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DDEP Evaluation Status Monographie

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DDEP Evaluation Status Monographie - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DDEP Evaluation Status Monographie. Marie-Martine Bé, Charlène Bisch, Christophe Dulieu, Mark Kellett, Xavier Mougeot CEA/LIST, LNE-LNHB. Web site : Publications. The current DDEP evaluators are :

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Evaluation Status


Marie-Martine Bé, Charlène Bisch, Christophe Dulieu, Mark Kellett, Xavier Mougeot


Web site :


The current DDEP evaluators are :

Marie-Martine Bé (LNHB, France); Coordinator, Editor

Filip G. Kondev (ANL, United States);

Valery P. Chechev (KRI, Russia)

Christophe Dulieu, Mark Kellett, Xavier Mougeot (LNHB, France)

Alan L. Nichols (Surrey University, UK))

EdgardoBrowne (LBNL, United States)

Tibor Kibédi (ANU, Australia)

Aurelian Luca (IFIN, Romania)

Andy Pearce, ArzuArinc (NPL, UK)

Huang Xiaolong (CIAE, China)

completed in progress evaluations
►Are available for publication in the next Monographie-5 issue 7:

14C, 35S, 36Cl, 37Ar, 45Ca, 67Ga, 68Ge, 68Ga, 127Sb, 127Te, 127mTe, 134Cs, 147Nd, 147Pm, 195Au, 206Hg, 207Tl, 208Tl, 209Tl, 211Pb, 211At, 213Bi, 215Bi, 228Th, 229Th, 242Cm, 243Cm, 244Cm, 245Cm.

Planned for December 2012/January 2013

►Evaluations in progress:

47Sc, 58Co, 148Pm, 148mPm, 52Fe, 52Mn, 52mMn, 106Rh, 106Ru, others ???

Completed, in progress evaluations
planned evaluations
► Planned Evaluations:

41Ca, 113Sn, 186Re, 177Lu, 144Ce, 144Pr, 144mPr, 142Pr, 142mPr, 62Co, 62mCo, 62Cu, 95Nb, 95Zr, 192Ir, …

►Other evaluations will depend on the results and acceptation of European projects and IAEA CRP

Planned Evaluations

Nuclides of interest to evaluate:

42K, 82Br, 126Sb, 127Xe, 115Cd, 152Eu, 154Eu, 176Lu, 181Hf, 200Tl, 201Tl, etc.

Others ?????

publication of paper
“We encourage you to prepare specific papers on your works and to submit them for publication in a journal.

We suggest :

Before to send a paper to a journal, send it to us, we will review it and we may suggest some improvements or chapter to develop ;

We are NOT interested in including our names on this paper.

But we suggest the DDEP to be mentioned:

“This evaluation has been produced under the auspices and scientific support of the Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP) international collaboration.””

Publication of paper