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Parent Night – Fall 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Parent Night – Fall 2013

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Parent Night – Fall 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parent Night – Fall 2013
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  1. Parent Night – Fall 2013 We’re heading in the right direction… WELCOME to Mrs. Trummel’s Class!

  2. Mrs. Trummel – The Fast Facts • 26th year at Husmann Elementary • 33rd year of full time teaching • Taught in rural Tampico, IL and near Boston, MA • B.S from the University of Illinois • M.S. from Northern Illinois University • 72 credit hours past my Master’s Degree • I’ve taught both Science and Social Studies methods courses at NIU for about 10 years

  3. And… • I have worked in a program called “Family Summits” (formerly Conservation Summits) for 30years/summers. I directed the Big Backyard Program, and now I most commonly teach children/adults of all ages through “rambles” as a naturalist leading hikes. • Swedish exchange program • “A to Z Literacy” in Zambia • I’ve taught in classrooms around the U.S. and the world: New Zealand, Tasmania (Australia), Sweden, Italy, Africa, Belgium, United Kingdom • TEA, ANDRILL, and now WISSARD

  4. We are a TEAM! • I believe the home/school connection is essential; let’s work together! • Check your child’s assignment notebook every night; provide a time and place for homework • Read “Friday Notes” carefully each week • Ask questions; 815.477.4477 (home phone) • Don’t procrastinate on projects! • National Geographic Explorer $5.00 • Photographs of your child…

  5. General Information • Academics: If a child forgets their homework, they do not call home. You will be notified (by note) about a late or missing assignment. If they are a “frequent flyer” then we’ll be having a conference. • Homework: Reading 20-30 minutes per night, and there could be another 30 minutes of homework, depending on the week, tests, projects, etc. Purpose: to reinforce and extend class work. (D47 guideline is 10 minutes/grade)

  6. Standards and Grading • District #47 has established standards for each grade level for Reading, Writing, and Math • Evaluation of student progress is supported by district-wide rubrics and benchmarks • Grades: I am looking at the following… • Progress: How much students have gained from their learning experience • Product: What students know (culminating demonstrations of learning such as assessments, projects, reports) • Process: How students make their learning gains (effort, class participation, learner characteristics)

  7. Curriculum Notes • Our daily schedule (included in folder) • Science and/or Social Studies • “SMART time” / interventions; T, W, Th • Math • Specials (Art, Music, PE, Health, LMC) • Lunch/recess • Literacy time (which includes Reading, Writing, Spelling, read-aloud books, WEB conferences and/or projects, literacy stations, computer/iPad work, silent reading, public speaking)

  8. Science • Habitats

  9. Earth Materials Minerals and rocks, volcanoes, Antarctic geoscience and scientists on the job!

  10. Magnetism and Electricity

  11. Environments: plants and how they grow; biomes of the world

  12. Social Studies

  13. Math ** Study Links will come home on a regular basis. Do not tear them out, leave them IN the book. ** Please DO TEAR OUT the Parent Letters and answers to the problems. ** You have online support on the Everyday Math site; log on and help your child practice.

  14. Literacy – Reading: Making Meaning and Guided Reading Groups • Comprehension Strategies • Retelling • Using schema/making connections • Visualizing • Wondering/questioning • Making inferences • Determining important ideas • Understanding text structure • Summarizing • synthesizing

  15. Guided Reading Groups and Stations • While I’m meeting with guided reading groups, students will work on stations and writing assignments.

  16. Literacy – Traits Writing • Ideas • Organization • Voice • Word choice • Sentence fluency • Conventions • Presentation/finishing or publishing our work

  17. Literacy – Spelling • Mini lessons • Assessments to measure progress • Practice at home to increase success with high priority and high frequency words; please sign your child’s booklet 4x per cycle/list

  18. Special Events/Activities • Geobears • Halloween Biography unit (literacy/public speaking • International Luncheon • Technology and Communication • WISSARD • Iditarod sled race in Alaska • Classroom Camp-In

  19. Reminders • Birthday treats (food) are no longer allowed. Students can bring in a favor such as a pencil for their classmates or a book for our class library. • If you email me, I might not see it right away, because we are teaching or using our computers for other purposes throughout the day. Please be patient. • Discipline: Notes will go home if there is continued inappropriate behavior. A conference will be requested if problems persist. Class reward: Mr. Potato Head. We start each day with 10 points.

  20. Let’s have a FANTASTIC year!