seek opportunities to develop innovative products and

    services which contribute to sustainable development, improve our quality of life and generate


    Appendix 7 competitor analysis
    Appendix 7 |Competitor analysis |


    HQ: Germany

    Operates: 28 European countries

    Goal: establish itself for the long term in the field of specialty chemicals as an international

    yardstick for portfolio quality, growth and profitability.

    Vision: committed to social corporate responsibility, continuous development and enhancing enterprise

    value. Governed by an awareness of the environment, health, safety and quality.

    Strategic priorities: the focus on less cyclical, high-yield specialty chemistry, profitable growth and

    permanent innovation. Focusing on the core specialty chemicals business with selective growth and brisk


    2005 sales: EUR 7.0 billion in Europe (EUR 3.3 billion in Germany)

    Workforce: 58% in Germany. 15% in the rest of Europe

    Products: market leader in specialty chemicals, ‘Everybody benefits from a Degussa product – every day

    and everywhere’ and the associated corporate aspirations that Degussa derives its strategic priorities.

    Appendix 8 competitor analysis
    Appendix 8 |Competitor analysis |

    Dow: Multinational corporation

    Operates: 9 plants in the UK specialising inmanufacturing, business centre and polyurethane


    Vision: advocates Responsible Care® - a voluntary industry-wide commitment to safely

    handle its chemicals from inception in the laboratory to ultimate disposal. In 1998, Dow

    established the Office of Global Ethics and Compliance to reinforce the company's long

    standing commitment to ethical business conduct

    Strategic priorities: to become the largest, most profitable, most respected chemical

    company in the world. Joint ventures play an important part in Dow’s strategy and makes up a

    significant part of its earnings

    Product range: everything from fresh water, food and pharmaceuticals to paints, packaging

    and personal care products. Products sold in 175 countries

    Appendix 9 competitor analysis
    Appendix 9 |Competitor analysis |

    Sartomer:namemeans ‘tailor made part’

    Goal: Sartomer is committed to ethical behaviour in its relationships

    Vision: undertake responsible care with L’Engagement de Progrès, a voluntary program

    undertaken by the chemical industry with the aim of continuous improvement of all of its own

    or related activities involving the use of chemical products and affecting health, safety and the


    Strategic Priorities: to accommodate the special requirements of each individual customer,

    large or small. proactively engage in a wide range of programs to protect the environment and

    maintain consistent high quality

    Product range: premier global supplier of acrylate/methacrylate monomers, oligomers,

    photoinitiators, hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene resins (HTPB), functionalized polybutadiene

    resins, styrene maleic anhydride resins and other specialty chemicals used in the following

    applications: Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Optical, Composites, Elastomers, Electronics.

    UK market classified as part of the Europe group. Strong international company.

    Appendix 10 competitor analysis
    Appendix 10 |Competitor analysis |


    • BYK-Chemie is one of the leading suppliers of coatings, inks and plastics additives, which are used in minute quantities and visibly improve the qualities of the finished products. 

    • Areas: architectural coatings, general industrial coatings, wood and furniture coatings, automotive coatings and auto refinish coatings, can and coil coatings, pigment concentrates, printing inks, PVC plastisols, polyurethane systems, closed molds, cold cure, powder paints and thermoplastics.

    • Values:Innovation that satisfy the highest demands made on quality.

    • Committed and Highly skilled personnel.

    • Responsibility for the environment:Quality assurance plays a major role here. They are inspected each year according to ISO standards and are invariably awarded the ISO 9001-2000 certificate. This accreditation under the EU eco-audit testifies to the high level at which environmental management operates at BYK-Chemie

    Appendix 11 competitor analysis
    Appendix 11 |Competitor analysis |


    • BASF is one of the leading global producers of styrenics, it produces a wide range of chemicals in integrated production plants. It’s a major supplier of agricultural products and fine chemicals to the farming, food processing, pharmaceuticals, animal and human nutrition and personal care industries. They also explores and produces crude oil and natural gas

    • extremely broad product range  It supplies an extraordinary number of different industries

    • BASF's greatest strengths: integration and networking

    • Customers for BASF products: agricultural, automotive, chemical, energy and construction industries. Important sectors also include the health, nutrition, electrical/electronics, textiles, packaging and paper industries

    • Costumer Industries: Automotive and packaging

    • Five key issues for innovation: energy management, raw material change, nanotechnology, plant biotechnology and white biotechnology

    • Values: Sustainable profitable performance (BASF receives Sustainability Award in France), innovation in the service to our customers, safety, health, environmental responsibility, intercultural competence, mutual respect and open dialogue, integrity, solidarity, philanthropy

    Appendix 12 competitor analysis
    Appendix 12 |Competitor analysis |

    ADM: real name Archer Daniels Midland Company

    • Archer Daniels Midland Company is one of the largest agricultural processors in the world. Our partnership with the farming community is vital.

    • Areas:food ingredients, animal nutrition, fuels & industrials, nutrition.

    • Mission: To unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life


    • Latin (Mexico) and South American (Brazil) chemaical-industry company

    • Two main plants in Mexico

    • Areas:

      • Ethoxylated surfacants

      • Propylene copolymer

      • Ethylene copolymers

  • Specials:

    • Ultrapar expands its operations in Mexico

    •  Raising influence in this field of industry

  • Appendix 13 competitor analysis
    Appendix 13 |Competitor analysis |


    • Gattefossé is a partner to Health and Beauty industries

    • The group develops, produces and sells raw materials designed specifically for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

    • Gattefossé is a french, independant, group.

    • Gattefossé's Research & Development: Biological extraction, Lipid chemistry and Textures and Multi-phase systems

    • Efforts are concentrated on lipidic excipients and products developed from plant tissue extraction. Plant extracts from a wide range of origins are obtained by ever more sophisticated techniques, and then assessed by constantly improved methods.

    Appendix 14 competitor analysis
    Appendix 14 |Competitor analysis |


    • For SEPPIC: “Research lies at the heart of our company”

    • They have brought our Research, Development and Marketing departments together so that their research and development is in touch with market trends. This enables them to offer tools and services able to meet rapidly changing requirements.

    • Values: quality, environment, health, safety

    • Business units:Animal Health; Biocides; Building; Cosmetic actives; Cosmetic excipients; Detergents; Drilling; Fertilizers; Glass Frosting; Human health / Actives & pharmaceutical intermediates; Human health / Excipients ; Lubricants; Nutrients; Nutrition / Natural extracts; Optical cables; Paper / Nonwoven; Plant health; Polymers & Plastics; Processing ; Surface coatings

    Appendix 15 competitor analysis
    Appendix 15 |Competitor analysis |


    • Sasol is a global player in chemicals and fuels

    • Sasol's commercial experience in coal-to-liquids and gas-to-liquids technology is increasingly being recognised and sought after worldwide.

    • Integrated quality management systems have been implemented and are updated regularly. They apply to safety, health and environmental processes as well as supply chain systems.

    • Operations are well advanced in implementing environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 requirements, and several of Sasol sites in Europe are registered under EMAS, the European Eco Management and Audit Scheme.

    • Sasol Italian plat is inscribed in the EPER (European pollutant emission register) register.

    Appendix 16 competitor analysis
    Appendix 16 |Competitor analysis |


    • Zschimmer & Schwarz has more than 20 societies around the world and more than 800 people working for it in all Europe, Asia and America.

    • Their Surface Active Agent market was born in 1931 and it developed very quickly , especially in the Zschimmer & Schwarz Italiana S.p.A., which became one of the principal company in the personal care market both in Itlay and abroad.

    • For the Zschimmer & Schwarz Italiana S.p.A. the quality of the products has always played a paramount role, regarding this the company has a quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards.

    Appendix 17 competitor analysis
    Appendix 17 |Competitor analysis |


    • The presence of Huntsman in Italy is substantial: there are 6 plants, divided up in 4 sections: Huntsamn performance products (Performance product sales in Casatenovo -LC-, Surfactant manufacturing both in Frosinone and Castiglione delle Stiviere), Huntsman pigments (Titanium dioxide manufacturing & sales in Follonica), Huntsman polyurethanes (Polyurethane manufacturing, sales, application & development in Ternate -VA-), Huntsman textile effects (in Origgio -VA-)

    • Ternate plant is the base for the polyurethane production and for the supply of technical solutions for customers, ensuring Huntsman Polyurethanes remains a leader in technical developments for Construction and Appliance applications.

    • Huntslam obtained the first ISO 9001 certification in January 1992 concerning the following activities: research, development, technical service, production and sales of polyurethane systems and chemicals of the Polyurethanes Business. In 1995, certificated with UNI EN ISO 14001 and EMAS registered in 1998

    • In 2000 Certiquality (Italian certification body) recognized the achieved results by issuing a "Certificate of Excellence", as one of the ten companies in Italy complying with "Quality Environmental and Safety Management Systems" for a number of years.

    • In 2004, the site fulfilled EMAS Registration standards according to the new EC Directive 761/2002 known as "EMAS II".

    Appendix 18 competitor analysis
    Appendix 18 |Competitor analysis |


    • It’s divided in seven enterprises: Polyamide, Acetow, Novecare, Silcea, Eco Services, Organics, Energy Services: These produce cellulose acetate fiber, polymers, surfactants, phosphorus derivatives, silica, sulphuric acid and energy

    • Focused on close relationship with customers to create high added-value innovative solutions, providing customers with best human and technological resources.

    • Rhodia is a pioneer in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

    • Media: internal search engine to find articles.

    • Investor: internet search engine and reserved area for shareholders.

    Appendix 19 competitor analysis
    Appendix 19 |Competitor analysis |


    • One of the leading industry on special chemistry

    • As Cognis a B2B Company

    • Large amount of employers (about 22.000)

    • Areas:

      • Textile, Leather and Paper Chemicals

      • Pigments & Additivs (for e.g. varnishs, plastics)

      • Functional Chemicals

      • Masterbatches

    • Specials:

      • Campaign: Having their products in everything

      • Encourage youth and offspring

      • Stock market company

    Appendix 20 competitor analysis
    Appendix 20 |Competitor analysis |


    • Comparatively small company in the industrial field of special chemicals

    • Areas:

      • Sulfates

      • Sulfonates

      • Quarternaries

      • Blends

    • Specials:

      • Close to USA (5 miles)  good market exchange

    Appendix 21 competitor analysis
    Appendix 21 |Competitor analysis


    • Medium Large Company in the industrial field of chemical and material technology (Mexico´s plant comparatively small)

    • "Technology ahead of its‘ time„

    • Areas:

      • Coatings

      • Minings

      • Plastics

      • Water treatements

    • Specials:

      • Spin-off from American Cyanamid Company

    Appendix 22 competitor analysis
    Appendix 22 |Competitor analysis


    • Medium large bio-pharmacognsy company

    • Plans for growth in Mexico

    • Areas:

      • Specialized on the main therapeutic areas as:

        • CNS

        • Respiratory

        • (Medicines to enhance the central nervous system)

    • Specials:

      • 2004 UCB aquired "Celltech“

      • Supposed to aquire "Schwarz Pharma AG“

    Appendix 23 competitor analysis
    Appendix 23 |Competitor analysis


    • Solvay is an international company, very relevant in the Spanish market.

    • Solvay operates in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Plastics.

    • Today, Solvay Group worldwide concentrates on core activities with faster growth

      in pharmaceutical and Specialties and competitive Essentials. In Spain this areas

      must grow-up

      Mission: To improve the service they provide to end customers

      Key Message:Competitiveness and innovation

      Production areas:Chemicals Industry; Detergents, Cleaning and Hygiene

      Products; Electricity and Electronics; Food and Feed Industry; Glass Manufacture;

      Human Helth, Metallurgy; Paints and Coatings; Pulp and Paper; Tanning and

      Textiles; Water Treatment and the Environment, Other Industries

      Values: Attention to the client, behaving ethically, team spirit, empowerment and respect

    Appendix 24 competitor analysis
    Appendix 24 |Competitor analysis


    • DuPont have a strong presence in Spain and want to increase this further

      Key Message: “The Miracles Of Science”

      Production areas: Agriculture, Building & Construction, Electronics, Energy & Utilities,

      Government, Health Care & Medical, Manufacturing, Packaging & Graphic arts, Plastics, Safety

      & Protection, Transportation


    • Safety

    • Health

    • Behaving ethically

    • Respect for the environment