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Arizona Republican Party

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Laddie G. Shane Administrative Assistant. Arizona Republican Party. Laddie G. Shane Administrative Assistant. Overview.

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arizona republican party

Laddie G. Shane

Administrative Assistant

Arizona Republican Party

Laddie G. Shane

Administrative Assistant


Arizona Republicans believe in working hard and dreaming big, and are confident that in holding true to these two principles as guides our best days are indeed ahead of us. With this sense of optimism, we look toward the future with great hope for our state and nation, and do offer the following platform as a foundation of principles upon which our party might continue to grow into this still new century. We hope these values shall be self evident to all citizens of Arizona and to the future generations who will provide leadership as Arizona and the United States of America face new challenges and opportunities in the years and decades to come.

taxes jobs economy
Taxes, Jobs & Economy
  • Hardworking businesses and entrepreneurs create jobs and drive the economy. Government should reduce regulations, fees, and taxes to foster an ideal economic and business climate, government should not favor one private concern over another through the use of subsidies.
border control
Border Control
  • a. Completing the border fence without delay;
  • b. Prevent illegal drugs and weapons from being smuggled into our country;
  • c. Increase the number of Border Patrol agents on Arizona’s border;
  • d. Protect our children and schools from the drugs and weapons flowing over the border.
government reform
Government Reform
  • Less is Best!
  • Right to Work Legislation
  • Supports our fundamental rights to free speech, to keep and bear arms, to private property without fear of government intrusion, and to those freedoms and liberties we hold dear that protect us in the Arizona and United States Constitutions from an oppressive government
  • We affirm the right of parents to seek a quality education and comparable public funding at home, charter, private, or parochial schools.
  • Supports voluntary prayer and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in its present form in public schools.
  • Give more power to the parents and students!
children and families
Children and Families
  • Core principles upon which the modern Republican Party has been built – faith, family and freedom
  • Have a right to healthcare
  • Oppose Abortion
  • Marriage between a man and a women
international affairs
International Affairs
  • We believe that we never surrender to terrorist
  • Honor Veterans
  • Welcome all legal immigrants
history of the gop
History of the GOP

“Grand Old Party”

the people s party
The People’s Party
  • Slavery
  • “Free soil, free labor, free speech, free men,” 
  • In 1856, the Republicans became a national party by nominating John C. Fremont for President.
  • Four years later, with the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the Republicans firmly established themselves as a major political party.
all of us equal
All of us Equal
  • In 1861, the Civil War erupted, lasting four grueling years. During the war, against the advice of his cabinet, President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves.
  • The Republican Party also played a leading role in securing women the right to vote. In 1896, the Republican Party was the first major political party to support women’s suffrage.
elephants not donkey
Elephants, Not Donkey
  • During the mid term elections in 1874, Democrats tried to scare voters into thinking President Ulysses S. Grant would seek to run for an unprecedented third term. Thomas Nast, a cartoonist for Harper’s Weekly, depicted a Democratic donkey trying to scare a Republican elephant – and both symbols stuck. For a long time, Republicans have been known as the “G.O.P.” with party faithful believing it meant the “Grand Old Party.” But apparently the original meaning (in 1875) was “gallant old party.” When automobiles were invented it also came to mean, “get out and push.” That’s still a pretty good slogan for Republicans who depend every campaign year on the hard work of hundreds of thousands of everyday volunteers to get out and vote and push people to support the causes of the Republican Party.
democrats vs republicans
  • Generally believe that it is the government's responsibility to care for the citizens.
  • Believe in structured, regulated marketsand minimal external entanglements.
  • Believe in strong gun control.
  • Believes in a woman’s right to choose.
  • Believe that people should share economic burdens and generally support welfare programs for aid to the poor.
  • Believe in separation of church and state.
  • Generally believe it is the responsibility of citizens to run the government.
  • Believe in free market and strong international alliances.
  • Believe in the right to bear arms.
  • Believes abortion is wrong.
  • Believe that people determine their own destiny and do not support welfare programs.
  • Believe in separation of church and state, but most feel it is ok to pray in schools.



Opinion poll only when asked about topics!!!

get involved
Get Involved
  • Find a Campaign
  • Come down to Headquarters
  • Become a Precinct Committeeman at 18
  • Join TARS, CR, or YR
  • VOTE!
election info

Thank You!

3501 N 24th St

Phoenix, AZ 85016