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SAM Shared Accounting Module Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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SAM Shared Accounting Module Overview

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SAM Shared Accounting Module Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SAM Shared Accounting Module Overview

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  1. SAM Shared Accounting Module Overview

  2. SAM’s Purpose • Web-based application that facilitates the process of validating or deriving TAS/BETC combinations to classify transactions reported by Federal Program Agencies (FPA) to support the GWA objective of classifying transactions in real time. • Single touch point for Enterprise Reference Data (ERD) • Agency Location Code data • TAS/BETC data • ABA data

  3. TAS/BETC Combination Every transaction that is reported to the GWA system must contain a valid TAS and BETC. Example: 20X0101 COLL (COLL = Collection)

  4. SAM Operating Modes • Validation – IPAC, Disbursements, and Collections • Translation –Collections and IPAC • Default – IPAC, Disbursements, and Collections

  5. Validation Mode SAM verifies the TAS/BETC information attached to a Collection, Disbursement or IPAC transaction by the FPA is valid per GWA’s Master Enterprise Reference TAS/BETC data. • Validation is currently conducted in CGAC format

  6. Translation Mode Any FPA accounting data (account code, fund code, etc.) or collection mechanism data (Merchant ID, ALC + 2 Code, etc.) that can crosswalk to a TAS is referred to as a Classification Key (C-Key). SAM translates the C-Key attached to a transaction submitted by an FPA to the appropriate TAS and BETC combination.

  7. C-Key Examples • C-Key Name: (Up to 25 alphanumeric characters) • C-Key Value: (Up to 50 alphanumeric characters) • MechanismC-Key NameC-Key Value • OTCNET Agency Accounting Code 12X0601 • Card AcquiringMerchant ID 44450000123456 • PAYGOV PAYGOV ALC+2 1900000101

  8. Default Mode Collection, Disbursement, and IPAC transactions that contain invalid TAS or C-Key information or no information at all will be assigned to a default TAS/BETC for GWA reporting purposes

  9. SAM Access Group • A grouping of one or more ALCs, either in terms of • business commonality (e.g., similar accounting rules • business practices, etc.) or for security reasons, to • which SAM Users are granted permission. • Determining relationship between ALCs within an • agency will allow for a more efficient setup within SAM • Complete SAM User Authorization forms • Setup User provisioning • Determine Primary or Descendent (Parent/Child) Access Group • Access Group Structure can contain up to 4 levels

  10. Access Group Structure Example

  11. SAM User Roles • Users will be defined and granted permission by Access Group • Security Administration • Primary Local Security Administrator (PLSA) • Local Security Administrator (LSA) • Accounting Administration • Cash Flow Administrator (CFA) • Agency Viewer (AV) • Data Download (DD) • Once assigned to an Access Group, user can view data for that Access Group and any descendant Access Group

  12. Cash Flow Profile (CFP) • A grouping of business activities with a common set of central accounting rules • Serves as a crosswalk of an FPA’s collections transactions and RITS, and TRACS transactions within SAM • Contains C-Key Name and C-Key Value which point to a TAS/BETC combination

  13. Sample CFP

  14. SAM Public Website

  15. TAS/BETC Download By Collection Type

  16. Enterprise Reference Data • SAM provides Enterprise Reference Data (ERD) to Business Partners • SAM receives nightly file from GWA with ALC and TAS/BETC data • SAM sends ALC, TAS/BETC and ABA data to Business Partners • A few Business Partners include: ASAP, TRS, GSA, IPAC, Public Website • SAM sends ERD via: • Email • File Drop • Message Queue • Web Service (preference is Web Service)

  17. Questions? For questions please contact the SAM Conversion Team at: