Ivalo lighting me 597b designing product families
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IVALO Lighting ME 597B Designing Product Families - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IVALO Lighting ME 597B Designing Product Families. Presentation Overview. Introduction Sponsor Background Project Goals Project Foundation Product Design Strategy Manufacturing Strategy Course Relevance Conclusions Future Work. Introduction. Objective:

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Ivalo lighting me 597b designing product families

IVALO LightingME 597BDesigning Product Families

Presentation overview
Presentation Overview

  • Introduction

  • Sponsor Background

  • Project Goals

  • Project Foundation

  • Product Design Strategy

  • Manufacturing Strategy

  • Course Relevance

  • Conclusions

  • Future Work


  • Objective:

    • Investigate the customizability of a hanging light fixture for kitchen, home, and office use.

  • Develop CAD models and CNC machine prototypes in the following hull sizes: 3,4,5,6 ft

Sponsor background
Sponsor Background

Source: Cornell University - School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Dr. Hakkarainen is the founder of Ivalo Lighting Incorporated, a company that will produce premium decorative light fixtures for the residential and commercial market. Ivalo fixtures use cutting edge technology to produce advanced, high fashion designs that have superior optical properties and quality while maintaining ease of installation. Ivalo will feature designs from all over the world and is starting with Italian designs.” 


President,Ivalo Lighting Incorporated

Project goals
Project Goals

An inexpensive and durable model is desired for display and design purposes.

  • Develop a family of products ranging in size from 3-6 ft based on the original 4ft model.

  • Use knowledge gained in Designing Product Families to create products that exemplify scale-based product families.

Project foundation
Project Foundation

  • Ivalo provided an original 4ft prototype

  • Original drawings for the prototype shape and other parts were also provided.

  • Phone conference with Susan Hakkarainen outlined design requirements and changes.

Product design strategy
Product Design Strategy

  • Proportional

    Axis Scaling

  • Non-Proportional

    Axis Scaling

  • Attribute Scaling

Product design strategy1
Product Design Strategy

Dimensions in inches

Revolved cross section




Attribute Scaling Method

Product design strategy2
Product Design Strategy


Why Use Attribute Scaling Method?

  • Canopy, hull and center chassis are unique for each light.

  • Supports and end chassis are identical for 3 & 4 ft or 5 & 6 ft models

  • Grill discs can be used for multiple lights (3 & 4 ft or 5 & 6 ft models).





center chassis

end chassis

Manufacturing strategy
Manufacturing Strategy

How Do We Make It?

  • Find an inexpensive material that can be machined easily, that is cheap, and that is durable.

    • Plastic (PVC), wax, wood, metal

  • Determine a quick and easy method for making the parts.

    • Machine using CNC machine, or Lathe

    • Make mold, final product (shell) or solid block

Manufacturing strategy1
Manufacturing Strategy

12 Step Manufacturing Process

Course relevance
Course Relevance

How does this project tie into the class?

Course Question: How can product realization teams provide increased product variety at less cost for a highly competitive, global marketplace?

IVALO Lighting Answer: Designing (scaling) a product carefully can allow manufacturers to create multiple products using common parts and take advantage of economies of scale.

Course relevance1
Course Relevance

Source: ME 597B (Designing Product Families) - Scalable Product Platforms


  • An overall shape was designed for the 4ft. model.

  • The design was scaled by scaling different attributes of the structure

  • Molds were machined using CNC machines

  • Fiberglass and Bondo were used to create 3, 4, 5, and 6 ft models.

Future work
Future Work

  • Create remaining parts needed for working prototype:

    • Canopy, Grill, Chassis, Support

  • Redesign for Aluminum (if needed)