voice over ip at the university of ottawa pete hickey
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Voice over IP at the University of Ottawa Pete Hickey

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Voice over IP at the University of Ottawa Pete Hickey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Voice over IP at the University of Ottawa Pete Hickey. Our traditional phone system. Network of 8-ish MITEL SX2000 Each switch connects to a ‘per’ via fibre. System mimics old style routers/hubs Very redundant Multiple paths Multiple Bell feeds from multiple COs.

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Presentation Transcript
our traditional phone system
Our traditional phone system
  • Network of 8-ish MITEL SX2000
  • Each switch connects to a ‘per’ via fibre.
  • System mimics old style routers/hubs
  • Very redundant
  • Multiple paths
  • Multiple Bell feeds from multiple COs
our traditional phone system3
Our traditional phone system
  • Most phones digital
  • We do monthly rental/long distance
  • Own crew for install/cable
  • Mitel tech to manage the switch.
  • « This system been verry verry good to me. »
  • Orginagram goes here
why go to voice over ip
Why go to Voice over IP
  • Its cool!
    • “we want VoIP if it works or not.”
  • Get our feet wet
  • Partnered with Mitel.
why not go to voice over ip
Why not go to Voice over IP
  • Cost savings?
  • OSI networks, ATM, FDDI, Token-Ring
  • Bleeding edge pain
  • If it ain’t fixed, don’t broke it.
why mitel
Why Mitel
  • Little experience in data world
  • Lots of experience in voice world
  • Feature transparency across VoIP and traditional
  • Seamless integration into current system.
  • One management platform covers both IP and traditional
    • No increased cost of operation in theory
where to install
Where to install
  • New SITE building
    • State of the art phones on a state of the art network in a nifty new building.
    • 200-300 phone were expected. Just over 200 so far.
  • We’re not stupid enough to beta test on real people
    • We used CCS staff first.
the test
The test
  • Phone 1 installed main campus
  • Phone 2 installed remote campus
    • 4KM spread Spectrum
    • 2 router hops
  • Radio on remote phone
  • Remote called local, traditional
  • Listened to loopback of radio
  • Local listened to radio for few days
the pilot
The pilot
  • 40 people in CCS were given VoIP phones
    • 2 models, web & traditional
  • Beta testing can be painful
    • When phone rebooted, PC was out of service
    • More upset at loosing computer than phone
      • Note the paradigm change
site install
SITE install
  • Over 200 users installed.
  • Not a disaster.
  • Proffs have web phones.
mitel system
MITEL system
  • Phone plugs into wall
  • PC plugs into phone.
  • Phone powered through ethernet
  • Central controller almost identical to SX2000
    • Both traditional and IP
    • Same other interfaces (T1, E1, ISDN, etc)
  • Supplier doesn’t understand data
  • Boot process
  • Security
  • Power
  • Who does what
  • Debugging
  • Pricing/chargeback doesn’t fit.
issues part 2
Issues part 2
  • Dealing with supplier
  • Weird users
  • A new world for phone people
  • 911
  • Eggs in a basket
    • Phones, PCs, HVAC, fire alarms?
  • Power failure operation for data
a new world for voice people
A new world for voice people
  • What used to be a plain wire is now as complex as the entire phone system.
  • Other things may be effected by phone system
  • Phone system may effect other things.
  • Concepts are different
    • Moving phone easy
  • fear
  • Encrypted conversations not much of a concern
  • Fears are DOS attacks.
  • Accidental wrong IP address assignment.
  • Prof plugs traffic generator in the wrong way.
  • Security of the server: NT based? Running IIS?
  • MITEL assumes their equipment lives on a secure trusted net.
security answers
Security answers
  • Phones installed on a separate network
    • 192.168.x.y
    • Firewall between networks.
  • Switch port is a trunk
    • 802.1Q
    • Phone on one network, PC on another.
how to separate vlans
How to separate VLANs
  • Cisco’s is proprietary. We have to do things using existing standards.
  • Switch port is a trunk. Native VLAN is the one for the PC.
  • Phone boots, gets temporary IP address from our DHCP server with optional parms.
  • Optional parms tell it to set itself up on another VLAN
  • Phone boots again on other VLAN, and gets its permanent address
  • CCS runs a DHCP server for all campus except one place


  • Not yet standard
  • Although we have a 6500 with power supply-able boards, we must use a power injector box
  • ‘intelligent’ dongle enables phone to get power.
  • PC can be safely plugged into wall
    • Newer phone will have internal dongle
  • Debugging involves many people
    • Phone, data, dhcp-owner, etc
  • Difficult to get in touch with supplier”s data people
  • Wasted time when wrong person tries to solve “simple” problem
who does what
Who does what
  • Data crew involved a lot early
  • Phone crew now doing data installs.
  • New debugging tools needed for phone guys
  • New training required for phone crew
  • Calls were going to different people semi-simultaneously
  • New procedures were established.
supplier doesn t understand concerns
Supplier doesn’t understand concerns.
  • They don’t know data
  • Still can’t find out how web browsing works.
  • Don’t understand our security concerns.
site install24
SITE install
  • Over 200 users installed.
  • Not a disaster.
  • Proffs have web phones.
dealing with supplier
Dealing with supplier
  • In the voice world, they are the expert.
  • Not used to dealing with customers who know more than their best techs do.
  • No direct line to their good data people
    • A duplex mismatch problem took forever to solve
weird users
Weird users
  • Phones are good.
    • Standard.
    • Users can’t muck with the interface
  • Them was the good old days.
  • Those with multi-pc offices are plugging cheap hubs into the phone
  • Those with sniffers are trying to catch the data
  • Old computers don’t work well
  • Simple: Combine your net management platform with your 911/phone system.
  • I told you they don’t understand data.
  • We have a good 911 system in the phone world.
  • Phones are not as portable as sales people claim.
    • Net port must be enabled.
    • Most ports on campus are still 10M hubs
eggs in a basket
Eggs in a basket
  • Yep.
  • Important to have UPS and redundant paths.
  • Staff on 24x7 call?