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Desertification. Eleanor McKnight, Nicole Petry , M arquis D ixon, Steven Cao . What is it?. A land slowly becoming a desert, usually due to human causes. Causes of Desertification. Overgrazing -People fence their animals, causing less space and more animals in one area.

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Eleanor McKnight, Nicole Petry, Marquis Dixon, Steven Cao

What is it
What is it?

A land slowly becoming a desert, usually due to human causes

Causes of desertification

Causes of Desertification


-People fence their animals, causing less space and more animals in one area.

-People have a steady supply of food so they do not need to move as much to get resulting in overgrazing.


Extended periods of time with less than normal rainfall. It damages vegetation.



War causes refugees to move into marginal land. Because of this the new fresh land is destroyed.

Destruction of plants in dry region
Destruction of Plants in Dry Region damages vegetation.

People cut down trees to use them as fuel. Then, there is nothing left to protect the soil.

A solution is to let average land replenish before farming


- damages vegetation.Farmers clear average land and use it, taking way the richness of soil. By letting average land replenish before farming with can prevent this.

Farming of Average Land

Effects of desertification

Effects of Desertification damages vegetation.

Soil being less usable
Soil being less usable damages vegetation.

  • The soil can be blown away by wind or washed away by rain.

  • Nutrients in the soil can be removed by wind or water.

  • Salt can build up in the soil which makes it harder for plant growth

People near affected areas
People near affected areas damages vegetation.

  • Desertification can cause flooding, poor water quality, dust storm and pollution.

  • All of these effects hurt people living near affected region

Vegetation is lacked or damaged
Vegetation is lacked or damaged damages vegetation.

  • Loosened soiled may bury plants or leave their roots exposed.

  • Also when overgrazing occurs, plants species may be lost.

  • Drought and poor land

    management contribute

    to famine.

  • If the Population is growing,

    this will cause economic problems and starvation

Short term effects of desertification in sahel
Short term effects of Desertification damages Sahel

  • Soil loses its nutrients which makes it not useful

  • Overgrazing destroys vegetation and without it erosion occurs

  • Land becomes salty which

    makes it difficult to grow


    Map of Sahel

Long term effects of desertification in sahel
Long term effects of Desertification damages Sahel

  • People die of starvation

  • Cattle die of starvation

  • The soil becomes completely useless

Solutions damages vegetation.

  • Water Conservation

    • Through irrigation systems, water can easily access the wildlife

  • Planting shrubs and trees

  • “San d Fences”

    • Fences of wood that move

      the sand into another area

    • They help stop the

      accumulation of a desert

  • Set regulations on ff- road vehicles

  • Preventing desertification
    Preventing Desertification damages vegetation.

    Soil erosion must be prevented, which can be done by placing boulders and/or planting plants.

    Overgrazing of plants are damaging to the ecosystem and must be addressed.

    Other notes
    Other Notes damages vegetation.

    Water is absolutely necessary in order to green a desert and combat desertification. Careful irrigation is essential.

    It is almost always best that the local people combat desertification in their own areas as to be more efficient and less costly.

    People need to be given some kind of benefit for combating desertification.

    China s great green wall
    China’s “Great Green Wall” damages vegetation.

    • Largest tree-planting program of its kind in the world.

    • The “Wall” will get to 5,700 km by 2050

      • 400million hectacres

      • 42% of China’s


    Bibliography damages vegetation.