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PR activities in the year 2007 Gabriela Krcmarova PowerPoint Presentation
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PR activities in the year 2007 Gabriela Krcmarova

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PR activities in the year 2007 Gabriela Krcmarova - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PR activities in the year 2007 Gabriela Krcmarova. Target groups. Research council, Ministry of Education, government

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Presentation Transcript

PR activities

in the year 2007

Gabriela Krcmarova

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Target groups

  • Research council, Ministry of Education, government
  • CESNET was established on 6 March 1996. From the beginning of its existence, CESNET has gotten the ministerial grants to solve the research plans. This target group determinate on the state grants for the research plans.
  • CESNET members (shareholders)
  • universities, Czech Academy of Sciences
  • End-users
  • Specialists in networks and communication technologies
  • - ISP, IT specialists in commercial company

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Communication tools

  • Conferences, workshops, meetings (international, national, internal )
  • CESNET in television
  • Press releases
  • Publication: articles, Annual Report, Networking studies, leaflets, internal newspaper: Datagram
  • Broadcasting and archiving (lectures, meetings)

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Intenational workshops

September 17th to 18th

7th LambdaGrid Workshop

CESNET hosted more than 100 specialists from around the globe took part in this event. Its programme included some unique demonstrations of highly demanding usage of optical networks.

September 19th to 20th

CEF Networks Workshop 2007

CESNETorganised fourth workshop on optical networks operated by customers. Specialists from almost 20 countries discussed here the experience gained by designing, deploying and operating these networks.

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Task Forces in Prague

  • TERENA TF-PR and GEANT2 PR Network
  • 21st meeting of TF-CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)
  • 1st meeting of the REFEDS (Research and Education FEDerationS)
  • TF-EMC2 (European Middleware Coordination and Collaboration)
  • TF-ECS (Enhanced Communication Services)

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Seminar meetings

May 10

Seminar about Security of networks and services

November 16

Seminar about IP telephony

CESNET organised two seminars focused on network security, IP telephony, voice services and videoconferencing. Czech experts took place on it coming both from academic and commercial organisations.

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


CESNET in television 1

Jan Gruntorad, the director of CESNET participated in some TV broadcasts in connection with the celebration of 15th anniversary of Czech Internet.

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


CESNET in television 2

Jan Gruntorad, the director of CESNET, gave an interview for the Czech Television news channel CT24 related to Vint Cerf's visit in Prague.

All TV broadcasts are available on CESNET website.

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Broadcasting and archiving 1

Vint Cerf's Lecture

April 5

A lecture by Vint Cerf, "the father of the Internet", helded at the Czech Technical University in Prague, was broadcasted live.

About two thousand users watched on-line, the lecture recording is now available on-line in CESNET videoarchive.

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Broadcasting and archiving 2

Week of Science and Technology

November from 1st to 11th

CESNET became co-organizer of the Week of Science and Technology. This event focuses on popularization of science and technology by lectures, presentations of attractive experiments, workshops, non-traditional exhibitions, science cafés, and visits of laboratories and academic workplaces. It took place in five Czech cities. CESNET ensures live broadcasting and videoarchiving of selected lectures, CESNET participation includes some speeches given by its specialists. 

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


68th IETF meeting in Prague

68th Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting took place from 18th to 23rd March in Prague. CESNET was one of the meeting partners, ensured the gigabit connectivity to the meeting venue.

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008



  • Press releases – 19
  • 2006 annual report
  • summarising our status, activities and results achieved in previous year.
  • Networking Studies 2007
  • contains selection of technical reports written by CESNET researchers. Besides the printed version, PDF file is available for download on CESNET website.
  • Articles in IT journals, daily papers, non-fiction journal
  • Leaflets
  • Datagram
  • - printed version, PDF on CESNET website

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Datagram bulletin

Datagram No. 14

- contains articles regarding successful evaluation of our research plan, Vint Cenrf's Prague speech, new structure of our research activities and METACentrum, the Czech grid infrastructure.

Datagram No. 15

- brings followings topics: news in the eduroam project, publication of selected CESNET technical reports, DWDM development in the CESNET2 networks, seminars held in first half of this year and international actions planned for this autumn.

Datagram No. 16

- brings articles about new international projects on which we participate, the CzechLight Amplifier optical equipment, award granted to our researchers, and autumn events organised or co-organised by CESNET.

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


CESNET Conference 2008

  • 25 – 26 September 2008 in Prague
  • in 2006 started a tradition of regular bi-annual conferences
  • Conference topics:
  • Security, middleware, and virtualization: the glue of future networks

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008


Q and A

Thank you

TF-PR in Zagreb, 21-22 Feb 2008