save more by installing 150w led flood lights n.
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Benefits of Using LED Flood Lights at Outdoor Commercial Places PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Using LED Flood Lights at Outdoor Commercial Places

Benefits of Using LED Flood Lights at Outdoor Commercial Places

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Benefits of Using LED Flood Lights at Outdoor Commercial Places

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  1. Save more by installing 150w LED Flood Lights at the Outdoor Places

  2. 150w LED Flood lights allow you to install them easily and conveniently When it comes to illuminating the outdoor places, there are wide varieties of lighting options available in the market for solving the outdoor lighting purpose but among many lights, you can install LED Flood Lights that have emerged as the perfect lighting solution due to so many advantages associated with these lighting sources. Using these LED flood lights has proven to be more beneficial and if you replace them with the standard incandescent, CFL, or halogen lights, you will definitely make more energy savings as well. Among various types of LED flood lights, you can use 150w LED flood lights that can be used at the outdoor places and most importantly you can also reduce the overall monthly electricity bills as well to enjoy more lighting results. 2

  3. Benefits of using 150w LED flood lights are as follows: Highly Durable and Weather Resistant The 150w LED Flood Lights are highly resistant and can prevent themselves from the external damages as well; also these lights don’t break up easily as they are held in tough, unbreakable casings. Even if want these LED floodlights to be used at extremely low temperature places as well, then also you can use these lights even in the freezing conditions as well. Due to these abilities, these 150w LED flood lights are perfect to be used in cold warehouses and storage units as well. Also once installed, these LED flood lights require very little maintenance as well and the replacement will reduced significantly due to the durability and longevity of the LED floodlights. Wider beam angle Also these 150w LED flood lights come with wider beam angle of 120 degree that make them perfect to illuminate the entire bigger and larger areas which otherwise were remain darken due to the insufficient lights that were installed earlier at that place. By using these LED flood lights you can remove all the dark spots with 100% efficiency for at least 50,000 hours that the lifespan of these lights. Also the lack of heat output in these LED flood lights make them more ideal for the cold storage warehouses as well. The reason for this is that LED flood lights emit light through a cold process that does not produce excess heat against the normal bulbs that put out a large proportion of their energy as heat and are wasting most of the electricity which otherwise can be effectively utilized. 3

  4. Higher lumen output The lumen output of these 150w LED Flood Lights is 20,000 lumens and that too these flood lights deliver by utilizing just 150w electricity only which is much higher than the normal lights. Also by using these 150w LED flood lights, you can replace 400w MH lights to save more energy. The 150w LED flood lights are extremely good for the environment, consumes much less power than the standard bulbs which helps in saving up to 80% on electricity bills. Color temperature Also the color temperature of these bronze colored 150w LED flood lights is 5700K that provides natural day white light glow thus making the overall atmosphere safer especially during the nights as well. Also to ensure highest quality of the products, the premium LED chips from Epistar are being used inside the fixture of these LED flood lights in such a way that they provide highest operational efficiency. So use these DLC approved 150w LED flood lights that are becoming more popular lighting option and if you are looking to lighten up your outdoor space, you should definitely consider buying these LED flood lights that can be installed at many places including houses, stores, movie theaters, play areas, stadiums among many other places. 4

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