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Lease management software

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LeaseQuery is lease accounting software to manage real estate and equipment leases to ensure compliance with the new FASB 842 and IFRS 16 accounting changes

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Easy To Use Lease Accounting Software

3 Easy Steps To Compliance

Schedule Your Free Demo

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Talk Directly at 1-800-880-7270

Ideal for over 30 leased assets – buildings, equipment or both.

We have clients in almost every industry with one thing in common, needing an easy-to-use and compliant solution to help with

lease accounting.


Bene?ts of LeaseQuery

LeaseQuery is a lease accounting software which enables accountants and real estate professionals to:

LeaseQuery’s accounting software complies with

the new IASB and FASB lease accounting


Determine impact of

new lease accounting

rules on the lease


Instantly generate

error-free lease journal

entries for posting

Our software works for

BOTH Real estate AND


24/7 access to lease

documents and

information from any location

information from any


Determine if your lease

is an operating/capital

lease in minutes.

By Accountants, For

Accountants. We Are

experienced lease

accountants as well as

software experts.

How we are different

We are accountants just like you. Unlike other software vendors, we aren’t former real estate professionals trying to learn accounting on your dime.

LeaseQuery is sta?ed by accountants with diverse backgrounds who not only created the software, but also help companies like yours during the

transition. Simply put, we are the absolute best at what we do. Sign up for a demo today and let us prove it.

Let Us Prove It

Features of LeaseQuery

“LeaseQuery is a cloud-based lease accounting software, which enables companies who lease real estate and/or equipment to simplify their accounting

for leases and to easily comply with the new GAAP lease accounting guidelines.”

Accounting For Leases: New

FASB & IASB Lease Accounting



Lease Classi?cation Test

   LeaseQuery makes it simple, you

don’t have to dig through hundreds of

reports to ?nd the one you need.

   Determine if your lease is an

operating/capital lease in minutes.

LeaseQuery simpli?es accounting

for leased assets including:

   Provides evidence for your

auditors to support your lease


   All required reports and

disclosures under current and new

lease rules are included “out of the

box” so you don’t have to build them. 

Give your auditors everything they

need within a few clicks.

real estate


   It’s a step-by-step guide that so

easy to use, it’s been called the

“TurboTax” for Lease Accounting.


   Our lease accounting software

already complies with the new IASB

and FASB lease accounting rules.

 You can use the test for FREE by

clicking here.

   Need more reports? It’s simple

and easy to build any report you

want, with any attribute you want.

   LeaseQuery calculates the ROU

asset and lease liability under the new


document management

Document Management

Data Integrity

Critical Dates

   Organize all of your lease

documents in any format (PDF, Word,

etc) in one searchable database.

   LeaseQuery ensures that errors

are not introduced into the system by

requiring all leases entered to be

approved by someone other than the

person who entered it.

   Manage critical dates like

expirations, renewals, and any

custom dates.

   Our state-of-the-art search

function lets you retrieve precisely

what you are looking for.

   Users have the ability to set

di?erent tasks under multiple leases

and assign them to an employee,

along with a “complete by” date.

   Each lease has an audit trail,

disclosing who entered it, who

approved it, who modi?ed/edited it,

and who deleted it.

   Never miss a critical date again.


Developed by Accountants


Tailor the system to ?t your company’s needs.

Add custom metrics or attributes to the

system that are speci?c to your company or


LeaseQuery works the way an accountant

thinks. It was created by accountants who

knew what a system absolutely needed to do.

LeaseQuery’s lease accounting software

handles all types of assets with ease.

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Must Return the Asset to its Initial


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Amendments that Expand the

Leased Premises

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