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Screen shot of council’s “NPS Landing” page Screen shot of council’s “Year to Date” page PowerPoint Presentation
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Screen shot of council’s “NPS Landing” page Screen shot of council’s “Year to Date” page

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Screen shot of council’s “NPS Landing” page Screen shot of council’s “Year to Date” page

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Screen shot of council’s “NPS Landing” page Screen shot of council’s “Year to Date” page

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  1. CUSTOMIZATION FOR ONSITE PRESENTATION Patty Bowman ( will assist inserting the elements below into this ppt. You’ll see her picture in the places where the graphic will be customized to the council you are visiting. Once tailored, she will return a finished deck back to you. • Screen shot of council’s “NPS Landing” page • Screen shot of council’s “Year to Date” page • Screen shot of council’s “Drivers” Page, featuring 4 questions • Screen shot of council’s “Drivers” page, featuring 3 questions • Session focus work chart with council data added. • Overview of chosen segment audience comments, organized by NPS score. Prep Notes- Not Part of Presentation Please Note: Orange font on slide 17 is a placeholder to fill in prior to on-site as well.

  2. PRE-PREP DECISION WORKSHEET Prep here then cut & paste Council’s numbers into slide #19 Prep Notes- Not Part of Presentation

  3. ON-SITE ACTIVITY LIST Prep Notes- Not Part of Presentation • Welcome • Hand out workshop packets (Segment Comments, Action Worksheet) • Begin presentation- review NPS home screen & response rates • Demonstrate why you picked the segment you did (reference decision worksheet on next slide) • Look at segment detail screen shot – Have audience help you find the 1-2 questions with the most red or the least green to focus on • Review sampling of comments from improvement page and comments page to be sure they understand where to look • Break into buzz groups, Assign a time limit • Each group pick a scribe to record ideas • Each group to read rest of comments • Each group make a list of potential action steps to improve customer experience • Determine action based on each group report back

  4. PRE-PREP LIST FOR SCOUT EXECUTIVES Cut & paste these points in an email to SEs prior to session. In order to prepare and best benefit from this session, please: Ensure participation by Assistant Scout Executives, your VOS Champion and all other staff members who will execute upon VOS findings. Have all team members log onto the VOS Dashboard to become familiar with functionality if not already. (Our session will be primarily focused on data review for action with some needed context, our intent is not to explain dashboard functionality.) Turn on and assign the VOS Experience Recovery Report on MyBSA to your key team members. Be certain all who have access to these reports are aware as we will reference this report in the presentation. Prep Notes- Not Part of Presentation

  5. Taking Action in JTE with the Voice of the Scout Template Council Presentation


  7. JTE: A BALANCED SCORECARD FOR BSA Journey to Excellence focuses on 5 key categories Finance Membership Program Unit Service Leadership and Governance Voice of the Scout lives here * * *and gives insight into other areas as well. *

  8. Best Ways to Move the JTE Needle with Voice of the Scout

  9. BUILDING TO BRONZE IN 2013: Improve Email Saturation 75 POINTS! Bronze= 55% of registrants’ email addresses are in ScoutNET • Download the Email Saturation Tool at in the VOS Section. • Import data from ScoutNET in MS Access tool • Access your reports • See email saturation percent at District Levels • See Unit rosters showing email info in PAS • See District/Council rosters showing email info in PAS

  10. BUILDING TO BRONZE IN 2013: Improve Email Saturation TACTICS • Use the Email Saturation Tool! • Print Out Unit rosters showing email info in ScoutNET • Distribute in recharter envelopes with instructions to unit leaders • promoting importance of updating member and leader records • during internet rechartering, so they may be a part of Voice of the Scout. • Give to DE to update at roundtables. • District rosters showing email info in PAS • Give to DE get updated at district committee & commissioner meetings. Rosters Must Be Printed: Sensitive Member Info Can Not Be Emailed

  11. BUILDING TO SILVER IN 2013: Improve Response Rates 100 POINTS! Silver = 8% or more are responding to Voice of the Scout Surveys. PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! • Newsletter • Webpage • Twitter • Facebook • Scout Shop Posters • A letter from the • Scout Executive • about VOS will also • help establish the • program as a • legitimate, important initiative of the BSA. • Blue & Gold Flyers • Court of Honor Flyers • Program kick off kits • Training sessions • • Add VOS to These Agenda Items: • Roundtable • District Committee Meeting • District Commissioner Meetings

  12. BUILDING TO GOLD IN 2013: Reach for a high Net Promoter Score 200 POINTS! Gold = A NPS Score of 55% or more. Improve NPS by Acting Upon It. • Make reaching out to members a part of your culture, and focusing on creating more promoters of Scouting. • Prioritize taking action upon experience recovery notices to a optimally beneficial end. • Act upon what VOS trends are telling you, integrate into operation. • Bring it full circle with respondents, with thanks and an update on action that will be taken.

  13. What It Is

  14. WHAT IS VOS SUCCESS? To be Scout driven in all that we do. Helps us achieve “The Main Thing”

  15. THREE-STEP PROCESS LISTEN LEARN ACT Interpret data Guide and coach action Monitor results • Email invitations sent • To stakeholders at maximum of once every six months. • Appropriate change made based on feedback VOS results displayed on VOS dashboard for staff and council volunteers

  16. THE FUNDAMENTAL QUESITON Net Promoter Score: Basic Components i.e. N=100 10% NPS 30% promoters 20% detractors (response rate) (30 people chose 9-10) (20 people chose 0-6)

  17. Learning From the Data

  18. VOS HOME PAGE: DIRECTING YOUR FOCUS Three Steps Step #1: Note NPS By Segments Step #2: Note Response Rates Step #3: Note number of Available to Survey against Total Registrants

  19. CHOOSING A SEGMENT(s) • Information from VOS Dashboard Home Screen: • Determine which segments have enough responses. • Of those, which has the lowest NPS or highest variance to National.

  20. DRILL DOWN INTO THE SEGMENT LEARN Note Area/ “One Above” Performance (For a council, “one above” is the area score) Note National Performance ASSESS Cluster Position Comments / Key Issues (Scroll Down on Dashboard to See All Drivers)

  21. CHOOSE 1-2 KEY DRIVERS TO FOCUS ON = Council = One Above = BSA Which are the questions with the most red or the least green? Focus on two of these drivers with the most effort and energy first!

  22. COMMENT REVIEW FOR KEY DRIVERS Choose Question and Date Parameters From Drop Down Menu Look at issues by NPS grouping comments  Begin to identify solutions based on impact levels & available resources Sample Screenshot

  23. REMEMBER THE ENGAGED DETRACTORS Identifiable to the District & Unit, this Experience Recovery Report on MyBSA lists those detractors who requesting contact: an engaged and at-risk group.

  24. Move to Act

  25. VOS INTERACTION CYCLE: LISTEN, LEARN, ACT Listening (Survey Period) • Individuals receive surveys • once every six months. • Councils receive • Experience Recovery • Notices each time contact • is requested by • respondents. Learning (Data Discovery) • View results on the VOS Dashboard. • Define trends and rank impact. • Generate solutions and nominate best practices. Acting (Make It Real) • Conclude results. • Outline high-impact • change priorities. • Integrate into operations.

  26. TAKING ACTION FROM THE COMMENT REPORT Isolate the key issues as represented by member Feedback. Hone in on issues identified from comments Isolate actions that can be taken to address and improve the customer experience.

  27. BUZZ GROUP 1) Pick a scribe to record ideas. 2) Read comments. 3) List potential action steps. Break into small groups and complete these three steps. Direct your conversations on outcomes that improve member experience as your main objective. Use the worksheet handout for moving through the exercise. This Buzz Group has ____ minutes together.

  28. SEE THE FOREST THRU THE TREES BUZZ GROUP REPORT OUT: What has been discovered? What can be determined? What can be done?

  29. WE WANT TO KNOW Your feedback is a gift to us as well. Going forward it’s important to get things right. We listen, we’ll learn, we’ll act. Email us at