e healthcare activities and international collaboration with australia n.
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E-Healthcare activities and International collaboration with Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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E-Healthcare activities and International collaboration with Australia

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E-Healthcare activities and International collaboration with Australia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-Healthcare activities and International collaboration with Australia. Professor Peter Yellowlees P.Yellowlees@mailbox.uq.edu.au. Sex 10m Money 9m Microsoft 10m God 4m Bible 3m Tax 4m. Australia 7m Beatles 4m Pam Anderson 0.1m Bill Gates 0.3m Jesus 2.5m Coca Cola 0.3m.

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e healthcare activities and international collaboration with australia

E-Healthcare activities and International collaboration with Australia

Professor Peter Yellowlees


simple searches
Sex 10m

Money 9m

Microsoft 10m

God 4m

Bible 3m

Tax 4m

Australia 7m

Beatles 4m

Pam Anderson 0.1m

Bill Gates 0.3m

Jesus 2.5m

Coca Cola 0.3m

Simple searches
health 27 million pages
Death 5m

Birth 6m

Disease 3m

Hospital 3.5m

Medicine 5m

Medication 0.3m

Therapy 1.7m

Patient 2m

Nurse 0.6m

Physician 1m

Doctor 2m

Therapist 0.2m

Alcohol 1m

Depression 0.6m

“Health” 27 million pages
three forces of change
Three Forces of Change
  • An empowered Consumerate creates impatient Patients
  • E-Health adaptability equals survival, especially with broadband
  • Genomics shifts healthcare from cure to prevention
health research and internet2
Health research and Internet2

Two areas of collaborative international research

  • Virtual Reality
  • Global Health Service Delivery

Both involve the use of internet2 for the research process itself, as well as in development of health products.


Research in Virtual Reality

Present day psychiatric successes

  • Use of Psychosis Tapes for Teaching
  • Success in Phobia Treatment
the basic idea
The Basic Idea
  • To develop virtual reality three dimensional environments to allow patients to build precise models and descriptions of their perceptual states, including symptoms such as hallucinations and passivity phenomena, and to use these environments for teaching and preventive health activities.
possible virtual reality uses in psychiatry
Possible Virtual Reality uses in Psychiatry
  • Development of standardised experiences of psychosis and depression (and other less prevalent disorders)
  • Development of patient driven simulated environments for monitoring, diagnostic reviews and use in rehabilitation and to drive behavioural change
  • Education of clinicians and carers
  • Development of reliable stimuli for use in functional imaging (fMRI)
the problems vr rooms can solve in psychiatry
The Problems VR Rooms can solve in psychiatry
  • Diagnosis is often subjective and depends on interpretation by clinicians of perceptions described by patients
  • Clinicians observe physical and mental characteristics (including facial movements etc) but these have never been standardised or reliably quantified
  • Clinicians and carers cannot truly understand the experience of mental illness unless they have suffered it themselves.
  • It is sometimes very hard to identify quantitative effects of treatment, or outcome improvements – patients and carers tend to have differing ideas of what is a successful outcome
functional mri and virtual reality
Functional MRI and Virtual Reality
  • The lack of standardised stimuli for patients undergoing fMRI is a major problem.
  • Personalised virtual reality scenarios, mimicking illness, or mimicking specific symptoms that are being investigated, could greatly help our understanding of the significance of physiological changes noted on the fMRI.
virtual reality for prevention education the use of active worlds
Virtual Reality for prevention/education – the use of “Active Worlds”
  • Available to educational institutions, teachers, students and individual programs.
  • Explore new concepts, learning theories, creative curriculum design, discover new paradigms in social learning.
  • Over 80 worlds available plus others from the main Active Worlds site.
  • Over 80 in total but little health activity
  • Fairholme College
  • Flinders Medical Centre Rural and Remote Mental Health Services
  • Griffith Uni, School of Arts
  • RMIT, Dept. of Visual Communication
  • UNSW, Faculty of Built Environment
  • USA, School of Art
the link with internet2 and highband w idth computing capacity
The Link with Internet2 and Highbandwidth/Computing Capacity
  • These projects would undoubtedly create massive amounts of data incorporating three dimensional perspectives, signal processing for facial and movement analysis,and multiple video analyses.
  • Initially the projects would be for research only, but in the long run high bandwidth and considerable interactivity between groups of researchers, will be necessary to unravel what is effectively a “x-ray of the perceptions and internal self”, or descriptions of entire perceptual worlds.
  • “the inexorable integration of markets, nation-states and technologies to a degree never witnessed before- in a way that is enabling individuals, corporations and nation-states to reach around the world farther, faster, deeper and cheaper than ever before…”

Thomas L. Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, 2000

e healthcare global delivery environment
E-healthcare global delivery environment

Incorporates a variety of features

  • Videoconsultations
  • Electronic consumer owned health records – voice driven
  • Practice management and communications software
  • Web-based educational material – video and written
  • Flexible consumer focussed clinicians and health regulation environments
login screen
Login Screen
  • Quick, intuitive, secure
  • Consistent menu at left
  • Clear, concise, instructions
  • List of previous and current consultations
health record
Health Record
  • Supporting documentation can be uploaded for any entry
  • Doctor entered data highlighted
health record charting
Health Record (charting)
  • Patient or doctor can chart any progressive numeric measures by clicking on a single icon
doctor s homepage
Doctor’s Homepage
  • Outstanding consults are listed immediately
  • Hyperlinks go straight to the consult questionnaire
e for people stupid
e for people, stupid
  • the internet is a revolution primarily

in communication, not technology.

It’s about people. (Gerry McGovern, The Caring Economy)

an alternative view
An alternative view…..

The medical practice of the future will have only two workers - a nurse and a dog.

The nurse will be there to feed the dog, and the dog will be there to prevent the nurse touching any equipment.