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ANVESHNA. BY LAVITRA GARG V - C. INDEX. How I started? Telescope making & night out Slime Centrifugal Force Experiments with water and air pressure Trip To National Science museum Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary Electroplating (Acids) Made balancing dolls Magic Cards Coming Open DAY !.

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  • How I started?
  • Telescope making & night out
  • Slime
  • Centrifugal Force
  • Experiments with water and air pressure
  • Trip To National Science museum
  • Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
  • Electroplating (Acids)
  • Made balancing dolls
  • Magic Cards
  • Coming Open DAY !
How I started?

I started Anveshna in fourth grade and my experience was very good and I had a lot of fun with my friends , and hence I decided to join next year as well and also encouraged my other friends to join the next year too. When I heard about Anveshna I was very excited as I had no patience about what kind of things we are going to do. When I came to fifth grade I was very keen to join Anveshna. Now I am learning about how a telescope works and also about air pressure. Now I am going to share my experience so far in Anveshna with this PowerPoint presentation.

telescope making and nighout

In some of my classes in Anveshna we were discussing about the function of a telescope and about two different kinds of lenses – Convex and Concave lenses. I learnt that light is very important for functioning the Telescope and to see objects. When we learnt that we made our own Telescope by using a pipe to make the body , lenses, had a stand to have support. After we had finished making our telescopes then we had a chance to test them and we all had a night out at the meditation center. It was very interesting and I tested my telescope. We also had lots of activities and saw a movie (only if you wanted sleep late)and the next morning our parents came to pick us up.


We also made Slime in our Anveshna classes by mixing glue , borax and few other ingredients. This was very entertaining and a little crafty work. We made our slimes and shaped them using our hands and We made

Lots of things using the slime. This slime was looking like it was shrinking on the flat surface. Although my first slime was a little hard and was difficult to mould/shape and my second one was very soft and I made different shapes with it.

centrifuigal force

I also learnt about centrifugal force and it was pretty amazing as we needed to get two liter capacity bottles but we needed to cut them into half (because of less Quantity)and then we tied it to a thread and using it we rotated it then for a surprise not a single bit of water came out it although the bucket was nearly upside down. We learnt that it is happening because of the centrifugal force as it presses the water inside. We also learnt how a dryer works by using a half of a bottle and making holes in it and putting a wet cloth in it and rotate it and then the water escapes through the holes.

experiments with water and air pressure

I learnt a lot about water and air pressure . We transformed the water from one tank to another and by blowing in air and leave. We also made a bottle (filled with water) with a hole not leak as we had put the cap of the bottle or just covered the opening . The reason is that when the cap was not there so air entered and pushed the water out but when the cap was there it prevented the air from coming on the bottle. At last we also learnt to make a spray gun. It was interesting and I splashed my friends with water.

trip to national science mueseum

My first outing in Anveshna this year was to National Science museum and this was very exciting. The trip was very informative and in the museum there were seven sections/galleries with each of them telling about different topics- Heritage , human body, history, fun science and many more. My experience went very good . I liked the science demonstration of changing the rubber ball into glass. I also liked the 3D movie show . After some time we also went to the cafeteria to eat our lunch. The trip was very useful.

sultanpur bird sanctuary

Trip to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary was the last trip that we had, and we saw lots of different kinds of birds and some of them are – Egret , cormorant, mallard , painted stork etc. I was very amazed to see such unique birds living. I also saw a painted stork fishing some fishes for its supper. I was very delighted to see some birds like storks egrets and even Indian Roller. I also had a feeling that Sultanpur bird sanctuary was a perfect place for the birds to live there.

electro plating acids

I also learnt about acids and electro magnetism in Anveshna . I learnt how to the electro plating ( putting a layer of a metal on another metal).We used acids and copper and other things to this process . We made a small model of motor by using – paper clips , nail, cylinder magnet and a wire it spins also. Acids are very amazing and I loved to learn about them.

made balancing doll
made balancing doll

We also made a balancing doll which had no legs and just has a round ball to stand. We used half Table Tennis ball, paper , tape and molding clay. We filled the half table tennis ball with clay , then put a paper to make the body , and the hat to cover and seal it . The thing works well and if you leave it from a height still it would balance. I also made it do flips while in the midair.

magic cards
magic cards

We made magic cards by using ribbon , cards and paper fans . When we fold or leave the cards then because of some folds it looks like magic . These can trick you very easily and when you put different color fans on each fold it looks like the color is changing in every fold. Mathematics and concentration is very important and if you make this your mathematics skills could also be improved . I want to know where do they get these ideas from!

coming open day

Well finally now the open day coming for the 2012 Anveshna session to and I am very excited about showing my experiment , well I am thinking what to present on the open day. Shall I show what I learnt in Anveshna or just start out with a my own new experiments. Well I thing that I need to decide but one thing is sure that it is be a blast!