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Animals Of Wonder

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Animals Of Wonder. How do pets effect our health? I wonder this because… I love animals… By: Marya Vanfarowe. Service Animals. Service animals help People who cant help Themselves and give Conformer and warmth To the lonely. Xolos the Heat Therapy Dog.

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Animals Of Wonder

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animals of wonder
Animals Of Wonder
  • How do pets effect our health?

I wonder this because… I love animals…

By: MaryaVanfarowe

service animals
Service Animals

Service animals help

People whocant help

Themselves and give

Conformer and warmth

To the lonely

xolos the heat therapy dog
Xolos the Heat TherapyDog

Xolosa hairless breed of dog seek the warmth of body heat and is used for body treatment. People with fibermialgaand forms of conic pain benefit from this dog.

health benefits cardiac benefits
Health benefitscardiac benefits

Lower cholesterol

Lower blood pressure

Less likely to have a heart attack

Boost immune system

Less allergies when raised with pets

Some animals can detect cancer.


dealing with depression or recovering from depression a pet (like a cat) helps! It has a calming effect and if you have obesity a pet helps you keep active if you have diabetes a dog can alert owners when there blood sugar is low and then you will know when eat something.

leader dogs
Leader Dogs

Leader dogs are trained to lead the blind and can do amazing things like open doors stop at stop lights and turn on lights, pick up coins and get the person meds

Also never pet a leader dog without asking its owner or the dog mayget confused by the form of praise and may stop doing its job.

work cited evaluate credibility
work cited evaluate credibility
  • They are credible because their mission is to provide, at no charge, trained German Shepherd guide dogs to the blind and visually impaired for the enhancement of their safety and independence
  • Medlineplus is an institute associated with nih latest research on diseases or conditions
  • There are doctors that contribute to the websight