chapter 18 visual merchandising n.
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Chapter 18 Visual Merchandising

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Chapter 18 Visual Merchandising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 18 Visual Merchandising. Marketing 1B Spring Semester 2006 LaValley. A Vegas Show. Nelson Sports, LLC 2005. Table of Contents. Display features What is Visual Merchandising? Elements of Visual Merchandising Storefront Store Layout Store Interior Interior Displays.

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chapter 18 visual merchandising

Chapter 18Visual Merchandising

Marketing 1B

Spring Semester 2006



A Vegas Show...

Nelson Sports, LLC 2005

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Display features
  • What is Visual Merchandising?
  • Elements of Visual Merchandising
    • Storefront
    • Store Layout
    • Store Interior
    • Interior Displays
table of contents continued
Table of Contents Continued…
  • Artistic Design
  • Display and Design Preparation
    • Selecting Merchandise
    • Selecting Display
    • Choosing a setting
    • Manipulating Artistic Elements
  • Evaluating displays
  • Display Maintenance
what is visual merchandising
What is Visual Merchandising?
  • Definition
    • The coordination of all types of physical elements in a place of business that are used to project the right image to its customers
the right image
The Right Image
  • Invites interest in the merchandise
  • …come hither….
  • Encourages purchasing
  • Makes the customer feel good about where he or she is doing business
  • Creates a vision of the organization
  • Draws in the customer
a successful business
A Successful Business…
  • Creates the following..
    • Distinct
    • Clear
    • Consistent image
  • A good image sets a business apart from the competition.
image is
Image is….
  • A blend of the following
    • Store characteristics
    • Location
    • Products
    • Prices
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Personal selling

Image should

highlight what sets the

the business apart from

from the competition!

visual merchandise
Visual Merchandise
  • Where is it used??
  • Manufacturers’ showrooms
    • Weathershield
  • Trade Shows
    • SHOT Show, Las Vegas
  • Conventions
    • ATA, Indianapolis
visual merchandise continued
Visual Merchandise continued…
  • Involves the visual and artistic aspects of the entire business environment
  • Visual Merchandising and displays are NOT the same thing!!
  • Display is the visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product to a TARGET group of customers.
increase in vm why
Increase in VM…why??
  • Growth of “self-service”, “superstores”, and “box stores”
    • Walmart
  • Little personal selling
  • Products MUST sell themselves!
  • Box Stores
  • Develop GIANT signs
  • Graphics
  • Banners
  • Usually to a DESIGNATED part of the store.
elements of visual merchandising
Elements of Visual Merchandising
  • Create a positive shopping experience
  • Make your customers want to return!
key store elements
Key Store Elements
  • Store front
  • Store layout
  • Store interior
  • Interior display
store front
Store Front
  • The total exterior of a business
    • Store fronts include…
    • Store’s sign
    • Marquee
    • Outdoor lighting
    • Banners
    • Planters
    • Awnings
    • Windows
    • The building itself!
how important is the store front
How important is the store front??
  • This projects the image of the store
  • First impressions
  • Make a statement!
  • Original
    • Easily recognizable
  • Letters, building materials, colors are used to help create the stores image
  • Designed to attract attention
  • Architectural canopy
    • Extends over a store’s entrance
  • More prominence
    • Think…Bloomingdales, Saks, movie theaters..
  • Customer convenience
  • Store security
  • How many entrances?
  • Types of entrances
    • Revolving
    • Push-pull
    • Electronic
    • Climate controlled
window displays
Window Displays
  • Display windows
    • Begin the selling process before the customer walks in the store!
  • Attract attention
    • Suggesting type of merchandise and atmosphere of the store
  • Two different kinds
    • Promotional display
    • Institutional display
promotional displays
Promotional Displays
  • Promote the sale of one product, a line of related products, or a variety of products
  • How do they do that!?
  • Emphasize a theme
  • Promote storewide events
institutional displays
Institutional Displays
  • Promote the store (instead of the product)
  • Image
  • Focus on public causes, worthy ideas, or community organizations
    • Show the business is interested in the community
store layout
Store Layout
  • The way store floor space is used to facilitate and promote sales
  • Best serve the customer
  • Four different kinds of space
    • Selling space
    • Merchandising space
    • Personnel space
    • Customer space
store interior
Store Interior
  • After general placement of merchandise is established, visual merchandising is decided.
  • Selection of floor and wall coverings, lighting, colors, store fixtures
    • EX: Supermarkets vs. Specialty stores
store interior continued
Store Interior continued…
  • Colors
    • Bright colors vs. pastels
  • Fixtures
    • What kind??
      • Permanent or movable
      • What about walls??
  • What image do you want to project?
    • Walmart vs. Specialty shop
store interior continued1
Store Interior continued…
  • Store aisles
    • Width…different widths create different images
  • Merchandise
    • Size, variety, and quality of the merchandise
    • Brand names vs. Generic
interior displays
Interior Displays
  • Displays generate ONE out of every FOUR sales!!
  • If done well…customers make a selection without assistance!
  • Five types
    • Closed displays
    • Open displays
    • Architectural displays
    • Point-of-purchase displays
    • Store decorations
interior displays continued
Interior Displays continued…
  • Architectural displays
    • Model rooms
  • Store decorations
    • Seasonal or holiday displays
  • Open displays
    • Allow customers to handle the merchandise
  • Closed displays
    • See but don’t touch!
  • Point-of-Purchase displays
    • Impulse buying!
interior displays continued1
Interior Displays continued…
  • ID’s use fixtures and props to showcase merchandise
  • Create a clean and organized visual display
  • Group merchandise by type
  • Most stores are a combination of all display types
  • Displays compliment each other, and create a positive buying experience.
interior props
Interior Props
  • Two different kinds
    • Decorative
    • Functional
  • Decorative
    • Background scenery used to indicate a season
    • Create an interesting setting
  • Functional Props
    • Items for holding merchandise
      • EX: Mannequins and shirt forms.
artistic design
Artistic Design
  • Display Design and Preparation
  • FACT: Displays have three to eight SECONDS to attract a customer’s attention, create a desire, and sell a product.
display and design preparation
Display and Design Preparation
  • Involves the following five steps:
    • Selecting Merchandise for display
    • Selecting the display
    • Choosing a setting
    • Manipulating Artistic Elements
    • Evaluating completed displays