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My E-Portfolio. Emily Zoscak Allen High School (214)-763-5860. Introduction.

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my e portfolio

My E-Portfolio

Emily Zoscak

Allen High School


Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009


BCIS, otherwise known as Business Computer Information Systems, is a required course that teaches students how to use the Microsoft programs Excel, Power Point, and Word. The class also includes sections on basic computer vocabulary and different functions, showing how the system works.

A brief glimpse into the employment process is also taken. Here the making of resumes, selected letters, and a job application is done.

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009

  • My name is Emily Zoscak and I am going to be a senior at Allen High School. I have lived in Texas my whole life with my mom, step-dad, step-brother, and my father. They are all very supportive of me. Acting is my passion, along with cooking, traveling, gardening, and writing. Someday I hope to be either an actress or a travel writer.

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009

  • Research is the keystone to discovering which career will fit your personality and needs. It is imperative to know the ins and outs of what you will hopefully spend a good part of your life doing.
  • These facts can be gathered from many places including the internet, which supplies objective information, or from an employee in that career field, giving you a first-hand account and the ability to ask in-depth questions.
  • On my self-evaluation quiz I had results ranging from an Aquatic Biologist to a Radio DJ. I chose to research a journalist, because that is something I would like to be in the future. I want to help America see the world from my eyes.

Self-Evaluation Quiz

Being a Journalist

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009

job application
Job Application
  • A Job Application is crucial because it explains to the company, or individual, in control of the job you would like to possess why you are the absolute BEST candidate for the job.
  • Tips:
    • Use formal language
    • Provide references
    • Brag a little
    • Honesty is the best policy

Sample Job App.

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009


Example Writer


  • The Resume is a written document that you supply your interviewer with. This shows your assets, education, references, and previous jobs. Your best foot should be put forward in this document as it is a major part of the employment process.
  • Create Your Own Resume:
    • Choose the resume type that is going to work best for you: chronological, functional, or combination.
    • Think about what you are going to put in the resume. Be sure to include references while also keeping it short and sweet.
    • Using the format at type up your resume.
    • Be sure to proofread your work after the above steps.

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009

cover letter
Cover Letter
  • The Cover Letter is an kind of like the first impression on paper. It needs to be interesting but honest, and a good seg-way into the reading of your resume.
  • Tips and Tricks:
    • Know facts and details about the company
    • Stay on topic
    • The closer to one page, the better
    • Relate yourself to the company
    • Hand deliver with a signature, or include it with your resume


Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009

reference sheet
Reference Sheet
  • The Reference Sheet is valuable because it allows your potential future employers to contact past employers and inquire about you! Be sure to include people you know will give positive assurance on your list!


Sample Sheet

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009


The Interview is the last, and most important step of the employment process. It’s crucial to impress your interviewer with dress, manners, and personality!

  • Musts for a GREAT Interview:
    • Dress to impress (think Sunday best)
    • Talk slowly and clearly
    • Advocate yourself, be confident but DO NOT be arrogant
    • Smile and be polite
    • Make eye contact when speaking and spoken to

Sample Interview Questions

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009

thank you letter
Thank You Letter

The Thank You Letter is a letter you send thanking your interviewer for their time in considering you for a job. This will show your dedication to receiving the job and leave the interviewer with a positive impression that will last.

Example Thank You Letter

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009

letter of resignation
Letter Of Resignation
  • The Letter of Resignation is a letter to let your current employer you are leaving your present position in the company. The letter should be short and polite explaining that you are no longer planning to work for the company at this time. The letter will need to be turned in two weeks before you plan to leave.

Sample Resignation Letters

Emily Zoscak August 10, 2009