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Auto Accident Attorney PowerPoint Presentation
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Auto Accident Attorney

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Auto Accident Attorney
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Auto Accident Attorney

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  1. Should You Contact an Auto Accident Attorney after Meeting an Accident?

  2. Normally speaking, contacting or consulting an auto accident attorney depends on how the accident happened and what injuries did it cause and to whom. If you have been left unhurt by the accident, the answer would be possibly no. But if someone close to you or your family in Los Angeles, Newport Beach or any other USA city location has been seriously injured in the car accident and suffered from broken/fractured bone, back/neck injury, spinal cord injury or soft tissue damage with permanent effect on his/her body, or has lost considerable time from school, work or household responsibilities, you should visit an auto accident attorney asking him for legal representation that would support you in a claim made against the person or party who is actually responsible for the sustained injuries.

  3. However, even though you are fortunate to escape uninjured after the car accident, you can’t rule out the possibility of calling an auto accident lawyer entirely as the conditions and consequences of car accidents are not always the same. It is therefore required to consider the intensity of the car accident and use your best judging skill. A small fender bender where nobody is injured can generally be handled by filing a claim with the insurance company. If your car accident involves more than that, then it certainly deserves a serious legal contemplation and representation especially to avoid the litigious atmosphere. • When to contact an auto accident attorney fast and when to make delay? • Contacting car accident attorney who specializes in wrongful death and personal injury (especially auto accident injuries) can give you greater peace of mind by making sure that no stone is left unturned to protect your rights to compensation. Below are discussed conditions when you should contact an attorney fast and when you can take time to do so:

  4. Contact or consult an attorney fast when: • An injury has really occurred which is serious in nature (broken/fractured bones / hospitalization) or when injuries cause permanent disability (paralysis, spinal cord injury); • The accident has resulted in the death of the victim; • Fault is evidently a matter; • Second parties were involved in the accident (pedestrians or car drivers) • The accident took place in a construction site • There is no mention of the accident in a police report which shows you at fault; • Important legal, technical or medical problems are implicated; • Your liability insurance limits are low • You are an uninsured motorist, or your insurance company claims that you had not paid your premium. • Your insurance company behaves irresponsibly. • Your insurer has its own attorney for negotiating personal injury claim.

  5. Take time to find and consult an auto accident attorney when: • Seeking consultation on the possible value of your compensation claim (there is no exact science but attorneys can predict the worst and best values based on the situation); • Unsure about the availability of other insurance options (travel, homeowners etc.) • Fault seems like a problem • Deciding whether your insurance company is acting in your best interests or not • Looking for information on how to bargain or negotiate with your insurer; • You are unaware of your responsibilities and rights • Not clear about the terms of your insurance policy • Need a specialized legal professional to review complicated paperwork or documents • Finding an auto accident attorney in Newport Beach or Los Angeles can be easier with The Ledger Law Firm where a team of the most specialized auto accident attorneys work to offer first free consultations. If you are not sure whether your accident case needs the assistance of a lawyer, discuss with an auto accident attorney at The Ledger Law Firm. We will review your case and discuss your costs and fees upfront. In many injury cases our attorney fees will be based on a conditional fee agreement (CFA). You won’t pay fee unless you win your compensation case.

  6. The Ledger Law Firm HeadquartersOrange County Location The Ledger Law Firm 5160 Birch Street Suite 100Newport Beach, CA 92660