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Welcome to Rockford JO Club Volleyball PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Rockford JO Club Volleyball

Welcome to Rockford JO Club Volleyball

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Welcome to Rockford JO Club Volleyball

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  1. Welcome to Rockford JO Club Volleyball November 13, 2012

  2. What is JO Volleyball? • JO Volleyball stands for Junior Olympic Volleyball. • It is played by girls age 10 through 18, with developmental teams beginning younger (3rd Grade). • It is played during a school’s off season, and is often an extension of the school season. • JO Volleyball takes over mid-November and our program concludes in March or April. • JO Volleyball includes both play-dates and tournament play.Developmental teams will participate in scrimmages.

  3. Our Website The official website for the Rockford Area Athletic Association (RAAA) and Rockford JO Club Volleyball is:

  4. RAAA Volleyball Board Director: Mary Buenger Assistant Director: Kelley Reed Treasurer: Barb Gerard

  5. Coaches We are happy to announce the following coaching staff for the 2012-2013 season: • 10s Team - Dawn Engebretson • 12s Team – Erin Oldenburg/Jason Tornell • 12s Team Assistant Coach – Nicole Buenger • 13s Team – Heather Tody • 14s Team – Michelle Zilmer • 15/16s Team – Holly Walton • 17s/18s Team – Jennifer Olson Contact information for coaches is on the website.

  6. Parent Representatives NEW this year we will have at least one parent representative PER team. That parent rep will have several roles: • Help with communication • Keep stats (wins/losses) at tournaments • Help with team bonding events • Help coordinate tournament rides and food • Take pictures • Assist coach at tournaments (optional)

  7. North Country Region (NCR) Rockford JO Club Volleyball is registered with the North Country Region (NCR) Volleyball League.  Our NCR registration provides our training (players and coaches), insurance and tournament opportunities. We may only attend NCR sponsored events to be covered by their insurance. NCR Members receive discounted tickets to MN Gopher Volleyball games. Most tickets are ONLY $4! For more information on this league, go to 

  8. Team Sizes • There will be a minimum number of 8 players per team and a maximum number of 12.  In the case that additional players are needed to reach the 8 player minimum, a new player may be added to a roster at any time during the season.  • In order to avoid a forfeit at a play date or tournament, the coaches and director(s) may ask a player from one team to move up/over to another team for that particular date.  Forfeiting an event can result in significant negative consequences to the team (or all Rockford JO Club teams), such as exclusion from future events.

  9. Team Placement • Players will be placed on a team based on their age and skill level, or can also be grouped by grade level.  • This allows girls to compete against each other in their same age group.  • Younger players may play up in an older age group, but players are not allowed to play in a younger age group. • Try-outs will be on Monday, Dec. 3 at 6:30pm to fill openings on teams above their current age group.

  10. Cost • The cost for the 2011-2012 season will be: $100 for the 10s team (3rd & 4th Grade) $200 for all other teams (5th Grade and up) • There will be a $50 uniform deposit. (Separate Check) • Players who help officiate the Women’s Sunday Night Adult Volleyball league at the Rockford Community Center will have their fees reduced.

  11. Additional Costs • Additional costs during the season will include travel to and from practices and tournaments, lodging (if necessary), food & drinks during tournaments, and personal equipment such as clothes, shoes and knee pads.   • We will be offering JO Volleyball items for purchase (such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, etc.) for players and parents. Purchases will be done online and are not required. • MVHQ Mini Clinics will also be offered at an additional cost of $15 each. Mini Clinics are optional. Sign-ups will be done through us, not MVHQ.

  12. Practice Times & Location • All practices will be held in the Rockford High School gym (enter through the Rockford Community Center) OR the Rockford Middle School gym (enter through the upper game entrance). • Practices will be on Sunday afternoons: 1:00 – 3:00 pm OR 3:00 – 5:00 pm * We will announce specific team practice times prior to Dec. 2 practice. • There will be practice on most non-tournament weekends. • Additional practice times will be scheduled at the request of coaches and/or directors, and may be moved to the RCC based on gym availability.  • Rockford JO Club Volleyball is an activity whose priority comes after family, church, school, and school activities. 

  13. Practice Policies • Attendance to practice is strongly recommended but not mandatory.  Players are encouraged to attend even if you can’t make the entire time.  • Girls who attend practice regularly will likely receive more playing time during games.  • Play after an excused* absence at practice is up to the coach and will be determined on a case by case basis.  (*Excused means you notified the coach ahead of time.) • Parents do not need to be present during practice times, but are welcome to stay and watch.  Please let your child’s coach know if you are available to assist at practice.   • Rockford Community Center members are welcome to use the facilities and practice on your own as time allows.  Equipment is available upon request at the community center.

  14. Mini Clinics Minnesota Volleyball Headquarters will be conducting 2 mini clinics for $15 each: November 18: Serve/Serve Receive December 2: Blocking/Defense • Mini Clinics are for 5th grade and up. • There will be limited space available. (16 each session/2 sessions per day)

  15. Officiating Clinic • ALL players and coaches are required to attend the NCR Officiating Clinic. • We are hosting a clinic in Rockford on Sunday, December 9. The clinic is FREE. • If you are NOT able to attend that afternoon, we will find another clinic for you to attend. • All players and coaches WILL officiate at playdates and tournaments.

  16. Heartland Playdates & Tournaments (12s and older) • ALL Teams will participate in the Heartland Rox Playdates, held on Sundays (morning OR afternoon) in either Monticello or Big Lake.  • ALL Teams will participate in the Heartland Mid-Winter Classic, located in Onamia, Oglivie or Mora, held on either Saturday or Sunday based on age group.  This is a morning + afternoon schedule. • Heartland does not charge admission to attend any of their events.

  17. Developmental Team Scrimmages(10s Team - 3rd & 4th Grades) • We are currently working with other Developmental programs (age 10 & under) to set up possible scrimmages. • We already have gym space reserved to host a scrimmage in Rockford. • There is the possibility that we may include our 10s team(s) in the Rockford Rumble Tournament in March, based on registrations.

  18. Rockford Rumble Tournament • We will be hosting our first volleyball tournament on March 2-3, 2013. • This will replace the Heartland Spring Fling (Heartland has turned it over to us!!) • ALL FAMILIES will be asked to help with this tournament. It will be our biggest fundraiser. • 10s Teams may be invited to play based on registrations from other programs (openings).

  19. Other Tournaments • Presidents Day Festival – Feb 16 & 17, 2013 This is a very competitive 2-day tournament that we plan to send our 2 oldest teams to this year (15/16/17/18s). • All other teams (12/13/14s) will participate in at least one additional tournament. We will schedule those after we have completed registrations and have formed our teams for the season.

  20. Playing Time at Tournaments • Rockford JO Club Volleyball will give NO guarantee of playing time for players on teams.   • We will offer fair playing time to each team player on all Age 16 & Under teams. Playing time on the Age 18 & Under is not guaranteed.Fair is not equal.  • We will play your daughter as much as possible taking into consideration skill level, competition, position, dedication, attitude, injury and illness.   • The coach will explain the reasons for reduced playing time to a player and attempt to give the player extra instruction in practice to help develop the skills in question.  • The player and only the player can discuss playing time with their coach during a tournament.

  21. Parent Expectations at Tournaments • Parents may not approach a coach to question their child’s playing time while at a tournament.   • Be a positive influence. Poor sportsmanship can get a team disqualified from further play, at that tournament as well as future events. • The time to discuss playing time is at the practice following the tournament and should be between a player and a coach.   • We also ask that you understand that the directors are parents first and directors second.  Please allow them the time to watch their child play unless it is an emergency situation.

  22. Conflict Resolution Conflicts may arise between player and coach, parent and coach, or coach and coach. If this occurs, please follow these guidelines for conflict resolution: • If there is conflict, direct communication between the two parties should be the first step in attempting to resolve the issue. • Players are encouraged to address their concerns to the coach. Such discussion helps to develop the necessary life skill of dealing with conflicts directly, immediately, and in a supportive manner. • If the problem is not resolved between the parties, the player and her parent should bring the problem to the attention of the coach. • If the coach cannot resolve the issue to the player’s and parent’s satisfaction, the conflict should be brought to the attention of the Director(s). • ALL communication should occur at a time when the two parties can calmly discuss the concerns, no sooner than after the 24 hour cooling off period.  

  23. Paperwork Please fill out the following paperwork: • Rockford JO Club Volleyball Registration Form (also can be completed online) • NCR Junior Girls Membership Form • Letter of Commitment • Medical Release Form

  24. Payments Turn in the following payments with your paperwork: • $50 check for uniform deposit (will be returned when uniform is turned back in at end of season without damage) • 10s Team - $100 (NO uniform deposit) • All Other Teams - $200 ($175 with discount*) * Discount is for scoring/referee • Mini Clinic fees (optional) - $15 each, you must pay in advance to reserve your spot.

  25. Our Website The official website for the Rockford Area Athletic Association (RAAA) and Rockford JO Club Volleyball is: