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Inherit the Wind

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Inherit the Wind. ENG 4U0. Unit Outline. Individual thinking exercises Reading the play Watching the film adaptation of Inherit the Wind Writing a group essay Writing an individual essay Act / Scene questions. Themes. The following few slides will have situations outlined on them.

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unit outline
Unit Outline
  • Individual thinking exercises
  • Reading the play
  • Watching the film adaptation of Inherit the Wind
  • Writing a group essay
  • Writing an individual essay
  • Act / Scene questions
  • The following few slides will have situations outlined on them.
  • Each of these situations contain a theme that is seen in the play Inherit the Wind
  • Think carefully about each of the following scenarios before answering – you must defend your answer.
scenario 1
Scenario 1
  • You have always hated smoking. You think it’s a nasty habit and that smokers are stinky. However, smoking has recently become very popular and acceptable in society. Even your own family is thinking about smoking. Do you stand alone as an individual, or do you decide to go with the flow?
scenario 2
Scenario 2
  • You are a camp counselor and you love your job. You especially love teaching arts and crafts to the campers. However, a new head counselor has recently been hired who has banned arts and crafts from the camp. You are devastated. Do you fight back? Argue? Accept defeat?
scenario 3
Scenario 3
  • A new kid has just moved here from out of state, and he is trying to make friends. He asks if you want to go to the mall and you agree. While there, he tells about his undying passion for video games, but he also explains how poor his family is. You feel so much pity for your new friend that you buy him the newest War Craft game. The next day at school, you over hear the new kid telling everyone how he tricked you into buying him the game and that his family is loaded. How do you react?
scenario 4
Scenario 4
  • There is a new teacher in school who is very dedicated to certain ideals and refuses to teach any other way. However, she has also stated that you are not to question anything she says. In other words, you have just been banned from thinking in her class. You are to listen to her lectures, but you are not to question them ever. How do you react?
defense attorney activity
Defense Attorney Activity
  • On the next slide are some teachings that were once considered revolutionary or illegal. Pretend you are a defense attorney and your client thinks the statements to follow are correct. Your client is preaching these thoughts to people around him and is now being charged. Write a few sentences that detail how you would prove your client is not guilty.
statement 1
Statement 1
  • All people, regardless of their colour of their skin, should be free.
statement 2
Statement 2
  • Women should be paid the same wages as men for doing the same job.
statement 3
Statement 3
  • All children should be educated at public expense.
statement 4
Statement 4
  • Children should not be allowed to work in factories.
reading inherit the wind
Reading Inherit the Wind
  • We will be reading this play aloud as a class.
  • Students will take turns reading aloud. Part of your demonstrated learning in class (as mandated by the government) is your oral communication.
  • The play is fairly short, we will be done in by the end of tomorrow.
  • Pay attention (you may wish to take notes) you will have TWO essay assignments and ongoing scene questions as we read the play.
act 1 scene 1
Act 1 Scene 1
  • 1) Whose side is Hornbeck on? What is the proof?
  • 2) The stage directions describe Rachel as “suffering” and “distressed”. What is the cause of her anxiety? What important element of the plot does she represent?
  • 3) Take a closer look at Hornbeck’s ‘rant’ on page 34 (“Time was when Brady…”). What is he saying about “ordinary people” living in places like Hillsboro? What does the “plumbing in their heads” have to do with highways, telephone poles, Henry’s Lizzi, Marconi and Montgomery Ward?
act 1 scene 2
Act 1 Scene 2
  • 1) What is Drummond’s motivation for taking the case?
  • 2) Pick out 3 quotations from Scenes 1 & 2 that you feel are significant or important. Explain their possible significance.
act 2 scene 1
Act 2 Scene 1
  • 1) This is one scene where Brown has a significant role. What do we learn about Brown’s character, values, and his relationship with his daughter?
  • 2) What is the significance of the last line of the scene?
  • 3) Pick out 2 important quotes from this scene and explain their significance.
act 2 scene 2
Act 2 Scene 2
  • 1) According to Brady, Howard is suffering from “tragic confusion”. What does this mean?
  • 2) Briefly compare the courtroom style of both Drummond and Brady. Look to their lines and stage directions for evidence.
  • 3) Where is the climax of this scene? Provide a quotation or refer to a particular stage direction. Why do you think this is the turning point?
  • 4) How does Drummond get the better of Brady? Describe his strategy.
act 3
Act 3
  • 1) “I’ve for a friend up in Chicago. Big Lawyer. Lord how the money rolls in! You know why? He never takes a case unless it’s a sure thing” (p. 109). Based on this quotation, why do you think Drummond took Bert’s case? Did financial gain or something else motivate him? Explain your answer.
  • 2) How does Brady’s defeat and demise help reveal the true character of both Henry Drummond and E.K. Hornbeck?
  • 3) Explain what Rachel means when she said, “I don’t want to think that men come from apes and monkeys. But I think that’s beside the point” (p. 124)