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Welcome to Bibb County’s New Employee Human Resource Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Bibb County’s New Employee Human Resource Orientation

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Welcome to Bibb County’s New Employee Human Resource Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Bibb County’s New Employee Human Resource Orientation. Certification Information Presented by: Hasel Axton. All teachers in a Georgia Public School must have a Georgia teaching certificate. Anyone who does not hold a Georgia Certificate must apply for one.

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Welcome to Bibb County’s New Employee Human Resource Orientation

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    1. Welcome to Bibb County’s New Employee Human Resource Orientation

    2. Certification Information Presented by: HaselAxton

    3. All teachers in a Georgia Public School must have a Georgia teaching certificate. Anyone who does not hold a Georgia Certificate must apply for one.

    4. Certification is the responsibility of the certified employee. However, I am available and will be glad to help you if you need assistance.

    5. The GA PSC has gone to a paperless system. They do not mail certificates or correspondence, you must set up an account with them at: MyPSC

    6. This is the page that tells about the paperless system, how it works, and the reasons for it. • This page can be accessed from the GAPSC homepage at: • • Click on:

    7. MyPSC Registration Page Registration Login

    8. Certification Questions? Contact: Hasel Axton 765-8567

    9. Salary Information Presented by: Kay Johnson

    10. Salary Distribution • All first year teachers, or teachers coming from another state, will receive 1/13th of their annual salary in checks paid out from August 2010 – August 2012. • After your first year with the Bibb County School District, you will receive 1/12th of your annual salary in checks paid out from September 2012 – August 2013. • If you are transferring from another Georgia Public School system and will receive a check in the month of August 2011, you will receive your first Bibb County check at the end of September. This check will be 1/12th of your annual salary. • Teachers are paid on the last working day of each month.

    11. Salary Distribution Continued • You will receive a regular hardcopy check for your first month with Direct Deposit going into effect with your remaining checks. • You will receive a salary compensation sheet once computer updates are complete. • Additional compensation for added responsibilities such as Coaching Supplements, Extended Day or Extended Year will not be processed until the necessary paperwork has been submitted to Human Resources by the respective supervisor (i.e. Athletic Director or Principal).

    12. Experience Verification • Your salary is calculated based on varies components. Teaching experience must be verified before you will be paid for it. It is your responsibility to provide this verification. This form is on the employment webpage or one can be provided to you today if needed.

    13. Sick Leave Accrual • Sick leave allotment for the year is 100.11 hours with three (3) days of Personal Leave advanced to you (from sick leave) at the beginning of the school year. • Sick leave is accrued on a monthly basis at 6.34 hours per month. • You can carry over a maximum of 480 sick leave hours per year. • Sick leave can be transferred from another system in Georgia if it is from the past school year. This information must be documented on the Experience Verification Form.

    14. Payroll Changes/Corrections • Changes to pay status are made by the Salary Coordinator, Kay Johnson. • A copy of any change/correction is forwarded to the Payroll department, the Benefits department, the school and the individual. • Payroll changes must be submitted to the payroll department by the 15th of the current month. All changes submitted after the 15th of the current month will be reflected on the following months paycheck.

    15. Salary Questions? Contact: Kay Johnson 765-8562

    16. Workers’ Compensation and FMLA Information Presented by: Kelly Bentley

    17. Medical History Report is used for workers’ compensation purposes only. • It does not affect your job or your insurance. • It is maintained on file with our workers’ compensation coordinator. • Please write “Yes” or “No” for questions a. – w. • Please give details when answering questions. • Please sign, date and return this form with your packet.

    18. Notice of Workers’ Compensation is also on file with our Workers’ Compensation Coordinator. The pink Panel of Physicians is posted at every school. • Your signature states that you do understand our workers’ compensation procedures. • You are also stating that you are aware that you must select a physician from the panel of physicians if a work related injury requires medical attention. • Medical treatment received from any physician not listed on the panel will not be paid by Bibb County BOE. • Please print your name, sign your name, date and return this form with your packet.

    19. Workers’ Compensation and FMLA Questions? Contact: Kelly Bentley 779-3527

    20. Benefit Information Presented by: Cheryl Brickle Katrina Watson

    21. Use this checklist to ensure all required forms are completed and returned. • Please complete all forms with the name that is on your Social Security Card. • List the name of your previous school system if transferring within Georgia. • Place a check by all optional forms you have completed and plan to enroll in. • If an optional form is not completed and returned, we will assume you do not want to enroll.

    22. All employees are required to be a member of a retirement system. Many employees will become members of Teachers Retirement System. • Members currently contribute 5.53% of their gross salary. • Contributions are made on a before-tax basis. • In addition to employee contributions, the Board contributes a percentage of your salary. • Member contributions are refundable, plus interest if employment terminates before retirement. Refunds are subject to tax.

    23. Please complete the application for TRS Membership. • You must name at least one primary beneficiary, providing all information on this individual. • Secondary beneficiary information is located on the reverse side of the form. • Previous teaching experience may be listed on the reverse side of form. • Please sign on the “Your Signature” line only.

    24. If you are not enrolling in the State Health Insurance coverage, you must complete and return the “Declination of Health Benefit Coverage” form. • You cannot decline if you are currently enrolled or have been enrolled during the SHBP 2011 plan year. • You may enroll at a later date only if you have a family status change and make application within 31 days of that event or during Open Enrollment.

    25. Complete the “New Enrollment/Transfer Form” to enroll in health insurance. You must complete a new form even if currently insured and transferring coverage to Bibb BOE. YOU MUST COMPLETE SECTIONS: • I. Member Identification, III. Options, V. Coverage Tier • IV. Everyone enrolling MUST answer surcharge questions. *A) Mark Y or N • If enrolling your spouse, you MUST answer surcharge question *B) Surcharge applies only if spouse is eligible for coverage through his/her employment and chooses not to enroll. • VI. If enrolling in family coverage, dependents must be listed including name, relationship, date of birth and Social Security Number. Documentation is • required for all dependents. • VII. Read Attestation and sign on Signature line.

    26. Flexible Spending Accounts • Flexible Spending Accounts brochure explains in detail the tax-advantage of paying your out-of-pocket medical expenses and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. • You have the convenience of a BankCard in lieu of filing claims. • Flexible Spending Accounts are subject to the Internal Revenue “use-it-or-lose-it” rule. • Read the brochure carefully ! • You can save money in taxes by enrolling in the Flexible Spending Accounts.

    27. Cafeteria Planmust be completed by every employee.

    28. Cafeteria Plan(continued)

    29. Premium depends on selected plan. • Locate your Annual Salary in the first column to determine the maximum amount for which you qualify. • Choose Plan 1 (payable to age 65) or Plan 2 (payable for 5 years). • Choose your Monthly Disability Benefit and Elimination Period. • Find monthly premium by following your choices on Rate Sheet.

    30. Evidence of Insurability & Pre-Existing Limitations • If applying for 4Xs or 5Xs life insurance, ask for an Evidence of Insurability form. • Read the disability pre-existing limitations. • Your signature will confirm that you have read and understand the information.

    31. Beneficiary & Signature • You are insured with Basic Life coverage. • A Primary Beneficiary MUST be named. • Employee signature is required.

    32. Personal cancer and off-the-job accident insurance is available and pays in addition to your health and disability insurance. • See enclosed rate sheet. • Brochures detailing the policies are available on the website, • For more information, you may call Sandefur & Associates at 478-745-6137 or you may complete the Interest Form and return with your packet. • An application will be sent to you for completion.

    33. Confidential, short term counseling and referral service. • Employees and their dependents may use EAP. • Provided to employees at no cost to you. • Available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

    34. Fitness gym for employees and their dependents. • Aerobics, fitness equipment, exercise classes, weights, etc… • Monthly membership fee of $10.00 per person must be paid by payroll deduction. • You may enroll at any time.

    35. Online Benefits System Benefit information is available to be viewed online on the Bibb County School District webpage: by clicking on the “Online Benefits” link on the left side of the page. New users will need to use the “Registration” link to create a Login ID and password. Your Employee ID number will be located on your salary sheet which you will receive after July 1st. • This application allows you to view: • Benefits • Tax Withholding • Leave Balance • Payroll Checks • Address Information • Year-to-Date Information