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Potential increased risk with private vehicles in the interior - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safety Alert. 06/98. Committed to Safety. Use of Private Vehicles to get to work in the Interior. Background

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Potential increased risk with private vehicles in the interior

Safety Alert


Committed to Safety

Use of Private Vehicles to get

to work in the Interior


It has been reported that more frequently PDO and Contractor staff make use of private transport to travel to work in the interior rather than using company arranged road and air transport services. As a result, drivers and passengers increase their exposure to the risk of a road traffic accident.

  • Potential increased risk with private vehicles in the interior

    • Private vehicles are not always equipped with: roll over cages / high intensity rear lights / safety metallic rear net preventing “flying objects in a roll over condition” / speed limiter / two spare wheels / fire extinguisher / first aid kit / water (20 litres per person) .…

    • Private vehicles do not always have their service maintenance up to date. Therefore, the reliability may not be secured for: engine / brakes / clutch / cooling system / AC / lighting ….

    • Driver confidence while driving his “own car” has been found to lead to: over speeding and taking short cuts off the road for fun .…

    • Private journeys often do not follow a “Journey Management System”. However, the same driving risks and consequences remain ….

    • Use of your private vehicle also impacts on your money: petrol consumption / oil engine change out / general car services / tire wear ….

    • Remember: more kms you do with your own car = less car value when you sell ….

  • PDO discourage the use of private transport to get to work in the interior

  • On your way back to home from the interior, let a company driver and/or pilot do this job for you. While

  • resting on the bus or air plane, think about your home, plan your leisure with your family and friends and

  • forget the road hassle for a while!

  • On your return journey to the interior, use the safe and reliable company arranged transport rather than

  • struggling in your own car with road hazards. Just sit down in the bus or in the air plane with nothing else to

  • do but smoothly changing your mind from your home responsibilities to your next job responsibilities.

  • Please also refer to the HSE Standards Manual Chapter 5 Item 4.3 where Safety Rules are clearly stated

  • and shall apply.