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A connector can save your life PowerPoint Presentation
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A connector can save your life

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A connector can save your life
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A connector can save your life

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  1. A connector can save your life Safety Restraint Systems (SRS)

  2. SRS systems in a vehicleFatal injuries significantly reduced

  3. SRS System Components Connectors are everywhere New applications have successively emerged: seatbelt pretensioners, knee airbags, pedestrian protection On average, you can find up to 10 squibs connectors in a vehicle Driver AirBag Passenger AirBag KneeAirBag SideAirBagfrontal & rear Belt Pretensionerfrontal and rear Inflatable CurtainWindowbag, Roof-rail 6 1 2 3 2 4 5 5

  4. SRS Connection Circuit: On time, every time Up to 800 connection points with individual requirements • SRS connectors play a key role in your safety • They must be reliable over time • They must meet strict quality control

  5. It all starts with an innovative connector… Because your life can depend on it, Delphi brings you its in-depth expertise to provide the best SRS interconnection systems in the market

  6. Delphi has been leading innovation cycles Major SRS Innovations 1995 2000 2005 2010 Delphi Competitor A Competitor B Delphi Competitor A Competitor C Delphi Competitor A Competitor D Competitor E Competitor F Delphi Competitor A Competitor D Competitor B Competitor F Delphi Legend Start of production

  7. Central Design Centers close to you Nuremberg, Germany Troy, USA Namyang, South Korea Anting, China Chennai, India Sao Paulo, Brazil

  8. Delphi is ready when and where you need us Nuremberg, Germany Tatabanya, Hungary Namyang, South Korea Nantong, China Cochin, India San Pedro Sula, Honduras Sao Paulo, Brazil We are located in every automotive market in the world

  9. Our connectors are designed to perform in severe environments • Retainers • Mechanical seating and orientation of the squib connector • Integrated shorting clip to avoid misfiring of disconnectedactuators • Electrical monitoring of connectormating condition • Squibconnectors • High quality design to perform in • severe conditions • Highly robust mechanical performance • Reliable electrical characteristics • Superior electromagnetic filtering Plastic housing CPA button Plastic housing Shorting clip Cover Wire Ferrite Terminal Housing

  10. Our SRS connector solutions are manufactured to the highest standard quality MCC (Modular Connector Concept): SRS best in class all rounder Our most popular product, an excellent high performance squib connector featuring a scoop-proof interface suitable for any SRS applications Stay grounded with MCC-ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) The integrated ground contact avoids electrostatic charges on the airbag module and eliminates the need for a separate grounding feature ABX-3: the space maker The smallest design on the market for applications with very tight space constraints

  11. Our SRS connector solutions are manufactured to the highest standard quality ABX Sealed UC: the SRS cost effective solution for water resistant applications Sealed connector for applications external to the vehicle cockpit. No retainer required. Ourfully-serviceable Pyrofuse is ready for harsh environment Sealed connector for pedestrian protection or battery cutoff featuring a fully-serviceable locking system A full family of retainers Various interfaces (FCI, AK-1, AK-2 and AK-2+) to fit reliably to the industry standard 11mm ignitor pocket. Shorting bar protection and different levels of scoop-proofing and indexing

  12. SRS Connector Solutions for any airbag issue Delphi solution Airbag issue ? Wetenvironment ? Sealed connectors Blind mating assembly ? AK-2 scoop-proof connectors Safe mating ? CPA button, AK-2 scoop-proof interface Need for room ? Miniaturized connectors Airbag lamp flashing ? Reliable terminals, resistance welding Easy grounding ? AK-2+ ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge)

  13. Reliability is a matter of wiring expertise Pigtail assemblies Cable sub-assembly (squib + wire) Benefits: Connector assembly is done for you ensuring an outstanding quality level Jumper harness assemblies Features the squib connector at one end, a sectioning connector at the other and the attachment accessories in between Benefits: Customizable assemblies ready to connect Whetheryour job is to supply the airbag, the vehiclewiring or package the vehicle, we have the right solution for you

  14. Delphi Innovation - Integrated ESD (ElectroStaticDischarge)Protection TRADITIONAL SOLUTION NEW SIMPLIFIED SOLUTION Risk: additional connections in thecircuit Safety: noadditional connectionsin thecircuit Cost: Male & femalesectioningconnector Benefit: nosectioningcouplingrequired Safety: groundingandfiringlinesareconnected in thecorrectsequence Risk: Groundconnectioncan not beelectricallychecked Cost: additional eyelet & assemblyprocess Benefit: no additional assemblyprocessneeded • Benefits: • Reduced complexity generating substantial savings • Increased safety in assembly and vehicle life • Easy grounding for plastic modules

  15. Delphi Innovation - AK-2 scoop-proofinterfaceforsafemating The AK-2 interface has been designed by Delphi • Benefits: • Global standard spreading • in all markets • Touching of pins not possible, • also under worst case conditions • The best Kojiri-safescoop-proof solution with excellent matingergonomics

  16. Delphi Innovation - Connector Engaged Safety and Connector Position Assurance (CES/CPA) system • Patented Delphi System for a safe and reliable mating The Connector PositionAssurance can be pushedonlyif the connector is mated completely in the final position in the initiator Benefits: Connector is perfectly locked

  17. Delphi Innovation - Resistance welding • It is the preferred connection technology for squib connectors • in the industry • Benefits: • Reliableconnectionthanks to a truematerial joint • Superior lifetime mechanical and electrical stability Most of our connectors features resistance welding

  18. 11mm Ignitor Pocket Global interface standards for our connectors • Ø 11mm FCI, AK initiator / fully compatible with ISO19072 standard pocket • 5 codes available • Integrated shorting clip FCI interface • AK-1 • interface • Ø 11mm FCI, AK initiator / fully compatible with ISO19072 standard pocket • 3codes available • Integrated shorting clip • JAK • interface • Compatible to Ø 11mm FCI JAK initiator / squib holder compatible • 3codes available • Integrated shorting clip AK-2 interface • Ø 11mm FCI, AK initiator / fully compatible with ISO19072 standard pocket • 3 scoop-proof codes available • Integrated shortingclip AK-2+ interface • Ø 11mm FCI, AK initiator / fully compatible with ISO19072 standard pocket • 2 codes available • Integrated shorting clip with ESD connection

  19. Wecansave lives • withthe design ofour SRS componentstomeet all requirements • bymanufacturingour SRS productstothehighestqualitystandards • throughourcontinuousinnovationtowardshighersystemperformance