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if you map academic success they will follow n.
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If You MAP Academic success, They Will Follow PowerPoint Presentation
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If You MAP Academic success, They Will Follow

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If You MAP Academic success, They Will Follow
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If You MAP Academic success, They Will Follow

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  1. If You MAP Academic success, They Will Follow Helping students navigate and stay on course to reach their educational goals…

  2. Path to Completion?

  3. What courses do I need? When are my courses offered? What's a degree audit? Why isn’t this easy? Last time they told me…. How will I remember all of this? Academic Advising and Student Scheduling How do I plan it all?? What pre-requisites? Can you give me that list of courses Again? Quarters to semesters???

  4. Questions abound… How do we know what students need to do? How do students know what they need to do? How do we know the students have done what we told them to do? Will the students remember to do what we advised? How can we help students make the right decisions without being too intrusive? How do we ensure, that as an institution, we offer the courses during the terms we told students to take them?

  5. Challenges Catalog & Degree audit don’t reflect an individual students planning for the future Students self advise poorly Connecting Advising, Chairs, Faculty and Students Advisors duplicating efforts Where is the data? Community College students “don’t do optional”

  6. What can we do about it? Create a clear individual Academic path for each student (tailored to them) Be Prescriptive (but not Stringent) Remind the student, and everyone who works with the student, what that path is at every opportunity Take action if they stray from the path “Default” path should lead to success with out having to “Do Options”

  7. MAP (My Academic Plan) Path to Completion

  8. Tools – the old, the new and the improved. Colleague/Degree Audit - The one version of the truth MAP Maker – (Portal, Mobile, Rosters, Reports) Plan, package, present, track and inform Course Scheduling Tool- Stay the course… Web Advisor – So let it be said, so let it be done.

  9. Prescriptive Course Planning Process Saved Plan Saved Plan MAP DBStudent Plans Data Warehouse Colleague Web AdvisorShopping Cart • Advisors/Counselors • Create MAP • Student’s Info • Student • My MAP • Course Schedule • Mobile App BookstoreShopping Cart Student Tools MAP Maker

  10. MAP Connection Points • MAP Maker • Advisors/Coaches create a Plan for each student • Financial Aid Plans • Schedule Tool • Inform student of Plan Status (On/Off) • Guide students to take PLAN courses • Portal App & Mobile App • For students to review MAP and contact Advisor • Faculty Rosters & MAP Lookup Tool • Review a students MAP and identify the Advisor • Reports • Used for planning, communication and action • Over 13,000 MAP’s created for approx 11,000 students

  11. russ.little@sinclair.edu

  12. ------------------- Student............: Robert R. Little (0182728) Program............: LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES - ASSOCIATE OF ARTS (LA.AA) Catalog............: 2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current.......... Anticipated(*)....... Required Earned Remaining Additional Remaining Institutional Credits: 30.00 69.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Institutional GPA....: 2.000 3.363 Met Combined Credits: 94.00 69.00 25.00 0.00 25.00 Combined GPA....: 2.000 3.363 Met A: COMPOSITION > ENG-111, ENG-112 AND ENG-113 Credits: 6 Required: 9 Remaining: 3 ENG-111 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I...... 94/FA B 3 ENG-112 ENGLISH COMPOSITION II..... 99/WI B 3 ____________________________________________________ 3 credits needed B: MATHEMATICS > MINIMUM 3 CREDIT HOURS REQUIRED FROM: > MAT-108 MAT-116 MAT-117 MAT-122 MAT-201 MAT-202 > MAT-203 MAT-204 MAT-215 MAT-216 MAT-218 OR MAT-220 ____________________________________________________ 3 credits needed C: NAT/PHYS SCIENCES - PLEASE NOTE: MOST COURSES REQUIRE LABS. MINIMUM 12 CREDIT HOURS FROM ANY COMBINATION OF > AST-111 AST-112 AST-113 > BIO-111 BIO-112 BIO-113 > BIO-141 BIO-142 BIO-143 > BIO-171 BIO-172 BIO-173 > CHE-141 CHE-142 CHE-143 > CHE-151 CHE-152 CHE-153 ___________________________________________________ 12 credits needed

  13. D: SOC/BEHAVIORAL SCI > SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES - 15 HOURS REQUIRED PSY-121 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY I....... 94/WI B 3 PSY-122 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY II...... 94/FA B 3 ECO-201 PRIN OF ECONOMICS I........ 03/FA C 3 ECO-202 PRIN OF ECONOMICS II....... 04/WI B 3 ECO-203 PRIN OF ECONOMICS III...... 04/SP C 3 E: ARTS & HUMANITIES > 15 CREDIT HOURS REQUIRED FROM AT LEAST 2 SUBJECT AREAS PHI-205 INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY........ 93/FA A 3 HIS-111 WESTERN CIV (0-1300)....... 93/FA B 3 HIS-112 WEST CIV (1300-1815)....... 94/WI B 3 HIS-113 WEST CIV (1815-PRESENT).... 94/SP B 3 ____________________________________________________ 3 credits needed F: COMPUTER COMPETENCY - 3 CREDIT HOURS REQUIRED - CHOOSE FROM BIS-160 CHE-152 CIS-111 MAT-220 PHY-220 _____________________________________________________ 1 course needed G: COMMUNICATION - 3 CREDIT HOURS REQUIRED - CHOOSE FROM COM-206 COM-211 COM-225 COM-211 EFFECTIVE SPEAKING I....... 93/FA B 3 H: MULTICULTURAL - 3 CREDIT HOURS REQUIRED - CHOOSE FROM ART-125 ART-236 GEO-102 GEO-201 GEO-202 HUM-130 LIT-217 LIT-234 PLS-200 PLS-205 PLS-225 SOC-145 SOC-215 SOC-145 COMPARING CULTURES......... 05/WI A 3 I: STUDENT SUCCESS SCC-101 … 04/WI A 2