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Pastor Nominating Committee Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Pastor Nominating Committee Orientation

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Pastor Nominating Committee Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pastor Nominating Committee Orientation
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  1. Pastor Nominating Committee Orientation Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church May 8, 2006

  2. The Work Before You • Organizing the Pastor Nominating Committee • Developing and Filing the Church Information Form • Downloading and Screening Personal Information Forms • Interviewing Potential Pastors • Choosing the Nominee • Making the Official Decisions Among the Call Partners

  3. The Work Before You • The Nominee Agrees • The Committee on Ministry Approves • The Congregation Votes • The Presbytery approves, appoints an Installation Commission and welcomes the new pastor. • The Presbytery Installs the Pastor • Follow-up Support after Pastor is Installed

  4. Devotions & Prayer Take turns leading devotions for each meeting… Covenant TO pray

  5. Organizing the PNC • Election of the Chairperson or Co-chairpersons • Election of the Recording Secretary • Election of the Corresponding Secretary • Covenant of participation

  6. Developing and Filing the Church Information Form • Creating a realistic document that reflects the work of the mission study. • Endorsed by the Session. • Reviewed and Approved by the Committee on Ministry • Uploaded to the Church Leadership Connection (PCUSA)

  7. Church Leadership Connection Is God calling us to ministry together Congregations Pastors Your Church Information Form is now in the public domain. A Personal Information Form is only accessible to Presbytery Executives and your committee once a match is made.

  8. Personal Information Forms • Executive Presbyter generates matches. • Access online at CLC • Advertise in publications for self-referrals • Invite congregation to suggest pastors that they would recommend. • Establish a deadline.

  9. Tell your Unique Story • Create your committees web pages. • Create an informational packet.

  10. Reading PIF’s • Develop your protocol. Rating sheets Read everyone – report scores Read online or paper copies

  11. Interviewing PotentialPastors • Prepare, send, receive supplemental questions; • Check primary references; • Implement a telephone interview; • Call your friendly Executive Presbyter or Stated Clerk for judicatory references. • Face to face interview. • Invite your liaisons to do a training.

  12. Interviewing When asking questions about leadership style. Ask what they have done in a certain situation, Don’t ask them what they would do “to fix a problem in your setting.”

  13. LEA • An online questionnaire completed with the guidance of a PC(USA) licensed interpreter. Leadership behavior is reported in six leadership functions: Creating a Vision, Enlisting Commitment, Implementing the Vision, Achieving Results, Following Through and Supporting Others.

  14. Communicate!!!! • Make monthly reports to the session. • Make monthly reports to the congregation. • Write newsletter articles. • Work with the Session to make sure you have an adequate salary package; moving expenses; housing options. • Keep your potential candidates in the loop.

  15. Keep Confidences! • Don’t talk to family members about the details of your work in this ministry – even if it is really bugging you to keep your lips sealed!

  16. Test Your Brain – Vocabulary PNB CIF Louisville PNC CLC PIF COM

  17. Choose three final Candidates • Does God only have one person that would make the best next called pastor of your congregation? • Work with each of them in the process.

  18. Interview/Neutral Pulpit Invite the family to come as well. Arrange a neutral pulpit. Make reservations at a hotel. Plan meals together. Arrange a tour.

  19. Make the Call • Invite the person to come and serve in your midst. • Request a reasonable time for making a decision. (If they say no – ask the next person.) • Negotiate the salary package. • Bring your candidate to the Committee on Ministry to: • be examined for suitability of match • be examined for membership • Negotiate the starting date.

  20. Meet with the Session • Tell them about the candidate and the details. • Request that they call a congregational meeting to: • Vote on the candidate after they have preached and led during worship. • Strategize how you will introduce the candidate to the congregation: • Send a letter. • Organize a reception before Sunday. • Prepare a brochure with pictures and bibliographic information.

  21. Meet with COM • Tell them about the candidate and the details and why this is a good call. • Submit: • Terms of call. • Timeline. • Names of an Administrative Commission for the ordination/installation.

  22. Congregational Meeting • Yes! • The PNC is dissolved. • The Session may invite several of you to provide some specific support for the new pastor. • Attend Presbytery when we vote to accept your pastor into membership. • Help the new Pastor get settled in the new community.