Service front ends vision results future nikos tsouroulas telef nica i d ezweb fast mymobileweb
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Service Front-Ends Vision, Results, Future Nikos Tsouroulas , Telefónica I+D EzWeb, Fast, MyMobileWeb. Who are we?. Open Alliance on Service Front-Ends. Our Vision. End-user Empowerment

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Service front ends vision results future nikos tsouroulas telef nica i d ezweb fast mymobileweb

Service Front-Ends

Vision, Results, Future

Nikos Tsouroulas, Telefónica I+D

EzWeb, Fast, MyMobileWeb

Who are we
Who are we?

NESSI Projects Summit

Our vision
Our Vision

End-user Empowerment

Let users use the Internet of Services the way they want,by picking and assembling web building blocks (e.g. gadgets) available on the Internet and creating their own applications (Mashups)

NESSI Projects Summit

Our vision1
Our Vision

Sharing and exchanging of knowledge

Users know what they need, they are the ones that drive innovation. Allow them to create Gadgets and Mashups and share their knowledge in a highly social environment

NESSI Projects Summit

Our vision2
Our Vision

Seamless adaptation to context at any time

Users change roles and situations, front-ends and applications should follow automatically.

NESSI Projects Summit

Our vision3
Our Vision

Front-end access to a sustainable business marketplace of services.

Enable services from different providers to be combined together freely and with the necessary trading infrastructure in place

NESSI Projects Summit

Status and achievements ezweb
Status and AchievementsEzWeb

  • Pioneering the concept of Front-End, Web Application Mashups.

  • Production-quality reference implementation of a Front-End Mashup Platform, available as FOSS

  • The most powerful, fully web, mashup visualization runtime

  • A new concept of user-oriented wiring of components

  • Rich Social Catalogue

  • Advanced Mashup sharing functionalities, within or outside the platform

  • Flexible integration of any web application as gadget , only declarative information and minimal API use

NESSI Projects Summit

Status and achievements fast
Status and Achievements FAST

  • User-oriented gadget development based on a novel screen-flow paradigm

  • Drag-and-drop screens to create gadgets

  • Drag-and-drop services and UI elements to create screens

  • Semantic search of components

  • Post/pre conditions automatically determine flow

  • The result can be standalone or exported to any Mashup platform

  • Fully functional prototype already available

NESSI Projects Summit

Status and achievements mymobileweb
Status and Achievements MyMobileWeb

  • Pioneered the declarative development approach for Web UIs (IDEAL language)

  • Contributions to W3C standards ( Mobile Web and Web Applications Best Practices, DDR Simple API, Delivery Context Ontology, DDR Core Vocabulary)

  • Production quality development tool with many success stories (20 applications, 40 developers certified in Spain, 10700 downloads, 1000 visitors per month)

NESSI Projects Summit

Challenge 1 putting it everything together
Challenge #1- Putting it Everything Together

Projects, Open Alliances, NESSI, Future Internet Initiative/PPP

NESSI Projects Summit

Future research topics
Future Research Topics

Mashup as a Service

  • Put together Mashup+XaaStechnologies and concepts.

  • Go beyond SaaS and PaaS. Allow end users to create their own applications in the cloud just by using existing building blocks

  • Marketplacecapabilities that will allow the creation of rich ecosystem of SFE components for cloud applications on top of a Cloud stack (IaaS + Paas + MaaS+ SaaS)





NESSI Projects Summit

Future research topics1
Future Research Topics

New Web Runtimes for Cloud Environments

  • New breed of Cloud Front-End that combine Mashups, Web Desktops and Thin OS runtimes properties

  • ¿Full support of Web Standards and technologies required?

  • ¿Web Browser or Web OS-based?

NESSI Projects Summit

Future research topics2
Future Research Topics

  • Automatic Mashups

    • Users may create gadgets and application mashups by “clipping” and “dragging” portions of legacy or new semantically enriched web apps.

    • Alternative to dev tools like FAST that could help populate Mashup platforms and drive their mainstream adoption.

  • Community-driven Collaborative Front-Ends

    • Leverage knowledge, relations and patterns of use inside static communities and mashup environments in order to create opportunistic (a.k.a. situational) communities of users/machines/services that are created dynamically in response to a particular problem that one (or more) user has (consumer) and others can help (provider)

    • Real-time collaboration through front-end dynamic mashups.

NESSI Projects Summit