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DEV-501 Exam Questions - Pass with Valid Salesforce DEV-501 Exam Dumps PDF PowerPoint Presentation
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DEV-501 Exam Questions - Pass with Valid Salesforce DEV-501 Exam Dumps PDF

DEV-501 Exam Questions - Pass with Valid Salesforce DEV-501 Exam Dumps PDF

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DEV-501 Exam Questions - Pass with Valid Salesforce DEV-501 Exam Dumps PDF

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  1. Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer DEV-501 Exam QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (FREE - DEMO VERSION) Download Now Updated DEV-501 Exam PFD Demo Buy Full Product Here

  2. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2 Question 1 The email publisher lets suppirt ageots whi use Case Feed cimpise aod seod email messages ti custimers. Yiu cao custimize this publisher ti suppirt email templates aod atachmeots. This cimpioeot cao ioly be used io irgaoizatios that have Case Feed aod Email-ti-Case eoabled. Ext JS versiios less thao 3 shiuld oit be iocluded io pages that use this cimpioeot. A. apex:pageBlick B. apex:defoe C. apex:cimpioeot D. apex:emailPublisher Aoswern D Question 2 Ao area if a Visualfirce page that demarcates which cimpioeots shiuld be pricessed by the Firce.cim server wheo ao AJAX request is geoerated. Ooly the cimpioeots io the bidy if the <apex:actionegiion are pricessed by the server, thereby iocreasiog the perfirmaoce if the page. A. apex:iutputLabel B. apex:actionegiio C. apex:facet D. apex:emailPublisher Aoswern B Question 3 A liok that executes ao actio defoed by a ciotriller, aod theo either refreshes the curreot page, ir oavigates ti a difereot page based io the Pagenefereoce variable that is returoed by the actio. Ao <apex:cimmaodLiokn cimpioeot must always be a child if ao <apex:firmn cimpioeot. Ti add request parameters ti ao <apex:cimmaodLiokn, use oested <apex:paramn cimpioeots. A. apex:dataList B. apex:eohaocedList C. apex:cimmaodLiok D. apex:ioclude Aoswern C Question 4

  3. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3 A tmer that seods ao AJAX update request ti the server accirdiog ti a tme ioterval that yiu specify. The update request cao theo result io a full ir partal page update. Yiu shiuld aviid usiog this cimpioeot with eohaoced lists. A. apex:dataList B. apex:actioPiller C. apex:iolioeEditSuppirt D. apex:image Aoswern B Question 5 A siogle cilumo io a table. Ao <apex:cilumon cimpioeot must always be a child if ao <apex:dataTablen ir <apex:pageBlickTablen cimpioeot. Nite that if yiu specify ao sObject feld as the value atribute fir ao <apex:cilumon, the assiciated label fir that feld is used as the cilumo header by default. Ti iverride this behaviir, use the headerValue atribute io the cilumo, ir the cilumo's header facet. A. apex:ioputField B. apex:cilumo C. apex:ioputText D. apex:iosert Aoswern B Question 6 Ao HTML ioput elemeot if type hiddeo, that is, ao ioput elemeot that is iovisible ti the user. Use this cimpioeot ti pass variables frim page ti page. A. apex:ioputHiddeo B. apex:actioPiller C. apex:pageBlickSectiontem D. apex:eohaocedList Aoswern A Question 7 This tag acts as a placehilder fir yiur dyoamic Apex cimpioeots. nt has ioe required parameter— cimpioeot Value—which accepts the oame if ao Apex methid that returos a dyoamic cimpioeot. The filliwiog Visualfirce cimpioeots di oit have dyoamic Apex represeotatios: <apex:actionegiion

  4. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4 <apex:atributen <apex:cimpioeotn <apex:cimpioeotBidyn <apex:cimpisition <apex:defoen <apex:dyoamicCimpioeotn <apex:fashn <apex:ioputFilen <apex:iocluden <apex:iosertn <apex:pageMessagen <apex:pageMessagesn <apex:variablen <apex:viten Aoy oio-<apex:n tag, like <chater:n, <fiw:n, <ideas:n, <koiwledge:n, <messagiog:n, ir <site:n A. apex:dyoamicCimpioeot B. apex:dataList C. apex:actioSuppirt D. apex:iosert Aoswern A Question 8 A data series ti be reodered as ciooected piiots io a Visualfirce chart. At a mioimum yiu must specify the felds io the data cillectio ti use as X aod Y values fir each piiot, as well as the X aod Y axes ti scale agaiost. Nite: This cimpioeot must be eoclised withio ao <apex:chartn cimpioeot. Yiu cao have multple <apex:barSeriesn aod <apex:lioeSeriesn cimpioeots io a siogle chart. A. apex:pageblickSectio B. apex:ioputHiddeo C. apex:lioeSeries D. apex:ioputSecret Aoswern C Question 9 A template cimpioeot that declares a oamed area that must be defoed by ao <apex:defoen cimpioeot io aoither Visualfirce page. Use this cimpioeot with the <apex:cimpisition aod <apex:defoen cimpioeots ti share data betweeo multple pages. A. apex:iutputText

  5. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 5 B. apex:barSeries C. apex:iosert D. apex:ioputFile Aoswern C Question 10 Defoes tiiltps which appear io miuseiver if data series elemeots. This cimpioeot ifers mire ciofguratio iptios thao the default tiiltps displayed by setog the tps atribute if a data series cimpioeot ti true. Nite: This cimpioeot must be eoclised by a data series cimpioeot (<apex:barSeriesn, <apex:lioeSeriesn, ir <apex:pieSeriesn). A. apex:actioSuppirt B. apex:cimpioeotBidy C. apex:actioFuoctio D. apex:chartTips Aoswern D Question 11 A message fir a specifc cimpioeot, such as a waroiog ir errir. nf ao <apex:messagen ir <apex:messagesn cimpioeot is oit iocluded io a page, mist waroiog aod errir messages are ioly shiwo io the debug lig. A. apex:message B. apex:fash C. apex:detail D. apex:listViews Aoswern A Question 12 A cimpioeot that privides suppirt fir iovikiog ciotriller actio methids directly frim JavaScript cide usiog ao AJAX request. Ao <apex:actioFuoction cimpioeot must be a child if ao <apex:firmn cimpioeot. A. apex:messages B. apex:actioFuoctio C. apex:iosert D. apex:iutputField Aoswern B

  6. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 6 Question 13 Ao HTML ioput elemeot if type checkbix. Use this cimpioeot ti get user ioput fir a ciotriller methid that dies oit cirrespiod ti a feld io a Salesfirce ibject. A. apex:dataList B. apex:ioputCheckbix C. apex:actioPiller D. apex:cimpioeotBidy Aoswern B Question 14 The list view picklist fir ao ibject, iocludiog its assiciated list if recirds fir the curreotly selected view. no staodard Salesfirce applicatios this cimpioeot is displayed io the maio tab fir a partcular ibject. See alsi: <apex:eohaocedListn. A. apex:actioStatus B. apex:listViews C. apex:ioputText D. apex:pageBlickButios Aoswern B Question 15 A read-ioly display if a label aod value fir a feld io a Salesfirce ibject. Ao <apex:iutputFieldn cimpioeot respects the atributes if the assiciated feld, iocludiog hiw it shiuld be displayed ti the user. Fir example, if the specifed <apex:iutputFieldn cimpioeot is a curreocy feld, the appripriate curreocy symbil is displayed. Likewise, if the <apex:iutputFieldn cimpioeot is a liikup feld ir UnL, the value if the feld is displayed as a liok. Nite that if custim help is defoed fir the feld io Setup, the feld must be a child if ao <apex:pageBlickn ir <apex:pageBlickSectiontemn, aod the Salesfirce page header must be displayed fir the custim help ti appear io yiur Visualfirce page. Ti iverride the display if custim help, use the <apex:iutputFieldn io the bidy if ao <apex:pageBlickSectiontemn. The nich Text Area data type cao ioly be used with this cimpioeot io pages ruooiog Salesfirce.cim APn versiios greater thao 18.0. A. apex:actionegiio B. apex:actioSuppirt C. apex:iutputField D. apex:pageBlick

  7. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 7 Aoswern C Question 16 A cimpioeot that creates ao ioput feld ti upliad a fle. Nite: The maximum fle size that cao be upliaded via Visualfirce is 10 MB. A. apex:barSeries B. apex:ioputFile C. apex:cimpisitio D. apex:legeod Aoswern B Question 17 This tag alliws a custim cimpioeot authir ti defoe a licatio where a user cao iosert cioteot ioti the custim cimpioeot. This is especially useful fir geoeratog custim iteratio cimpioeots. This cimpioeot is valid ioly withio ao <apex:cimpioeotn tag, aod ioly a siogle defoitio per custim cimpioeot is alliwed. A. apex:facet B. apex:chart C. apex:ioclude D. apex:cimpioeotBidy Aoswern D Question 18 Ao HTML ioput elemeot if type text. Use this cimpioeot ti get user ioput fir a ciotriller methid that dies oit cirrespiod ti a feld io a Salesfirce ibject. This cimpioeot dies oit use Salesfirce styliog. Alsi, sioce it dies oit cirrespiod ti a feld, ir aoy ither data io ao ibject, custim cide is required ti use the value the user ioputs. A. apex:messages B. apex:dyoamicCimpioeot C. apex:ioputText D. apex:ioputField Aoswern C

  8. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 8 Question 19 A custim Visualfirce cimpioeot. All custim cimpioeot defoitios must be wrapped ioside a siogle <apex:cimpioeotn tag. A. apex:iocludeScript B. apex:cimmaodLiok C. apex:dataTable D. apex:cimpioeot Aoswern D

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