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By: Taylor Manuel

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By: Taylor Manuel
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By: Taylor Manuel

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  1. My School Years By: Taylor Manuel

  2. Kindergarten • In Kindergarten my teacher was Mrs.Breaux. I remember in kindergarten we had a new girl named Dixie and she was mean. My best friend was Mariah. A few people who were in my class who still go to my school are Allyson Batiste, Renee Aucoin,Nick Moss, Hailey Berry, and Hunter Champagne.

  3. Fourth Grade In fourth grade I had Mrs. Cordell. I remember my best friend was Adeline Dunkelman. Adeline, Alexa, Kirby, Madison, and me used to play tag on the jungle gym at recess. I remember one of the field trips we went on was we had went to Baton Rouge on a bus and I had Adeline as a bus buddy.

  4. Fifth Grade I had Mrs. Wardell for my teacher and she was the best teacher I ever had!I remember we had a project called the decades project and the grade had counted for all of my classes, but that was at the end of the year. I also remember at the end of the year Mrs. Talbot was listening to Elvis Presley music and she started to dance and sing it was so funny.

  5. Sixth Grade • Last year I was supposed to have Mrs.Taylor but she was not there so we had Mrs. Jacques instead. I really miss last year the most out all the years because it was the fun nest. I miss Mrs. Boudreaux’s room the most because we got laptops. Last tear though I remember me and my friend Renee got in a fight I don’t remember what it was about but the fight lasted a long time and I hope it doesn’t happen again!

  6. What to expect later on ! • I do expect to go in renaissance at least once in seventh and eighth grade and to do a lot of hard working later on.